In 2020 The Left Helped China Aim Their Bioweapon. For 2022, Are They Helping The Taliban Import Terrorists?

I mentioned a month or so ago that I spend a lot of time these days wondering how close we are to the November 2022 elections, and what new tools do Democrats have available that they can use to cheat or meddle in them?

The first question is always easy.

The second one changes every hour or so.

And having just learned that around 60,000 Afghan refugees have been settled in the U.S. despite many or even most not meeting even the most basic SIV qualifications, I can’t help but do some loose math.

A. We know only the Taliban truly vetted the Afghans entering the Kabul airport.
B. We know our troops were ordered to board as many people as possible as fast as possible.
A + B = We know we’re sitting here trusting that the Taliban didn’t just load up their own terror cells and send them to the U.S. by the thousands.

So I do that loose math, I think about the elections, and then I think about how utterly evil the modern left has become, along with all of the powerful institutions they’ve so nakedly hijacked and weaponized.

And then I land on the ugly but entirely plausible possibility: to meddle in the 2022 elections, the Democrats and intelligence community might be plotting to weaponize any terrorists they can find among these Taliban-vetted new arrivals.

The modern American left are utterly evil. Let’s stop mincing words about the gravity of their depravity.

A fresh example: news came out yesterday that the FEC didn’t even slap Twitter on the wrist for the platform’s October 2020 book-burning of very real news that Sleepy Joe was badly compromised because of his crackhead son’s overseas dealings. The tremor-prone virgin collective that is Twitter’s employee base thought it would have sunk Sleepy’s entire campaign, and so they not only banned people from sharing it but also went into peoples’ private messages to delete the very real news from their inboxes.

And they did it all with the intention of stealing an election. And nobody in our most powerful institutions batted an eye. They all went along with it. And they celebrated each other for it. And now the government body that vets such bad behavior has said it was all perfectly fine. This, after the four-year attempted hijacking of Trump’s [still drunk-on-winning] first term, all based on the laughable lie that he was a Russian spy embedded by the Kremlin.

It’s the most dystopian content you could possibly dream up and it’s happening in real life.

They’re burning books with very real news, while hyperventilating for years over entirely fabricated news. And they’re doing it all to divide and hurt us.

They destroyed over 200,000 small businesses. Gone, forever. They stunted the development of literally every child in the country. They made you say goodbye to your Mom, for the last time, on a zoom call. And they did it all, they claim, to stave off the threat of a virus that had a 99.7% survival rate and for which we knew from the start a) who was at risk, and b) who wasn’t.

They created all of that unnecessary destruction, division, death and carnage purely to gain greater social and political control.

It never had anything to do with public health.

And just like they let China release a bioweapon out of Wuhan and, to China’s shock I’m sure, refused to even call them out for it — I have zero doubt they’d also let the Taliban import thousands of terrorists and, to the Taliban’s shock I’m sure, pretend not to know it happened until it’s already too late. The officials inside the Chinese Communist Party must be floored by how much our corporate media’s hatred for America, and penchant for lying and propaganda, both mirror their own. They likely had no idea it ran so deep until our media started calling everyone “RACIST!” for stating the obvious: China manufactured this virus, and Democrats like Anthony Fauci “followed the science” to funding it.

Then we look briefly at how shady our intelligence community is. The vast majority of the FBI’s work to mitigate “right wing extremism” starts with an FBI agent telling some unstable mental patient that right wing extremism is really cool, and it’d be a great idea to [insert illegal activity].  They’re fucking clowns and it’s all over their “work” these days. Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe — they’re all 100% partisan media celebrities today who hate at least 75,000,000 Americans with a passion but they spent years running our intelligence community. Obama built that. It was his greatest skill. And now thanks to his partisan tinkering, our entire intelligence community, from the top down, including the rank and file, is absolute shit and they’ve gone out of their way to prove that for years now. So yes, I have zero doubt that the United States’ entire intelligence community would work with the terrorist cells and tell them how to best hurt our nation.

Because “hurting our nation” also means “helping the swamp,” and that’s their job now.

Some of the powerful leftists we’re up against legitimately believe they’re doing it “to make the world a better place.” But the vast majority who actually believe that have been over-medicated since they could crawl and have about 20-25 minutes of actual real world experience.

They’re evil, they’re developmentally arrested children, and they’re psychotic.

And for the moment I’m done putting a good construction on it. That’s a first for me. I’ve always had it in me. I was always able to find their “good intentions” and was always pretty committed to it at some level.

I have none of that in me right now.

And that’s in part because I’m sitting here realizing that yes, it’s entirely plausible they’d import terrorists to start setting off bombs and murdering innocent Americans in the weeks leading up to the elections.

Every day, a new bomb.

We know you’re scared. We’re going to protect you. And right now there’s only one solution, people: lockdowns. But don’t worry. We’ll mail you your ballots.

And just like the race riots the left stage only in election years, so too might they stage “the terrorist attacks of 2022.”

And just to keep things tidy, they’ll go ahead and blame Trump for “the inherited plan” that Democrats didn’t end up following and had 7 months to change.

I’m sorry but I have zero reason to believe they wouldn’t jump all over something like that if the opportunity presented itself.


Want more proof of their rank evil? The corporate legacy news media has created a nation where you can’t wear a MAGA hat in a major city without being violently assaulted for it. Everyone reading this, no matter your political persuasion, knows that’s true. And if you want to challenge me on it then I’ll challenge you right back: go try it for a day and see how it works out for you. I don’t care how much you hate Trump or any other political figure or idea: violence as a response to speech is not okay. But the sad and hard reality is that in today’s America, violence as a response to speech is okay, as long as the person committing the violence is a Democrat and the person enduring it is a Republican.

