Every Vaccinated American Belongs On The Front Lines Defending The Unvaxxed

Fully vaccinated America First patriots are better positioned than anyone else to speak out against vaccine mandates. In fact it’s disappointing to me that those who chose not to get vaccinated have to speak even a single word in their own defense.

We, the vaccinated America First patriots, should be on the front line of that fight everywhere it’s happening.

Nobody can more forcefully make the case that other peoples’ vaccination statuses are in reality of zero consequence to the unhinged fascists pushing all this nonsense.

If you get vaccinated, then it’s alleged that you’ll be better protected from serious illness.

There’s nothing in there about not getting or spreading it.

There’s only a very short window of data suggesting your odds of getting seriously ill may go down after vaccination.

That’s it.

So why should anyone else care at this point what others decide to do?

If they want to take their chances — which are frankly excellent at 99.7% even without the vaccines — but if they want to take their chances, you shouldn’t burn our country to the ground with fear and division in an effort to force them.

The media have already painted the unvaccinated as unworthy of being heard let alone respected. Even the credible and integrity-rich scientists and medical professionals among them are cast aside as nothing more than “the unclean whom we must find a way to deal with.” No facts matter. No data matters. They don’t care about anything covid related unless it promotes fear, masks and mandatory vaccinations.

Nothing else interests them in any way.

The origins of the virus?

Don’t talk about that. You might get mad instead of just being submissive and afraid.

Natural immunity?

There’s no such thing. It doesn’t exist. Stop talking about it.

Early treatments?

There are no early treatments. There’s only covid, masks, death and vaccinations. Stop talking.

Reducing risk in a useful and targeted way?

Everyone is at risk. Your perfectly healthy 2-year old and morbidly obese racists like Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley are all equally susceptible and must take all of the exact same precautions.

They didn’t let us have a single useful or productive conversation because any one of those would have challenged their science-averse weaponization of this virus in ways they couldn’t defend or refute.

So they shut us all up and ignored us if we dared to speak anyway.

And now they’re weaponizing the few small businesses they didn’t kill by bullying them into requiring vaccine mandates.

Nobody in America is better positioned to speak out against this escalated infringement on freedom than those who are fully vaccinated and still care about these things.

I count myself among that group.

I got vaccinated in part because I thought the fear porn around the vaccines was no better than the fear porn around covid. I never suspected the vaccines would be better than natural immunity. And I was pretty sure I had covid at least once in early 2020. But I wanted all the bullshit to end and figured I’d “do my part” to help us get there. I just didn’t care that much. I’m sorry. I didn’t think anyone was putting anything crazy in me and nor did I think even for one second “Thank God I don’t have to worry about covid anymore.” I never worried about covid to start with. Not once. I understood it might kill me. But I understand driving my car might kill me. I understand leaving my house and/or staying in it, depending on what’s happening that day, could result in death. I just never once feared covid and I don’t know why but I know there are at least a few others like me and the vaccines didn’t scare me anymore than the virus. Plus from my seat they’re Trump’s miracle vaccines. I think about where we’d be if we didn’t have them. I wrote about it once. Can you imagine how much worse off we’d be if there were no vaccines and they were able to just say “We’re locked down for years until we can figure this out”? Because they’d say it. Heck they’re trying to say it even with the vaccines. Without them, I just can’t imagine how deeply at their mercy we’d all be because the masses wouldn’t have “the vaccines” to feel good about.

Anyway that’s one of the reasons I got the jab. I just didn’t care that much either way. I almost didn’t get the second one in protest because they were pushing it so hard, but then I quietly went and did it anyway just so I’d have everything complete.

And honestly, thinking back, I knew this time would come also. I knew a time would come when I’d want to fight for our side and I knew it would be useful to be able to say, “I got your stupid vaccine.”

That time is now. And I’m not the only one with the ability to say it. Any America First patriot who got vaccinated should be out there, loud and proud, in defense of those who are unvaccinated.

Because being vaccinated does nothing except possibly help you avoid the already-infinitesimal chance that you’d get seriously ill from covid. It doesn’t prevent you from getting it. It doesn’t prevent you from spreading it. And it’s creepy and wrong that you’re proudly discriminating against people who choose to take their own chances. It doesn’t affect you, or your granny, or your double-masked 3-year old in any way.

It’s of zero consequence to you, or the public at large.

Stop creating pain, division, fear, sickness and hatred all because Jake Tapper, Jimmy Kimmel and Anthony Fauci tell you it’s noble.

It’s not.

They’re wrong.

These people aren’t what’s “cool.” The ones they’re telling you to attack, especially those who are least capable of defending themselves in these disgusting battles, are the ones who are truly “cool.”

Get it together and turn your backs on the racist and fascist America Last hypochondriacs who want us all to live in fear and turn on each other.

Don’t let them do it.

If you’re fully vaccinated and love this country, it’s your time to shine.

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One comment

  1. Problem is, most of the vaxxed are the sheeple. They have bought the pig in a poke and are on board with all the propaganda coming out against those of us who choose not that have it.

    Our biggest enemy in all of this is the media propaganda mill, churning out lies and falsehoods 24/7.


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