We Got Sisters In Kabul Straight Waiting To Die, And They Ain’t Leaving Till 2025

If you still trust NBC, ABC, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, PBS, CNN and Associated Press, then you believe it’s time to move on from all this Afghanistan nonsense.

Just put it all in the rearview mirror.

Yes the evacuation was a homicidal disaster staged by an incompetent and demented fool, and helped along by military and intelligence communities that are more focused on winning political battles here at home than the real ones that we pay them to fight abroad.

But according to Jake Tapper and Lester Holt, none of that matters anymore. It’s all ancient history. Time to move on.

Meanwhile it’s absolutely true that there were some patriotic Afghans who risked their lives, and their families’ lives, to help our nation and heroes in their stated mission. That the entire venture was built on the swamp’s lies to keep the military industrial complex and its many beneficiaries fat and happy, is no more the fault of Afghan allies than our own troops’. It’s also absolutely true that virtually none of those Afghan allies were part of the “historic evacuation” that Team Sleepy keep bragging about.

All Biden’s team cared about was getting a big number of people evacuated. They thought if it was a big enough number and “historic” enough, then the media like always would do all the rest of the heavy lifting for them.

But they’re so desperate and grasping so pathetically for straws that not even the media could carry that water with the sure-footedness Klain and the rest hoped. So they got a tiny bit of mileage out of the “really big airlift evacuation” narrative, but not nearly enough to drown out the historically dangerous failures that happened before, during and after it.

And now all they have left is the fallout.

The vast majority of the people they evacuated were vetted in hours when it normally takes weeks or months. In fact the only people who truly “vetted” these individuals were the Taliban, whom Team Biden entrusted 100% with security.

You had the Taliban forging the very paperwork they were also at the airport gates screening for, and the U.S. military on the inside looking for bombs while pretending to have even a modicum of control over the flow of people that the Taliban promised them were “the right ones.” There was no diligent vetting of these people. There was just a mandate from Milley and the rest to get as many people on planes as possible. They didn’t care who it was, which created a perfect storm for the Taliban to decide exactly which upstanding citizens they wanted us to eagerly welcome.

And that’s where we are now. We have tens of thousands of Afghan “refugees” coming into our country who’s only real vetting was done by the Taliban. Everything after that is based 100% on us trusting the Taliban that their documentation and screening were all done in good faith.

We’re being asked to trust, just this one time, that the terrorists didn’t do what terrorists always do.

I mean we can trust the terrorists.


Of course not.

And that’s why the corporate legacy news media will leave the hundreds or even thousands of American hostages to die in Afghanistan. They’re already doing everything they can to move past it, and when they do cover it they definitely don’t use the word “hostages.”

But that’s what they are. While a handful of Americans left behind wanted to stay, the vast majority didn’t. And nor did the Special Immigrant Visa holders (SIVs) who legitimately risked their lives to help America’s (alleged) cause.

Here’s the most significant fact around foreign policy that our country faces right now: There are thousands of Americans and legitimate SIV holders who are now hostages to the Taliban, being held in Afghanistan, and Sleepy and his team of failures are just waiting to find out what the ransom is.

That’s all that’s happening right now and if a Republican were president then the media would be focused like a laser on a) accountability for what went wrong and b) urgency for making it right.

But the demented and disgraced stain on American history, Joe Biden, is President, so the media would rather just leave those women and children to burn rather than complicate Democrats’ political prospects.

We got sisters in Kabul straight waiting to die, and they ain’t leaving till 2025.

We have at least that long to wait before someone competent can take over and start putting America and our allies first again. As it stands now, the Taliban will start trickling a few dozen live bodies out and the media along with Team Sleepy will act like it’s the greatest victory in the history of the world. Meanwhile God only knows what our utterly pathetic intelligence community and diplomatic arms will cede in order to get those few live bodies out. They’ll never tell us.

That’s the one thing we can count on at this point, all the time: they’ll never tell us the truth.

