After Replacing ‘Islamic Extremists’ With ‘Trump Supporters,’ Dems Ask ‘What Happened To 9-11 Unity!?’

Lots of Democrats in the media and elsewhere have been crying in recent days because they apparently “miss” the unity our nation knew in the aftermath of the 9-11 terror attacks. Some of them miss it genuinely, but the most visible — like the propagandists who pretend to be journalists in the corporate legacy news media — they don’t actually miss it at all. They hate our entire nation along with all of its history, and they think a solid half of the population should just be disappeared.

Just like their communist heroes in China would do.

They can claim they “want unity” and miss the good old days, but let this sink in…

On the 20-year anniversary of 9-11-2001, literally every corporate legacy news media outlet, every major academic institution, and every lever of our corrupt intelligence community, have all decided in unison and out loud that Trump supporters are now the greatest terror threat this nation faces.

Don’t run from it.

You built this.

It’s yours.

You can’t hide from it just because the date on the calendar makes you nostalgic for less hostile times. You created these hostile times. They’re very real. They’re not some phantom bullshit drama about the climate, social inequity or a novel flu bug.

The corporate legacy news media has spent years conflating Trump supporters with “white supremacists,” the academic community has spent years manufacturing studies to “prove” them right, and our pathetically corrupt and disgraced intelligence community has spent years saying “white supremacists” are the nation’s greatest terror threat.

Do the math.

These are your people. These are your heroes. These are your bedfellows.

The corporate legacy news media. Academia. The intelligence community. Big business. Big tech. The media had put targets on our backs for the past 5 years and now they’re all colluding to make Trump supporters the US government’s number one “threat.”

And you want to cry to us because we don’t have the same “unity” that we had 20 years ago?

Go f**k yourselves.

For twenty years you sat by and watched as our most powerful institutions swapped out “radical Islamic extremist” for “Christian conservative Republican.”

They’ll never get an incident. They’ll never get any kind of meaningful supporting evidence. But as long as they can keep saying…

“Actually, Lester, the intelligence community and top security analysts all agree that white supremacists, likely inspired by Trump, are today’s greatest terror threat to the USA.”

…as long as they can keep saying those words, their work is done.

And they say those words all the time.

It’s happening. Trump supporters, by association thanks to the media and academia, are the “white supremacists” the intelligence community is dishonestly warning everyone about.

And you really don’t understand why we don’t want to prop up your longing for “the good old days” right now?

You can’t hide from it. We won’t let you. You own this. Not as much as the powerful institutions you’re watching lie, cheat and steal for your perceived political advantage — but you own it all the same. You’re part of it. It’s real.

Choke on your “unity.”

We’re not playing and there aren’t timeouts for feel-good moments. We’re past that point.

If you’re among those casually engaged Racist Democrats who didn’t know it before, you do now.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: After publishing this post, the next thing I did was stop by Google’s homepage to see how they were “honoring” 9-11. As expected, there’s nothing except a small ribbon and it doesn’t do anything if you click on it. This is consistent with claims that the left are trying to rewrite history and make 9-11 into something that America is to blame for, and was largely deserved because of people like Trump supporters. They’re telling the story of 9-11 the same way they’re telling the story of America: dishonestly, and with the purpose of weakening this nation and its people. Google won’t link to anything 9-11 related because there’s nothing they can yet get away with that’s both dishonest and mainstream enough. If they get their way, within a few years there will be a link to some 5,000-word NYT piece proving that America was to blame for the attacks. Any Democrat legitimately seeking “unity” needs to wake up and leave the party that’s working so hard to divide us.

Screenshot 2021-09-11 10.34.28 AM

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  1. When treatment of the 6 January 2021 protesters matches the velvet gloves applied to Antifa and BLM, we can start considering unity. However, that will require sentencing numerous Antifa and BLM actors who have been released.


  2. Mark, I loved everything you wrote above. The only thing you failed to say is the we who are in the 50% or more whom the leftists have such a blood hatred for reciprocate their feelings, and in fact, double down on them. When the times comes, there will be no quarter given by us, the ones who have most of the guns and know how to use them.


  3. It’s all going as planned. The bad guys see America as a juicy morsel full of prizes and cocky/gullible citizens haphazardly going about life as if the choices they make have nothing to do with the future protection of our spoiled protected worlds. Because we can’t fathom this place ever falling apart, we can’t see the signs of what an internal tear down, disguised as charity and moral behavior, looks like, even though the increasing demand for charity is the first clue. Believing that we will always call the shots, even when we claim that others are welcome to share our country, is as arrogant as it gets–so, we say, while our wised-up politicians see a personal gain in this certain upheaval, they have their supporters saying, “Sure, come in. I know you will be so grateful and that you will be so impressed with what we have to offer, you will hold us in high esteem and forever be appreciative of what we have shared with you, because that’s what we would do for one another here in our nice country. We can’t handle understanding what it was like in your country or what your citizens did to one another, we just imagine that you will be so happy here that you will forget your past and start new from here.” I mean, you’d have to be a paranoid or mean person to think that these desperate, begging people are trying to gain access to blow us apart. Right? WRONG! They don’t want their beliefs changed, they want a place that allows them to rake in the beauty it took us over 200 years to build and practice their loser ways in it. Feigning injury is powerful if someone takes pity. Taking along a few truly pitiful people will disguise them. It’s easy to spank Americans with the suggestion that they are heartless, so, unaware that they are being played, they work overtime trying to convince them that they are not. Score! It is the oldest strategy ever used against animals and humans. Lure them with the right bait, then reel them in and fry them. No one cares that the other fish are saying, “Hey! He was appealing to your desires in order to consume you for everything you had! He offered you a juicy worm and by taking it, believing he would care for you forever, he got you.” while you get yanked out of your required water environment saying, “Don’t talk trash about him!”— oops.” How lovely it must be to stumble upon a country like ours just when it becomes ripe for the picking. No one will change their stance because they are in it too deep and they don’t have the life time to start it at a different angle. So, the more brilliantly we bust the killers at their game, the more desperate they become in covering it up no matter what. The “no matter what” part is surfacing now because we are trying to kill an evil giant that would rather be tortured and maimed and killed before ever confessing or stopping. The goal now is not to be happy and comfortable or popular or wealthy or powerful… the goal now is to die without admitting guilt and taking as many people with them that they can. Sorry, but the soft heart always loses. You can’t expect anyone to care about you. There lies the second clue… our fight to the death to not admit we were deadly wrong.


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