He Checked His Effing Watch During The Dignified Transfer

First of all he gave everything away. Just gave it away. All the posts. All the security. All the transportation management. Gone. That was actually his very first move.

Second of all he did it before any of our people had gotten out, let alone all of them. Insane. All by itself, if nothing else happened, insane.

Third he relied entirely on the Taliban for security after things went south.

Fourth he literally gave the Taliban a list of Americans we believe are still stuck there for whatever reason.

Fifth he’s said and done almost exclusively harmful things ever since the national humiliation and existential security threat that he created, began. “That was 4-5 days ago” and the rambling and incoherent Beau stuff, the not taking questions, the giving speeches about effing hearing aids right in the middle of all of this and then again not taking questions, the blame-shifting and refusing to hold anyone accountable, to name a few off the top of my not-even-well-versed-on-this-stuff head.

Sidebar: he fell asleep during the photo op with new Israeli Prime Minister.

He couldn’t even stay awake for something during which staying awake is literally the only requirement.

And now, during the dignified transfer of the American heroes who died in Afghanistan, Joe Biden checked his f**king watch.

It’s all so catastrophically bad and frankly important in ways that have always existed “above my pay grade.” I’ve never understood national security matters well, specifically the intricacies of allying with enemies’ enemies amid cost/benefit analyses that often require a global understanding of effectively all things geopolitical. There are a lot of players sitting at the global table and I don’t purport to know even the most visible ones well, let alone the chip-and-a-chair types that exist as warring factions all across the middle east and other disparately-managed regions.

But I know enough at this point to say this is beyond accidentally awful to watch. I don’t understand how it could be anything other than intentional. To fail this hard, this badly, at literally every turn, giving the world so much ammunition with which to neither fear nor respect us…

This would’ve never happened under Trump. Nothing even close to it. Because frankly, nobody wanted to mess with America when Trump was in charge. They were terrified of him because they thought he’d nuke them for spite and you know what? Compared to this effing guy or frankly the rest of our sleepy politicians who don’t know how to fight and stand up for America, who don’t know how to put our nation first, who don’t know how to play hardball with people who couldn’t care less about your “diversity and inclusion” expectations — I’m betting the vast majority of our country could use some of Trump’s defense of our nation right about now.


Every single thing Biden has done since his inauguration, and certainly every move he’s made around Afghanistan, has been a major wound to America and a major gift and inspiration for all who hate us. The man, everyone who enables him and all who still support him, are a collection of utter and complete disasters.

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