Joe Biden’s Family Of Dirtbags Couldn’t Shine These Gold Star Families’ Shoes [LANGUAGE WARNING]

I defy you to find a single story of a Gold Star Family who met with Biden this week and was not deeply offended by the Racist Democrat Party’s utterly pathetic excuse for a “leader.”

I’ve read three different accounts and each one of them has been disgusting. From Biden snapping at families who ask him to learn their son’s story, to social media scrubbing accounts from grieving mothers who saw right through that criminal asshole’s uncaring nature.

It’s absolutely unbelievable how disgraceful and disgusting our corporate legacy news media and big tech communities are. Nothing highlights it more than moments like this where actual grieving families are out there revealing firsthand what a bumbling idiot our alleged “commander in chief” is, and the powers that be in the corporate legacy news media and big tech decide to censor and ban those grieving families in order to protect that incompetent psychopath Joe Biden, his loser not-a-doctor wife and his piece of shit son.

Joe Biden’s entire family is nothing but disgusting pigs and drug addicts.

His son, Hunter, had pornographic pictures of his own underage niece all over his laptop. And the niece is apparently the one who sent them to him. And all this was happening while Hunter was sleeping with his niece’s mother (his dead brother’s wife). He was doing a lot of meth at the time and his dead brother’s wife was probably doing it with him because the entire family at this point appears to be a collection of sick, twisted, evil assholes who deserve every shred of agony they’ve endured and that’s imminently and legally coming their way.

And make no mistake, their lives are agony and nothing but.

Hunter, frankly and I’m sorry to say, will be lucky to live another year. There’s almost zero chance that idiot doesn’t kill himself based on everything he’s done and been allowed to get away with, thanks to his historically shitty parents.

Joe Biden will die of natural causes a disgraced, humiliated piece of shit who virtually nobody — not even Democrats — will adorn. There isn’t a single person from his 40-year career who cares about that man beyond what he had been willing to do to cheat the system in order to enrich himself and, if they’re lucky, them as well. Corporate media grifters like Meghan McCain will be the only ones singing his praises and she’ll be doing it on the ill-fated idea that anyone else in America gives a prancing fuck about that one time he wasn’t a total douchebag to her family.

The entire Biden Crime Family is a pathetic stain on American history and the sooner they’re all rotting under the politically decaying stench of their flimsy and persistently failing patriarch, the better.

Biden briefly garnered a modicum of my pity because he’s a doomed old man who controls nothing in his own life and will spend his remaining years watching his other son slowly kill himself as his own legacy gets pumped deep into the most polluted waters of the American political sewage system.

He loses that tiny amount of sympathy I was able to muster for him, and he loses it predicated solely on how disgusting his allies are treating these families. Now, metaphorically and figuratively from my seat, there are no survivors who deserve anything other absolute contempt and terror that reciprocates that which they’ve so casually dished out to literally everyone else on the planet.

Joe Biden caused the death of these families’ children, he was a repulsive piece of shit to each and every one he met, and the media refuses to tell their story while big tech deletes the profiles of any who try to do so on their own.

Fuck every last one of these racist, fascist, terrorist blights on American progress and unity.

And fuck anyone who still supports them.

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  1. This article pretty much sums it up. My personal complete review of the Biden Crime Syndicate isn’t as favorable as this review.


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