Our Emotional Fuse Boxes Weren’t Built For Digital And Global Voltage

Someone shared a really interesting sermon message with me on Sunday.

The pastor spoke about our “emotional fuse boxes,” saying they were originally designed to take on the weight of our own lives, our own families, our own villages and/or communities. When there was a crisis it would be painful and command a reaction, but it was yours. You owned it. It was confined to your small part of the world and that’s what you’d have to process and work through.

Now the entire world is connected in some really useful ways, but that connectivity may be producing the unintended consequence of making us more jaded, untrusting, sad, mad and hopeless.

You can’t really do anything to help all the people of the world to whom so many awful things are happening. We see it all. We hear about it all. But we really can’t do much personally without upending our own lives and dedicating them to helping those people, or passing along a few dollars to a charity that is hopefully as honest as their commercials claim.

I marvel almost every day that there are actual sex slaves out there: women and girls who were literally sold into slavery at a young age, and now live as slaves being sold throughout the day, by the hour, to whoever walks through the door.

Where are those doors, you might ask?

They’re all over Nancy Pelosi’s district. That’s where.

All over San Francisco there are “massage parlors” where young Asian sex slaves are sold to the area’s very liberal population of sexually deviant men and women. These “massage parlors” line the streets of San Francisco and operate right out in the open. Everyone knows what’s going on. Everyone knows it’s happening. Nobody cares. Nobody does anything about it. It’s right in Nancy Pelosi’s backyard. She’s the supposed champion of women’s rights and among our nation’s staunchest and most effective advocates for justice and morality, but she averts her eyes entirely from the young girls who live in her backyard, have never known anything except sexual slavery, and are being used and abused by the hour by many of Nancy’s closest friends and family.

Maybe Nancy’s a client. It wouldn’t surprise me.

That’s what happens when you dip into all these problems all over the world and pick a place to start solving them. You find someone responsible, and you point fingers. I’m pointing mine at Nancy Pelosi because, thanks to our immediate connectivity to everything and everyone at all times, much of my life is consumed by political activism that I truly believe in my heart is part of an existential battle for freedom and its importance in our imminently “globalist” future.

Because some kind of “globalism” is coming. And when it does finally happen, it will probably alleviate some of the emotional fuse box short-circuiting that’s happening to so many people all at one time, all over the world, as they all watch much of the same global news while also managing that which they were originally intended to handle in their own backyards.

Not mine. Not yours. Not the entire planet’s.

Just theirs.

That’s what we were originally intended to handle.

But now I’m pretty sure one political party wants to make children racist while also weaponizing a virus and taking over trusted institutions to consolidate power for the elites and reduce the standing and strength of the individual. Moreover I’m wildly concerned that Biden is compromised by our most dangerous enemies, because I watched a video of his idiot son confessing as much. I could go on. And have.

Over on the other side of the aisle they’re legitimately convinced that the schleps in third world countries are going to kill us all by enjoying the use of basic electricity for the first time in their lives. The whole world is doomed unless we hand over the entire energy industry to the government and probably a few political science professors. Also many of them are badly misinformed about the threat covid poses, so they’re terrified of the air and think the maskless are basically murderers. I could go on. And have.

Everyone is in everyone else’s business and it all stems from the powerful exploiting our connectivity to make us think everything happening all over the world needs to always matter to us, and that we as individuals — our thoughts, feelings, wants, needs — also matter just as much to the rest of the world.

It’s nice to care, but you don’t own the world’s problems. You don’t even own your neighbors’ problems.

You own your problems. If your neighbor is or creates one of those problems, you move or adjust. You try to manage the things in your life personally, and then do what you can to make the things around you more conducive to your preferred course. Your preferred course probably involves the world being a decent place, so being decent to the people around you — helping those in need, being kind, showing respect, extending forgiveness and patience — these are probably part of your make-up and things you’d pursue in your preferred course.

That’s your role. That’s my role. But instead we’re all soldiers now in this massive fight that involves all things and all people, all over the world, at all times. We’re no longer connected to our own families, neighborhoods and communities the way we used to be. We only have so much bandwidth, and all the extra energy fighting the world’s battles cuts into what you have left over for what really matters.

It’s already happening and there’s no stopping it at this point. Nor do I think we should if we could. Doing so would basically entail blowing up the internet and forcing us back into more confined, regional lives. That’s not the solution here. The floodgates are open and we’ll see where they lead us. As is the case with all things, I know it’s ultimately part of God’s plan even if we can’t understand it, and even it appears to move us further from Him.

There is no moving further from God.

There’s only our regularly-scheduled refusal or inability to appreciate how close He always is.

So I know the world has gotten much smaller thanks to technology and the connectivity it’s enabled. I know that means eventually there will be one dominant political wind that permeates the planet. I want that political wind to be America’s. Not the version of America that the left embrace, in which we’re a terrible country that needs to learn about freedom and morality and progress from our European betters. The version of America I want to dominate is the one I learned growing up, in which this is an exceptional country because we value freedom and codified that individuals would enable themselves unimpeded by our still-necessary government. And I believe it will happen. I believe it’s happening now. I believe we’re watching the institutional left’s last gasps and that all of their bad behavior is a product not of their strength or America’s vulnerability, but of their desperation and America’s resilience. I believe the America First movement will send armies of duly-elected patriots to the House and Senate in 2022, and in 2024 we’ll keep the winning going including reclaiming the White House. I believe America will be on course for another several generations of peace, prosperity, progress, and proving to the world why our way is clearly the best way. And if we end up having to prove that we’re also the worst possible country to pick a fight with because we’re also the strongest, so be it.

But I don’t have much of a say in it. Other than my vote, I don’t actually have any say in it. Everything I write here, while potentially useful in some cases, in the long run doesn’t matter. In fact if anything, I’m only feeding the beast. I’m helping keep the divisions front and center, and the hostility toward our opposition raging at the hottest temperatures I can get them while still absolutely insisting on non-violence. Is it all for a noble cause? I believe it is. Yes. Because I no longer look at just my own life. My own backyard. My own family, neighborhood, community. I believe there’s a massive, existential battle taking place and God gave me gifts with which to help fight it. I believe all of that “thanks to” our connectivity, and our world having become figuratively smaller. And I’m probably correct about the existence of that fight. I doubt its imagined or overstated. It’s probably every bit as real as we all sense it to be, day in and day out. And here’s the kicker: the reason it’s real is also the connectivity, and our world having appeared to become smaller.

So we’re all in each others’ business. Everything is global and existential. We have to care about and process all of it.

We weren’t designed to. And for that reason, despite all that we have to be grateful and thankful for, these are tough times to be living in for everyone involved.

This too shall pass. But at the rate we’re going where lying, stealing and cheating are now the preferred weapons of our own country’s most powerful institutions (e.g. legacy news media, academia, big tech, woke corporate America, the intelligence community), it just probably won’t pass in our lifetimes.

I share this today because it’s helpful to be cognizant of the very real possibility that if things seem crazy and exhausting, it’s probably because we weren’t really built to live our own lives responsibly and abundantly while also carrying the weight of the now very visible and connected world on our shoulders.

We’re all doing a lot of work. Everyone is suffering, unfortunately. It’s a tough time. But we’re fighting for what’s honest and good, and hopefully for a better tomorrow in which future generations can — as an added bonus — learn from all the mistakes we let happen since the emergence of the world wide web. I don’t know what all the mistakes are, but I know there are a lot of them, and one of them involves letting the elites and the powerful take control of our emotional fuse boxes by spending the entire day shorting them out.

We can do better with this connectivity. And, I believe, in time, will as the rule instead of the exception.

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