The Cure Was Worse Than The Disease, And History Will Shame All Of Us For Letting Them Get Away With It

I’m thinking about what life will look like when this passes, and we all move on from it.

It’s here to stay. We know that now. And the overwhelming majority of people who get it will have either very mild symptoms, or no symptoms at all. What’s more, they’ll have antibody defenses (natural immunity) that will then stay with them for the rest of their lives. We’ve always know that. We pretended we didn’t know it because the corporate legacy news media didn’t want anyone to talk about it.


That’s all you’re allowed to talk about.

Anything that distracted from the fear was deemed “harmful misinformation” by the corporate legacy news media and their supporting casts.

You weren’t allowed to talk about the origins of the virus because if you know the communists literally manufactured it, and U.S. taxpayers funded it thanks to Anthony Fauci, you’d probably be a little pissed off and thus tougher to control. So don’t talk about that. “Where the virus came from doesn’t matter,” they repeatedly insisted.

You weren’t allowed to talk about any treatment options. They were all met with mockery and scorn. Every single one of them. You were either injecting bleach or taking horse medicine. The data and science around the efficacy of the drugs didn’t matter. You weren’t even allowed to consider something that might mitigate the doomsday threat that the media wanted us all to pretend covid posed.

Trump was focused like a laser on vaccines and they mocked him mercilessly for it. (Of course now that they have the vaccines they’ve decided to weaponize those too instead of just being grateful to Trump for providing them.)

Today the only things you’re allowed to talk about when it comes to covid are 1) fear, 2) masks and 3) vaccines. And when you talk about those things, you’re only allowed to say what the corporate legacy news media and federal government give you permission to say.

Because “we’re all in this together,” and “following the science.”

That’s what they tell us anyway, but both are obvious lies and that’s what I’m thinking about this morning. I’m thinking about how the future will look back on this. Will we, as I predicted about a year ago, just turn away from it shamefully because what we let them do was too humiliating to face or admit? Probably, in the near term. But in the longer term, how will we talk about this in 20 years? By then we won’t be able to escape the humiliation. Facts will be laid to bare that show the “cure” the media and rest thrust on us was exponentially worse than the disease. Moreover, their “cures” didn’t actually mitigate any spread and there isn’t a chance in hell the honest wing of the academic community doesn’t also bubble that reality up in due course. So in just a few short decades we’ll all be looking back on this time with more clarity, and a lot of shame, but smarter and stronger for having gone through it.

And there will be a name for what happened here; a description or phrase. I have no clue what it will be. But I know it will be unflattering to all who “led” us during this time, probably including Trump for not telling them all to go to hell from the onset.

It’s going to be embarrassing for us to be honest about what we all just watched, and let, happen.

To shut the entire country down, kill hundreds of thousands of small businesses, destroy peoples’ lives and life savings, divide us, terrorize us, force us into ugly historical trends around removing “the unclean” from our society, stunting the development of literally every child in the country without any concern about the long-term damage done to them, the total weaponization, manipulation and corruption of so many trusted institutions like academia, the corporate legacy news media and so much of the medical establishment — we let them do all these things in a purported but clearly doomed effort to stop a highly transmissible virus from spreading.

And here’s the most unfortunate and instructive kicker: the virus in question had a 99.7% survival rate even before the vaccines and was manufactured by our enemies expressly to solicit the response we gave them.

It’s absolutely insane. We let them manipulate us with the exact same kind of hysterical marketing that a record company would use to hype a pop star. Our disgraced media and left do it all the time on a multitude of issues. Because they get to pick the conversation, they control the narrative around the conversation, they decide what matters relative to the conversation and what doesn’t, and they decide when the conversation ends and why. They get to control all of that, and so they also get to control the language.

So if you think it’s not a great idea to shut the country down over a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate, the language used to describe you is “Granny killer!” Everyone has now been taught that language, everyone knows to use it, nobody wants to be called it.

But if you think it’s a good idea to create myriad brand new carnage all over the country, along with all the imminent division and anger that goes with it, ceding all decision-making mindlessly to powerful forces that have repeatedly proven we can’t trust them, then you’re an “upstanding American doing your part to help save the world.” Everyone has now been taught that language, everyone knows it, and they all want it for themselves.

All they had to do was market this thing enough and the Asch conformity mechanisms kicked in. The Asch conformity experiments showed people giving what they knew to be wrong answers, based solely on just a few people before them giving those same wrong answers. Ultimately, if the question is what’s 2+2, and a few people who answer before you say 5, then you’re far more likely to say 5 also. You know it’s wrong, but everyone else is getting it wrong too so either they know something you don’t, or you’ll all fail together. What I infer from the experiments is that most people consider either of those options to be far more attractive than telling truth in the face of everyone else’s conformity.

It sucks but apparently, unless we’re mindful and careful, it’s a natural part of our current social make-up.

And that’s what we just saw happen. We all knew it was wrong. We all knew “No, we don’t want ‘people to die.'” We all knew there was a smarter and more honest course for us to take, but the media got everyone nodding along early and that was the end of it.

Because the media’s next move was to demonize anyone who didn’t toe the line.

They’re still doing it. Heck, in Australia they’re literally building prisons for the unvaccinated! And here in America, if the media had their way, they’d skip the vaxxed/unvaxxed part and just put every Republican in a prison. Because that’s how the media frames their desperate “Everyone needs to get vaccinated!” conversation. Every guest or “expert” they have on treats it the same way. It’s always “One half of the country just won’t do their part,” and the context of the discussion always means “Republicans.”

The media always work hard to turn us against each other, and covid gave them an excellent opportunity to do a ton of that while also enriching themselves and their allies.

By the way, I believe yesterday while talking to a union, Sleepy said something like, “America is the only country that could come back from the pandemic stronger.” Did anyone fact check that? Because China, who straight up manufactured and released the virus, was the only country that actually grew in 2020. It’s a gut punch statistic but one that we should all be aware of, especially when that demented idiot Sleepy Joe Biden stands up there and lies about it.

I digress.

That’s all that happened. They enriched themselves while diminishing us, our freedoms, our unity, our health, our businesses, our schools, our churches, our families, our friends…everything. They weakened and crushed all of us so they consolidate their power and make us more controllable in the long run.

The only people who won were the elites and that’s why they’re still trying to keep the fear going.

It won’t work.

Covid was never anything more than a uniquely bad flu bug for older people and especially those with comorbidities. That’s all it ever was. Everything we did, everything we’re doing — God knows what they might still do to further weaponize the virus, divide us, and meddle in our democracy — it all created so much more division and destruction than it mitigated. It was pathetic at every level and when I think about 20 years out, 50 years out, 100 years out, I hope the chorus of people honest and strong enough to resist the conformity becomes more clearly part of the record.

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  1. Watch your headline wording. Have YOU let them get away with it? I certainly haven’t.
    You need to identify those that did (Democrats, RINOs, Leftists, Globalists, Satanists, et al).
    Many of “us” did what we could. The fight goes on.


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