The corporate legacy news media is the single greatest driving force behind that unfortunate new reality.

NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NYT, WaPo, PBS, NPR and AP are a united front foisting these terrors on our nation daily in service to the swamp and at the expense of the American individual alongside her nation’s progress and unity.

But because it’s important that the GOP not become the racists the media already insist we are, I should note here that I have Muslim friends and one is actually from Afghanistan originally. This isn’t an “all Afghans” post let alone an “all Muslims” post, and I hate that kind of thinking as much as I hate bigotry against Christians, Jews, whites, blacks, etc. The Muslims I know personally all know their religion has been visibly hijacked by depraved, bloodthirsty, psychotic terrorists. It’s an ugly and unfortunate part of modern history and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing in our lifetimes, only being thwarted and contained. Still — and this is very important — the reality is that most Muslims, like most black people, most Hispanic people, most gay people, most white people, most Asian people, and most America First patriots, are badly misrepresented by our corporate legacy news media.

They weave the story of a “mainstream America” they want to exist. And in that America everyone is horribly oppressed, and the only people allowed to live freely are the ones who are cognizant of and ashamed by that perpetual oppression. Everyone else has become a slave to the media’s version of America, frozen in place, too scared to speak but not yet angry enough to yell.

But as the left become more flagrant with their bad behavior amid what I believe is their agonizing desperation, the yelling has finally begun. And it sounds like Liberty to the harmoniously inclined who love America and freedom. We’re fighting back in ways we never have before and it’s stunningly gorgeous to behold.

Ooooh, Freedom! Ooooh, Liberty! Ahhhhhh! Leave me alone, to find my own way home!

Moving on, given their well-documented shamelessness and how many outliers and irregularities bore out, there’s also an excellent chance that they did in fact steal the 2020 election. But despite our having “lost” no matter how it came to be, we didn’t change a single thing about our messaging or our messengers. The only thing that did change is that we got more pissed off. And that terrifies them. They thought we were finished. They thought for sure they put the nail in the coffin. It was supposed to be over. They shamed us all into submission and we’d quickly prove as weak as the rest of their audiences. They thought the swamp was protected and they could go back to the good old days when Jonah Goldberg, Chris Wallace, Rick Wilson and Ana Navarro picked our candidates.

They were wrong.

We’re coming and we’re coming with a vengeance.

They knew it and that’s a pretty good reason for them to have played a part in fomenting the events of January 6th. Why wouldn’t they? What would have stopped them?

Morals? Accountability? Look around! I legitimately laugh out loud at both suggestions.

We already know, in yet another absolutely mind-numbingly dystopian very real world event, that the left literally took over city blocks for months despite their meltdowns over the “mostly peaceful protest” on January 6th. We know they celebrate Rand Paul having part of his lung removed after one of their mob attacked him. We know they celebrate violence all the time and we know the corporate legacy news media is their number one fan and best defender.


Why are so many of the January 6th cops committing suicide, and why isn’t anyone talking about that? It’s another entirely wild outlier that shouldn’t be happening and presents an obvious indication that something else is going on. But nobody talks about it because we’re not allowed to, because the corporate legacy news media doesn’t want us to. They decide what conversations we have. What’s included. Who’s included. What’s forbidden. What gets added. What gets ignored. When the story is no longer news, and why.

What more do we need to know? Everywhere you look you can find them lying and weaponizing the most powerful institutions in America based on those lies and in order to hurt and divide us.

That’s not hyperbole. They weaponized the intelligence community. They weaponized the medical establishment. They weaponized academia. They weaponized Hollywood. They weaponized big business. They weaponized big tech. They weaponized the Justice Department. And the corporate legacy news media not only refuses to speak truth to power or any other language about any of it, but they’re most responsible for all of that omnipresent hijacking and weaponization. And they’re not only responsible for it and cover it up, but they then replace “the news” with often entirely manufactured stories that are meant only to empower them and diminish everyone else.

And now their America Last allies in the Biden Administration just told the Taliban to go ahead and decide for us which Afghan refugees “are the good ones.” And then we proceeded, so Sleepy could claim “a historic airlift,” to board as many of them as fast as possible and get wheels up to pad Sleepy’s “historic” numbers. Now we have confirmation that many of the 60K Taliban-vetted Afghans brought to the U.S. have no SIV credentials at all. They were just picked by the Taliban, then loaded by our troops who were ordered to do so.

It’s barely enough votes to sway an election but if they can find 10-20 suicide vests among those 60,000, it’s more than enough to steal one.

And as documented here, we have absolutely zero reason to believe they wouldn’t do that if they can just a find way to get the Taliban to trust them. The good news is, because the modern American left is so obviously desperate and unhinged, that has to still be an open question. Part of me thinks the Taliban leaders who sat across from Trump’s team would much rather deal with someone honest and candid, even if it means a stronger America and a quieter Afghanistan, than the games played by the half-wits running things now.

As usual, time will tell. But there’s nothing they won’t pull and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they rolled out the red carpet for the Taliban to import terrorists with the hopes of weaponizing them against the homeland, to “help” Democrats (!!), before the 2022 elections.

If they can, they will. And we have zero reason to believe anything else, because of everything else they’ve already shown us.

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