They’re lying so flagrantly now that I’ve long said it’s their obvious last gasps. This is what desperation looks like and when they fall, the relief we all finally get will be a well-earned reward for our patience, commitment to non-violence and resilience in the face of so many domestic enemies who have manipulated so many institutions to create so much terror and division in our lives. That’s been my belief since a week or so after the 2020 election. I said at the time they’d fall flat on their faces everywhere they turn, it would be a humiliating disaster for their entire movement, and meanwhile we wouldn’t change a thing from our messaging to our messengers. I said we’d only get stronger while they reveal themselves to be deadbeats and criminals, and it feels like that’s exactly what’s happening.

But Tucker Carlson said something that gave me a lot of pause the other night. He said they may be so indifferent to their very public lying and cheating because they the cake is already baked. Carlson’s thinking is that they may already know that there’s a “crisis” in the making that will again allow them to cheat in the elections. And if they can do that just one more time and get enough seats to start nuking the filibuster and packing the courts, then it’s lights out for this great nation and all who fought to build and protect it.

So maybe that’s why they’re just so casually failing so badly, and then acting like nothing happened and they have nothing to worry about.

Maybe that’s why Biden and his team don’t really care that they just gave the world’s preeminent terrorist group thousands of innocent, civilian hostages.

It will never be a good idea to “expect more” from leftists. The Racist Democrat Party, for example, has never once in its history derived a shred of power that wasn’t predicated entirely on racial division and disparity of their own making. It was true yesterday, it’s true today, and unless they’re stopped it appears that it will be true tomorrow as well. We know leftism is always bigoted and genocidal. It’s what we expect from them. But our media is supposed to be above the political fray.

Ours isn’t.

Our very own corporate legacy news media is the greatest enemy anywhere on the planet of a strong and united America. The Racist Democrat Party today is a feckless joke that has to lie about everything because the genesis of their policies is batshit crazy every. single. time. The media has done all of the Racist Democrat Party’s heavy lifting for decades and as a result, the party’s actual leadership can’t even tie their own shoes anymore without Savannah Guthrie and Poppy Harlow explaining why it wasn’t nearly the failure it appeared to be. That’s who the corporate legacy news media have become. And their diligence and hard work has only weakened the Racist Democrat Party. (Go figure: leftists try to “help” and instead get an unintended consequence that only creates more problems without solving the one they were originally focused on. How novel.)

There are American hostages being held all over Afghanistan right now and trafficked out of existence. That’s happening this second, as I write these words.

Also happening this second as I write these words: the media on my television screen hyperventilating over 3-year olds not wearing masks to help stave off a virus that has a 99.99% survival rate for the vaccinated, the January 6th protesters not having been publicly executed yet, and your unwillingness to “save the world” by merely ceding the entire energy industry over to anti-America globalists who will then decide how much energy we get, when and how.

China manufactured the virus.

Fauci funded it.

Our “mitigation efforts” — everything from lockdowns to masking — did nothing but create more division, destruction and death.

The media were the most prominent and powerful bad actors involved.

They did it all for social and political reasons. None of it was about protecting public health.

Joe Biden’s entire family is compromised by America’s most powerful foreign enemies, and his idiot son is on video confessing as much.

Our crooked and corrupt intelligence community had that information for years and helped bury it to protect the Democrats. Cradle-to-grave evidence surfaced right before the election but the media along with corporate America’s overmedicated virgin collective (aka Big Tech) burned any books written about it and cancelled anyone who spoke about it.

We’re consumed and surrounded by the most corrupt, dishonest and dangerous forces ever to threaten America. And all of it — every single shred of it — starts and ends with the media’s stranglehold on the national conversation. If the media were anything more than Democrat strategists and advisers, our national conversations would be much different.

At a minimum, today we’d be talking about getting our American hostages out of Afghanistan. Instead the media don’t even want you to know those hostages exist. They want you to forget about them entirely until the Tablian decide to give Sleepy something to write home about with a few dozen getting released at some point. Then they’ll dip back into the story, marvel briefly at how generous our Dear Leader is toward the lives of our fellow Americans, and then go right back to ignoring all the horrors and atrocities happening to American citizens in Afghanistan on the Democrats’ watch.

It’s repulsive, and it’s terrifying, and it’s instructive about how evil our enemies in the media and Racist Democrat Party truly are.

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