No Matter How Much Truth They’re Forced To Start Telling, Always Remember Their Lies

Someday soon they’re going to say, “We had no way of knowing natural immunity was so effective because the data wasn’t in to show us.”

Remember that as they tell you all the data is in to show them the vaccines are absolutely safe for everyone, always and no matter what and in perpetuity.

Remember that as they tell you the data is in that masks will have no long term negative effects on children physiologically, immunologically, socially or otherwise.

Remember that when they tell you the data is in and the lockdowns were the only way we could survive this.

Remember that when they tell you the data is in and actually it’s okay to go out and protest during a purported pandemic, as long as the cause promotes leftist politics. (Vocal activists alleging to be the face of the medical community actually came out and said this, and nobody among them cared enough to fire these people or correct their plainly racist, and fascist, leanings.)

Remember all the times they were on CNN and MSNBC telling us “the data is in” and natural immunity isn’t even existent, let alone effective.

Remember when they tell us they are being honest with us about the covid numbers and not at all trying to inflate them in order to promote fear. Have you seen the latest on that? This video is about two minutes and shows hospital staff discussing how they can boost covid numbers to promote fear and drive submission from a terrified public.


Remember that they told you there couldn’t possibly be any treatment for covid other than terror, societal devastation, masks and vaccines. Remember that they told you the data was in and they knew for a fact that these other treatments which were so effectively treating relatively large populations of serious covid patients and making them well, were not in fact doing what so many physicians and patients testified they had.

“The data is in,” they told us. “All those people are lying.”

They’ve lied to us every step of the way when the most obvious answers were right in front of our faces. And their excuse when the time comes will be the one we had been begging them to show some deference toward from the beginning. They claimed every step of the way to have all the data they needed to make informed decisions on broad public health policy. They had nothing. All they had was a shared and profitable interest in promoting fear and using this virus to manipulate and control us, and phrases like “Follow the science!” and “The data is in!” to help them along.

And candidly, I’m far more humiliated than terrified by how well it worked.

As incontrovertible evidence finally emerges showing that natural immunity is in fact both real and far more efficacious than anything man-made, as antibody testing finally becomes the focus and the small percentage of us without natural immunity start feeling defenseless and left out, and as more people get the virus and lose the fear, and real herd immunity starts manifesting clearly and regionally, that will be what the medical establishment and academic community claim. They’ll say they “followed the science” and “the data is in.”

When that time comes, and it will, just remember everything they constantly pushed on us that did so much damage and so little to actually stem any spread. And remember they did it all while throwing “Follow the science!” in your face and insisting that you just don’t understand and aren’t smart enough to appreciate “the data.” You understood just fine. What they were pushing was stupid and designed only to make us afraid and divided. The virus had an exceedingly high survival rate from its onset, along with exceedingly high transmissibility rates. That meant virtually everyone who wants to be part of society would likely get it at some point, and the vast majority of people who got it would have no symptoms or mild symptoms and then would have have antibodies that would protect them for the rest of their lives. We knew all of that almost immediately. We knew that a relatively infinitesimal percentage would have serious symptoms, an even smaller percentage than that would be hospitalized, an even smaller percentage than that would die, and that virtually every one of those deaths would come alongside serious comorbidities.

We knew all of that. We didn’t like it, but we liked it a lot less when the elites and ruling class weaponized those simple realities in order to create far more carnage and division and death than the virus ever could or would have by itself.

In fact former-and-future President Trump was the only one among them who had a vision that actually proved useful. He swung for the fences and dragged everyone in the government and private sector with him, and was able to turn out a series of miracle vaccines that would help the elderly and immunocompromised stave off serious complications.

If memory serves, right now they’re telling you that “the data is in” and your 5-year old absolutely 100% needs to get this relatively experimental vaccine or else he’ll kill you, die himself, or both.

Watch them. Listen to them. Read them. Remember their lies because they work hard to make sure you forget. Just in writing this post I found that a great piece of American history — a black man in Cleveland, OH confronting woke white hospital workers over their support for abortion — is now gone, it appears, forever. It was viral. It was all over the place. Now the powers-that-be in big tech scrubbed the original source, and if you can dig it up and find it somewhere else, you’re a better researcher than I. (Here was my write-up on the June 2020 incident. I also found a more detailed version from Tom Tillison at BizPacReview. You can read his account here.) At any rate, they work hard to make sure you forget everything that embarrasses and/or discredits them.

But pretty soon, thanks to a handful of honest scientists, our most nefarious and also popular “experts” are going to have to come out and say:

“Okay. We see now. Yes, in fact, it turns out that natural immunity truly is the best defense for staving off serious covid symptoms. But what you don’t understand is that it took time for that data to come in. And now that we have it, yes, we see that natural immunity is real, and far more effective than anything else for the overwhelming majority of the population.”

That will be their tact. They’ll admit what we’ve all always known and when you call them on it, they’ll laugh and call you an uneducated rube for suggesting they should have acted “ahead of the data.” But everything else they told us, things that we all knew were wrong and far more destructive than useful, those were also based “on the data.”

How could Anthony Fauci know that a barely 2-year old vaccine will 20 years from now have no negative impacts on a woman’s reproductive system or a man’s heart, but not know that natural immunity is real and probably helping a lot of people who don’t even realize it because our “experts” actively oppose anti-body testing and don’t want anyone even thinking about it?

The fact is, he doesn’t know. But all they’ve had to say this whole time is “Follow the science!” and “The data is in!”, and everyone, thanks to our corrupt and propagandist corporate legacy news media, was forced to take it as gospel.

They’ll use the exact same rhetoric when they finally have to admit that natural immunity is the most effective defense. And rather than eat crow and be accountable for all the fear and otherwise avoidable carnage they foist on us, they’ll simply say “Well now we have the data. And you’re just a fool who doesn’t understand how these things work.” It’s not okay because it’s the same language they used to deny the science we all knew was real, and impose all the restrictions that we all knew would do so much damage.

They’re going to have to tell at least some of the truth at some point pretty soon here, and we’re going to like what we hear, but we absolutely cannot let off the gas until they’re accountable for all the devastation they caused across literally every aspect of all of our lives.

Remember their lies, especially when they finally have to start telling the truth.

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  1. I believe this is much more than Covid , I think all this control over our lives is a prelude to a bigger picture to get us all in-line for the one world government to come.
    Since every country is now under this insanity the stage is being set.


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