Team Biden’s Most Likely Answers To The Burning Question: Who ‘Won’t Let’ Sleepy Take Questions?

After months of hearing Sleepy tell reporters “They told me I’m not allowed to take questions” or “They told me I have to call on this person first” or “I’m gonna get in trouble because they told me not to do this,” people are finally asking the obvious question:

“Who exactly are ‘they?'”

Here are a few likely answers he’d give if he got hit with the question…

His gut would be to go to his wife. Dirtbags like Sleepy rely on exploiting and weaponizing their relationships at home whenever possible. So Joe would like to think he could just smirk and say, “Dr. Jill Biden,” and the press would laugh because here’s this husband defaulting to his wife and everyone loves that.

He’d be wrong, if our press were serious people whom we could rely on to uncover and report honest, useful information.

They’re not.

He and every other member of the Racist Democrat Party are very lucky that way.

Still, maybe his handlers have already covered this with him and he gave them their “Dr. Jill Biden” line and they explained why it wouldn’t work.

“Nobody elected your wife, Sir. Quaint as it may sound as a knee jerk answer, it’s a serious question and that won’t suffice.”

So what’s next?

Something along the same lines but more broad, maybe:

“The women in my life. I have the most diverse cabinet and staff in history. Most of them are women. I’m proud to say that. Most of them are women. Not a joke. Women. Lots and lots of women. That’s who, Jack. You got a problem with that? You take it up with them! Corncob tried. Man, you don’t even wanna know.”

There’s a good answer. It’s vague and relatively honest, and still plays to the divisive identity politics that the media and Racist Democrat Party rely on to keep us afraid, angry and divided.

I’m guessing that’s what he’ll go with if he ends up getting asked. And it’ll pass muster because our media don’t actually care, and in fact are chomping at the bit as always to help Democrats advance the ball while stifling Republican opposition and gains.

The truth?

He legit sounds and looks like a hostage. Every one of his “They won’t let me” quips could end up being contemporaneous evidence in his favor that he was being blackmailed this whole time. Or he could just be a rapidly diminishing crook who lacks courage because his only conviction is personal gain.

It’s a good question, but we’ll never get an honest answer to it and predicting the lies they tell to make sure we never find out, is all too easy.

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