Former-And-Future President Trump Should Help Rally Us Away From Big Tech

Former and future President Trump — America’s 45th, 47th and 1st O.G. POTUS — should help spearhead efforts to move us all away from Google, Apple, Twitter, AWS and the major mobile service providers.

Of all of big tech’s legitimate usefulness, those host the most critical and pervasive for all of us as individuals and activists.

Google for many is not only search but also email and navigation.

It, along with Apple, effectively monopolize the mobile OS space.

Twitter is the one platform where you can find several of our most informed and important influencers all in one place, often echoing each other and bubbling up news and insights that matter to us. The ones who haven’t yet been booted are pretty content right now, but they are also dropping like flies and know it. One by one they’re slowly being kicked off the site with no recourse or alternative means of reaching so many at one time.  It’s a massively important communications channel and our most powerful and important influencers don’t seem to realize how devastating it will be when Twitter starts purging all or most of them more rapidly. They will lose what today are their casual and comfortable Twitter outreach capabilities, while hoping and praying that all their followers will stop by their disparate websites all day to hopefully get a glimpse of what they think is most important. It will mean a lot more time and a lot more clicking and a lot slower flow of critical information, but hey:

Twitter sure was fun while it lasted! I used to have a pretty big following there. It was nuts.

(That’s a Google/YouTube link because Rumble doesn’t have this clip yet. But Rumble should always be the first stop for video stuff.)

We need to move and we need to move now. We need a single, trusted alternative for search, email, mobile operating systems, social communication channels, cell service providers and navigation tools.

And of utmost importance we need an on-ramp so that an Amazon Web Services or whoever can’t kick any of those critical infrastructure mechanisms offline.

It might sound like a massive undertaking but the America First private sector can do it for probably a few billion, if that.  And there are plenty of billionaires around us who would love to do something useful with their money, and competent patriots who would love to quit their jobs in Silicon Valley and be part of something that helps instead of hurts this great country. There’s absolutely a practical and methodical approach to a full tech rebuild that would be exceedingly useful, powerful and popular. It would be branded not as the building of a structure but the development of an entire community with everything big tech offers that we as individuals and political activists need. The first endeavor is the on-ramp which would be mostly fanfare, but that time could also be used to get subscribers lined up for beta testing and use.

It’s far more important for our safety and security than it is “hard to do,” and it’s still not even that hard to do.

So what’s the hold up? Is it just a lack of leadership? Apathy amid the otherwise casual comforts? We need a lot done and we need it done yesterday. And frankly now is the perfect time for us to be doing it because they’re busy just shooting themselves in the foot and even if we wanted to get in their way, we have no real power to stop them until November 2022.

The alternative is we wait until it’s a reactionary move on our part, at a far more vital time, inflicting far more damage to our movement and the people in it, amid a new duress that increases failure rates.

Don’t wait. This is way overdue and its fabrication from start to finish will be a testament to our strength, security, willingness to sacrifice, and capacity to fight back against big tech, woke corporate America and the larger institutional left from the grassroots and private sector alone.

And if we fail then we figure out why and try again. But we have to start trying and we’re not allowed to stop until we’ve figured out how to live our lives without being at the endless mercy of those who hate us and our nation.

Where are the leaders to at least try to get this ball moving?

NOTE: Facebook wasn’t included because it’s so stupidly useless compared to the others. I’ve long argued against using Facebook but when I think about rebuilding, that’s nowhere near the top of what’s most important.

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  1. Big Tech also has a strangely seeming sense of coordinating all its actions at one time. When Twitter gets the go-ahead to boot Trump, Facebook miraculously makes the same basic timing decision. It’s almost as if they … as if they … have no BALLS. These gutless wonders should be disemboweled like B.C. salmon and left to twitch and die by the stream underneath the totem pole of a new social organization put into play by the MAGA boys.

    — Catxman


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