Hey Fauci: Show Us ‘The Science’ That Says My Vaccination Status Affects Your Health

Hey Anthony Fauci as long as you’re still a free man despite funding the virus that killed at least tens of thousands of Americans, stop your friendly celebrity media tours for a second and show us “the science” that says my vaccination status affects your health.

Your touring all over the corporate legacy news media is 100% focused on pushing Trump’s miracle vaccines. But we haven’t heard let alone seen a shred of science that says the unvaccinated are alleged to be jeopardizing anyone’s health other than their own.

For all you know those unvaccinated people, like so many tens or even hundreds of millions of Americans, have natural immunity from the virus you funded because they already contracted covid and like 99.7% of people before the vaccines were available, they fought it off rather easily and now have defenses that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

And that’s gotta be as good as Trump’s miracle vaccines that you’re so busy pushing. Right?

I mean let’s be honest: natural immunity is a miracle that you in the flesh business will never unravel. You’ll give a lot of names to things that happen around it and claim an intellectual superiority based on your knowledge of those names, but you’ll still never even fully understand, let alone replicate, exactly the miracle of natural immunity. The same thing is true of both the origination of life itself, and each individual manifestation of life in the womb. You and your peers talk about it a lot and describe certain parts of it that make it sound like you’ve got it down cold, but you’re objectively light years from really unpacking it all, and in just 100 short years the next scientific community will chuckle at what you thought you knew.

And for all you know right now, half of those unvaccinated people already have defenses that are even better than what’s available through Trump’s miracle vaccines.

But even if they don’t…

The vaccinated still get and spread the virus that you funded and the communists released.

Just like the unvaccinated.

All the vaccines do is stave off more serious illness for a period of time that’s yet to be determined.

And sure that’s great. It’s a miracle.

We’d never have been able to produce something so significant, so quickly, without a real leader like Trump telling literally everyone “Yes you can,” and then hounding them about it, and shaming them for taking so long, all completely away from the cameras. But that’s what it took, and Trump did it, and the job got done.

A word about Trump’s management style…

For the record, I’ve never read a single Trump book. I’ve never watched a single episode of The Apprentice. I thought he was an unserious candidate when he first stepped on the scene. I liked the stones he showed going after Obama’s birth certificate but other than that I knew nothing of him and was never interested in learning more. He was a “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” type who played around with lots of hot women. He had a few kids who managed to stay out of ugly trouble despite the wealth, fame and broken home life. I had no idea until 2016 that he didn’t drink or do drugs and, as a guy who’s been around the block and is smart enough to know there are better paths, I admit that I was floored by that. It was the first time I thought there might be a lot of depth and character that the camera-facing persona doesn’t do justice. The point is that all I know, I know from watching his political ascent. And while the media reported on it with condescension, I believe it’s likely somewhat true that his management style involves encouraging inner-office competitiveness, shaming employees, intimidating them, and then getting the absolute best they have to offer while they’re on the clock.

“Well that’s not very nice. You have to motivate people with positive reinforcement.”

That’s great for toddlers but in the real world you’re allowed to expect more from adults and treat them differently.

So if the people around Trump don’t bring their best and also get him the best results available, he’ll fire them for someone who potentially will. And then he’ll keep firing people for others who potentially will, until someone does.

Full stop and with no apologies.

It’s one stark reality of a quality called “leadership” that roughly half of our nation now fear because our collective spoils have diluted their ability to compete without asking their imaginary unicorns how it made them feel.

They snark at the turnover, citing his own claims that “I only hire the best.” But most of those critics have never had jobs hiring people, so they casually ignore the ice cold reality that it takes a lot of firing people to make sure you truly end up with the best for your mission.

Still if they’re truly concerned that Trump isn’t capable of good hiring decisions, watch what he does with some experience under his belt and a second term kicking off in January 2025. The army of duly-elected America First patriots we send to the House and Senate in 2022 will lay some oversight groundwork, but Trump’s second term will start with a top-down renaissance and probably a solid 10-15% of the federal government just being kicked off the taxpayer grid.


I digress, Anthony.

Because by then you’ll either be in prison or porn.

Either one will be hilarious except the part where you probably get herpes no matter what. (Man if only you turned herpes into a nation-crushing pseudo crisis, Trump probably would’ve led you to a vaccine for it too!)

But before that time comes it’s important that you’re asked out loud to show us how you “follow the science” to my vaccination status affecting your health.

The vaccines stave off serious complications. They don’t prevent infection or spread. There’s zero reason for you to be pushing vaccines on people who don’t want them. There’s zero reason for you to be encouraging the crusty idiots in corporate America to follow along because they’re too stupid to know the legacy news media always and only lie about what’s truly “mainstream” in America.

Your entire shtick is “follow the science.” You once said, you little garden gnome, that anyone who challenges your flimsy and flailing “guidance” is in fact standing afoul of science itself. As if challenging what you say is itself a denial of science.

You’re insane. And you can’t answer this question so it’s one I hope a lot more people start asking.

Show us the science that says my vaccination status affects someone else’s health.

I’m not asking you for worst-case-scenarios about hospital beds. 24 million toddlers in America don’t need to gasp for fresh air 9 hours a day because there’s a chance that you think possibly somewhere some hospital might not have enough beds to treat everyone whom they’d immediately like to treat. That’s not how this stuff works. I know it’s how you want it to work, but all we have to do is ask a few of the right questions and you’re shit out of luck.

Where you belong.

Fortunately for you, as noted, “where you belong” could end up being porn. Slightly better than “shit out of luck” but comparatively not a bad way to spend your 2024.

By 2025 it’s definitely prison.

Have fun, in the meantime, not being able to answer obvious questions like this as they continue to plague your sad attempts at shaming us into constant fear, division, suicide, unemployment, overdoses, anger and submission.

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