This Hilarious Trump Clip Deserves Its Own Post

This is almost two months old but I only included it in one piece so far, and it was a post script on something else just to make sure it got “published” here in my small corner.

It deserves its own post because it’s one of the most hilarious and instructive things I’ve heard Trump say.

He’s talking about how Bill Barr got rattled after being threatened with impeachment by the media and Democrats.

Trump, too, has some experience with that sort of thing.

Watch and enjoy:

This is what it looks like to live your life with absolutely no fear.

That it’s a hilarious slap in the face to all who have worked so hard to destroy us and our nation, is just a bonus.

This is a man who is 100% committed to finishing the job he started, and adding a decent dose of retribution to that job because justice demands it. He has zero qualms or reservations about a) his power, b) his righteous indignation given all he and those around him have gone through, and most notably c) his defense of us and our nation no matter what they throw at him.

He knows a million things that the media don’t. They’re entirely predictable and he’s anything but. I hear lines like this though, and I watch how he delivers them, and it makes me think one thing about him is becoming very easy to predict…

He’s going to win.

And that’s a good thing because it means so too will our great nation for generations to come.

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