Democrats Just Murdered Afghan Kids To Change A News Cycle, And Our Corporate News Media Helped

Most people know by now that in retaliation for the Kabul suicide bombing that killed 13 American heroes, the Biden Administration claimed to have killed 2 ISIS planners using the much-vaunted “over the horizon” “technology.”

Unlike Trump who proudly hung our enemies’ scalps in the town square, the Biden Administration wouldn’t or couldn’t even release the names of the supposedly “high ranking ISIS ‘planners.'”

Also unlike Trump, whose aim was excellent, it turns out the “ISIS planners” were in fact an aid worker with his 7 children.

They were delivering water back to their village.

The media reported on the “successful response” dutifully for days, leveraging it for multiple silver linings that they could relay to the public during an otherwise unavoidably winless series of news cycles for Biden and his myriad enablers.

But it all turned out to be a lie. The actual story was that an innocent man and his 7 children were killed by Joe Biden’s America while trying to get water to their impoverished village.

This is one of those rare moments where the genesis of the reporting actually comes from one of the corporate legacy news media’s worst actors: the New York Times. It’s one of those stories that someone mistakenly took on and then couldn’t ignore no matter how much they wanted to. Also, the corporate legacy news media seems to be coming to grips with the reality that they need a different candidate in 2024, so we expected them to start showing Sleepy the door any minute, anyway. But this story isn’t that. Not yet. This is one that some NYT staffer whose name we probably don’t even know probably got some teeth in, it led somewhere they didn’t want to go but also couldn’t just pretend they didn’t find it, and then they grudgingly and sparingly “reported” it.

I say “reported” in quotes because there’s an enthusiasm scale you can track when it comes to the corporate legacy news media’s stories. If something is entirely made up out of whole cloth about Trump that makes him and his supporters look and/or feel bad, the corporate legacy news media are very enthusiastic about telling that story for as long as they can use it to hurt and deceive people. But if there’s glaring evidence they can’t ignore against Biden or any other pro-swamp cause, then that’s the bare minimum they’ll do: not ignore it.

It’s one of those things that brings Jake Tapper to mind first. I’ve just seen too many exchanges where guests call him and/or the media more broadly out for not covering something, and an exasperated Tapper insists “We covered that!” And I swear on all that’s holy every time an exasperated Jake Tapper says “We covered that!” it’s because they gave it the 5 seconds they had to and are really committed to making sure it never gets another eyeball or eardrum ever again.

So yes the New York Times first reported on Biden murdering an innocent Afghan aid worker and his 7 children. They found the story, they reported it, and then everyone took a nice long nap on it.

They’ll never report how they dutifully flooded the zone with the inept Biden team’s lies in order to change a news cycle or five. And they’ll surely never report on their absence of moral outrage for Joe Biden murdering more children in a week than covid.

“But moral outrage isn’t our job!”, the corporate legacy news media and its tens of defenders will insist.

Yeah that’s true. But unfortunately you make it your job on literally every other story, every minute of every day, when you’re in greater control of the content. No matter what’s happening in the news, you tie it all back to one neighbor being bad (the Republican) and the other being good (the Democrat) in today’s America. Everything to you in the legacy news media is a moral outrage, until actually morally outrageous stories like this one come up. Or the hundreds of stories on Hunter Biden’s laptop, including the ones about his father being the most compromised president in U.S. history. Stories like covid-19’s origins being a Fauci-funded bioweapons lab in communist China. Stories like far left extremists taking over literal city blocks for months on end right here in America. Stories like racist black Democrats attacking Asians and Jews in a spate of racist assaults that are now part of every day life in America. Stories about the disproportionate disparities that black Americans endure stemming obviously from around 70% of them growing up in broken homes. Stories about your 99.7% chance of survival from covid even before Trump’s miracle vaccines hit the markets.

Those are all massively important stories that could help America and its people in tremendous ways. They all command moral outrage to varying degrees and in ways that are far more consequential in our lives. The media don’t want to tell any of them. So they cover only the bare minimum that they absolutely have to, and then go right back to making things up that we chase our tails trying to disprove.

The fact is, if Trump were president and his team covered up their murder of an innocent father and his children, all in a badly-botched effort to project strength and distract the public’s attention, then within a year that man’s brother would be mayor of some deep blue American city. The media would profile everything about the man, every one of his children, all of his friends and family — they’d bring the awful pain of murder and tragic humanity of loss into everyone’s living rooms in the most poetic, artful and effective ways possible, and they’d do it all of it on the backdrop of “Trump is a bad person and his supporters are worse.”

But this was on the Democrats’ watch so the most outrage we’ll get from the media on this story will be their angrily insisting, “We covered that!”

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