The Only ‘Fact’ America’s Legacy News Media Can Prove Is That They’re Liars Who Hate You

Joe Biden killed more children this week than covid.

And there are hundreds if not thousands of American citizens being held hostage in Afghanistan by terrorists this morning.

But if the corporate legacy news media has its way, they’ll find a way to spend more time talking about the need to force toddlers into masks so we can pretend to stave off a virus that had a 99.7% survival rate before the vaccines.

If they can’t get traction out of that, they’ll try to convince you that the geriatric political prisoners being held in Washington DC for their part in a “mostly peaceful protest” are the greatest threat to humanity since such threats have been recorded. They’ll try to convince you that a few hundreds idiots socially streaking through the Capitol for a few hours pose an existential terror threat that should, in a just world, ensnare all of your friends and family who support former and future President Trump. Meanwhile, leftist mobs spending years burning businesses to the ground, taking over government buildings, forcibly barricading off entire city blocks for months at a time, and killing cops along with other innocents, all of that is perfectly fine and actually should be celebrated as a progressive and unifying leap forward for our nation. The media can spend a lot of time on this psychotically dishonest narrative, and they do every chance they get.

But when that loses steam they’re happy to again imply that “the walls are closing in” and “this feels different” because something minor happened around Trump that they can color into a “possibly looming controversy” for their audiences.

BREAKING! Another corrupt wing of our two-tiered justice system has found a way to go after another person alleged to be close to Trump! It’s still too early to know exactly what all is implied in these briefings/filings/court docs/leaked memos, but when a trained prosecutor looks at what’s in front of us, they’re salivating right now because this person could have something in their own background that could cause them to flip. So that’s probably what they’re looking at.

I swear it happens at least every few weeks on both CNN and MSNBC.

And notice how they never tell us what “flip” means? There’s nothing specific that they’re going after. They have no actual evidence of any actual crime. They’re just hoping if they threaten and harass enough people around him, that one of them will eventually reveal or fabricate something useful to them. That they’ve spent years at this point “going after people close to Trump” with indiscriminate hopes that these dozens or hundreds of people will magically “flip,” is itself excellent evidence of just how criminally corrupt the media and their wannabe communist friends in the U.S. government truly are in 2021 America. They’re able to get away with it day in and day out, but when the receipts start piling up as they are now, it’s obvious all they’re shopping for is political gain, all they’re selling is propaganda, and all they’re marketing is a steady stream of their own criminal corruption and culpability. You just can’t spend years attacking everyone around a person with the entirely arbitrary hope that they’ll “flip,” and not prove yourself to be weaponizing and exploiting our legal system in horrifically unjust ways.

Those stories never last long, but hey maybe some racist black Democrat will head to the store today and provoke some unsuspecting citizen into an act of “white rage.” And maybe that racist black Democrat will then start recording that unsuspecting person’s now-escalating adrenaline and uncertainty of what exactly is happening in their otherwise uneventful day. That could be useful because the media could paint the white person as a reflection of “something something Trump’s America” and stoke yet more racial division based on a few seconds video for which we really don’t have or know any additional context.

Heck maybe it’ll even be some poor store employee who is literally begging for mercy! That’ll be a lot of fun for the media to hold up as the standard by which they enrich their audience’s journey toward a better, more united, more just and peaceful America!

“Drag that horrible person, Jake Tapper and Lester Holt! GET HIM!!!!”

Or hey maybe there will be some new stats on physical assaults aimed at Asian and/or Jewish people. The media can have a field day with those stats and the vaguely told stories that go with them, right up until it’s revealed that it’s a bunch of racist black Democrats in exclusively Racist Democrat Party-run cities that are doing the assaults. Still, the media could get a few hours if not days out of mileage until that reality bubbles up: “Trump’s America, “White Supremacist Groups Explode In Popularity,” “Minorities All Across America Living In Fear Even After Trump Left Office” etc etc. But very quickly all that hate and violence aimed at Asian and Jewish people isn’t so important anymore because eventually, every time, we find out it’s racist black Democrats that are doing the attacking. And that matters because the racist white Democrats who run the news don’t think black people need to, or can, be held to the same standards as everyone else. Certainly not to the same standard as those uppity Asians and Jews amirite!?

Then there’s the Christmas-comes-early story. Nothing makes the institutional left and corporate legacy news media happier than when a police officer kills a black person in the line of duty. The story will always be deeply tragic in several ways but the corporate legacy news media never tell any of those important stories. They always just make it more tragic by lying about it and stoking yet more fear, hatred and division. The facts don’t matter. The guilt is implied. And they’ll exploit that to create a national chilling effect for everyone except those given permission by the institutional left to be outraged. Everyone else has to shut up and watch them burn our country to the ground because the media have convinced us all that they’re basically animals who can’t be controlled and shouldn’t have to be, because their owners have mistreated them so badly and for so long. When you strip away all their other high-minded excuses and revisionist history, that’s all that’s left.

These black people and their white liberal allies are too mad to behave properly and they deserve room to assert that anger. Because you’re all racist. You’re all the problem. Watch it happen, feel shame, and don’t talk about or do anything else.

It’s galling to watch and live through. Truly an extraordinary time. The most racist people alive and who profit the most off of racial disunity and disparity, are also the most popular and famous people alive amid the institutional left because they dishonestly call everyone and everything else “racist” while claiming to be the antidote.

I have no doubt other nations that many of us once thought to be less free are cringing at what our own institutional left are trying to do to us with propagandist media, hysterically corrupt manipulation of science, criminal weaponization of our own “justice” system, and their sheer hatred for our nation and its people which now appears to eclipse that of even our staunchest foreign enemies.

People are waking up to it not only across our nation, but the world.

In fact the only people really still snowed by the institutional left’s lies (corporate legacy news media, big tech, woke corporate America, Hollywood, academia, the D.C. swamp) — the only people still snowed by their lies, are them. They’ve spent decades convincing each other they’re the smartest people in the room and the rest of us are all rubes, and now they’re so disconnected from reality and truly mainstream America that they honestly think their staged Twitter followings are real life and the rest of us are just as outraged and enamored over exactly the same purely political propaganda.

So in a doomed effort to keep all their lies and propaganda going, the corporate legacy news media will find some content for the day. As little as possible will be on anything that actually matters. And as more and more people now realize, the only real fact the media’s aggregate effort will reveal is that they deal exclusively in anti-Trump, anti-America, pro-swamp propaganda.

The corporate legacy news media is a joke and everything they’ve pushed on us for decades has been propaganda masquerading as news, intended solely to divide and weaken our nation and its people. They don’t include a lot of actual “facts” in their reporting, but that one has become impossible to ignore for just about the entire planet.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The opening observation in this piece (“Joe Biden killed more children this week than covid”) wasn’t mine. I picked it up somewhere on social media in the last few days. It’s an immensely powerful observation and for that reason I can’t in good conscience just pretend that I crafted it. I didn’t. I’m not sure who first said it but most of my stuff is 100% original and when it’s not, I’ll do my best not to take credit even if I don’t know to whom it should ultimately go. It’s a great observation. It’s important. It’s true. But I wasn’t the one who originally observed it.

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