‘Science Became Political’ When Academia Started Turning Tricks For The Politicians

Science became political when the scientists started only finding allegedly existential threats that only politicians could save us from and that decades later they’ve only always been wrong about.

The most glaring example remains the one they most ardently rely on: climate change.

The only thing that has to happen for them to perpetuate the fear and claim they’re right, is weather.

If there’s too much harsh weather, it’s climate change.

If there isn’t enough, it’s climate change.

If things seem nice and normal to you I mean that’s fine I guess but you’re whistling past the graveyard because it’s climate change, Hoss.

Of course sane people today and more morally-evolved people tomorrow will recognize and respect that the climate changes with infinite ubiquity.

It always has.

It always will.

It’s even changing right now, as I write these words.

With respect to that conversation, the only people denying science are the ones who say they can stop our ubiquitously changing climate from changing.

The entire climate science universe today is nothing more than modern day witch doctors prescribing rain dances alongside social sacrifices to the Climate Gods who, not for nothing, all happen to sit in Washington D.C. and go by “Senator.”

“Well only government can solve these huge problems!”, they’ll say.

Yes of course. If we are going to do something that science flatly says we can’t and nature laughs at us for even trying, then of course “only government can do” that thing.

That’s the whole point of every allegedly existential crisis that the academic scientific community bubbles up: “There’s nothing you can do except cede money and power to the government.” That’s the alleged “only solution” every time.

But then reality happens.

For example, linked here is a good list of their many doomsday predictions that didn’t come true over the last 50 years.

If you want a list of all their doomsday predictions that did come true, you’re out of luck because it doesn’t exist.

It’s all existential. It’s all terrifying if you believe them. Only government can solve any of it. Any questioning of the narrative is considered blasphemy by all of the most powerful forces which are now acting entirely in unison. And their fascist aversion to curiosity aside, they do it all under the banner of “Follow the science.”

It’s disgraceful and I’m ashamed of how the rest of us will look when history picks it apart.

Science asks questions. Science tries new things. Science doesn’t default to “There’s only one way to approach this virus that has a 99.7% survival rate and that’s to shut the whole country down, perpetuate fear everywhere we can, and insist that surgical masks and mandatory vaccines are humanity’s only chance at survival.”

By the way the virus is spread through aerosols. Everyone knows that at this point. Even the most nefarious actors in the scientific community can’t hide from it. And that means the standard masks that everyone wears are laughably useless protection. Aerosols pass through surgical masks like light passes through darkness. It was tragically humiliating that we allowed fear-porn-masking in the first place, and it’s doubly so now that we know without question the virus is spread through aerosols.

The experts always lie to us and they always do it to promote fear, consolidate their own power, and to diminish us as individuals and a people to a state of terrified submission and gratuitous divisions.

They love it. Academia right now is bubbling up studies saying nuclear families are racist. The reason elementary schools have been teaching children for nearly 20 years now that America is an inherently terrible place and people with white skin are the reason why, is because academia taught them how to. They’re all running from it now because we finally called them out for it using plain language, but just a few short months ago any one of them would go toe-to-toe with you while yanking out “studies” from the Ivy Leagues purporting to prove them right.

I could debate a guy like Michael E. Mann today on “climate science” and get my clock cleaned because he’d be bringing reams of studies and data that I couldn’t possibly audit for integrity or discrepancies. He’d absolutely pummel me and it’d be hilarious for his side and humiliating for ours. But here’s the rough part, frankly, for everyone involved.

Okay, Mike. In 25 years after none of those ‘worst polluters’ you’ve identified lift a relative finger, and still none of your doomsday predictions come to pass, let’s meet back here and see who was actually right.

That’s all it takes to win debates with these bad actors who have hijacked academia and with it all the trust, integrity and research we were once able to rely on. Obviously there are still excellent people in our academic institutions doing tremendously important and even courageous work. But the face and reputation of the entire institution has been sullied for generations by bad actors who first weaponized and then, consequently, ceded the trust.

So you want to know when “science became political?”

It’s when the most hyperbolic science got consumed by partnerships with one side of the political aisle. That it’s the racist, fascist, dictatorial and genocidal side (aka the left) is I’m sure just an unfortunate coincidence. That’s the side that will act most nefariously to dupe, seduce, weaponize and exploit well beyond the bounds of honesty or good faith. But sad coincidence or not, those who are complicit throughout academia have become just as socially and morally vile as the political bedfellows who originally showed them how profitable exploitation can be.

They’re the reason “science became political.” Those within their communities who challenge their dogmas are disappeared to degrees that would make Communist China jealous. Everything they do is to promote fear. Anything that alleviates the fear is viciously attacked. Government is always the only solution. Your neighbors’ lack of submission is always the only impediment to “saving the world.”

They’ve been doing it for at least 50 years and they’ll keep doing it for another 500. As long as we never actually take them as seriously as they pretend to take themselves, we should be able to keep shaking them off as easily as a case of covid 19. They’ll get a few scalps along the way, but ultimately they’re empty vessels with power propped up entirely by marketing and little-to-no actual, meaningful product.

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