FACT: Even If The USA Were 100% Vaxxed, Dems Would Still Weaponize Covid To Hurt & Divide Us

Even if 100% of the population were fully vaccinated, nobody actually believes it would end the Branch Covidians’ reign of terror.

If people did believe it was in good faith and would end the constant promotion of fear and societal devastation, then we’d probably be closer to 80% of adults, at least, fully vaccinated.

The fact is the vast majority of the holdouts simply know better. They know the virus isn’t the threat to them personally that the media has long made it out to be, nor are the vaccines as “proven” as they want us to believe. (They’re only now learning how long they might even last!) If you put those two things together then it’s not at all unreasonable for smart, honest, moral people of good faith to abstain from the shots. It’s just that simple. They’re not evil. This virus isn’t the threat that the media and Democrats want you to believe it is, and the vast majority of people who aren’t getting vaccinated, know that.

You don’t hear about that group much.

You hear a ton about the infinitesimal group who think there are microchips in the vaccines. You once, months ago, heard a tiny bit about the large populations of Democrat voters, mainly black, who are refusing the vaccinations. But you hear almost nothing about the main group; the vast majority; the ones who simply aren’t that scared and would rather risk covid than a new shot that hasn’t been around that long and, frankly, that people are now pushing at levels that make it look really nefarious, even if it isn’t.

And mind you I’m fully vaccinated but every other day I regret it because some unhinged lunatic on MSNBC or CNN is bleeding from the eyes over their hatred for the unvaccinated, making me feel really stupid for satiating the bloodlust of the group I now find myself having pleased.

Anyway I don’t know who out there might need to hear this this. I don’t think too many regular visitors will find it all that novel. But it just felt like it was time to make sure this was said very clearly and plainly…

Nobody believes that if we all just get vaccinated then you’ll stop the weaponization of this virus. Everyone knows you’ll continue using it to divide us and destroy our businesses, while uniting the powerful and elites around their newfound consolidation of global rule.

Nobody believes for a single hot second that if they all just get vaccinated then the ruling class (media, academia, big tech, big business) will give up their wholly psychotic weaponization of a virus that had a 99.7% survival rate before we ever even had the vaccines.

We don’t believe your lies, and you’d be doing everyone a great service if you just stop telling them.

Get to the point, start building the unvaxxed concentration camps, and see how it works out for you.

Either that or shut up, step aside, and get ready to take the career-ending lumps that you all know damn well you’ve earned and today, barring your ability to top your own already-ascribed evil, are a question of “when” not “if.”

One way or another, stop boring us with your lies and pussyfooting.

You look ridiculous and we’re dozing off from the monotony.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Along the same lines of this post, here is another great catch, or maybe creation, from that Gina Carano girl. She was a Disney actress or something who got cancelled, but didn’t back down and is now, by my estimation, an effective civil rights activist for the America First movement. (I hate linking Twitter and really wish we had better, but if it’s all I have and the content is good enough, I’ll do it.)

Anyway, watch and take heed:

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