Why Keep Listening To Experts Who Ignore The Most Vital Information?

Let’s just start with these two things…

The origins of covid 19, and natural immunity to it.

Those are both absolutely paramount in terms of our understanding first if this was an attack or not, and second how threatening it truly is.

Somewhere some noble, rebellious scientist is studying natural immunity with a close eye. And I don’t know all the details but apparently if a certain element of the antibodies make it your marrow, then the T and B cells will transpose accordingly to prevent future spread…for the rest of your life.

That’s pretty good protection.

And it occurs naturally without any shot, experimental or otherwise.

Moreover I’m seeing this guy claim he was just censored by Twitter for quoting himself in Science, a purportedly reputable publication. Here’s his charge, and the quote that the fascist pill popping virgins / wannabe communists in big tech took exception with:

Per his work, “‘the risk of hospitalization (was) eight times higher’ among people with only vaccinated-induced immunity, compared to people with natural immunity from having had Covid, with the Delta variant predominate.”

(And here’s a link to his whole piece in Science Magazine.)

Obviously natural immunity is the best. And with a virus that had a 99.7% survival rate before the vaccines, there’s no reason we shouldn’t have been pushing hard for herd immunity among the effectively impenetrable, while coaching those most vulnerable on meaningful mitigation efforts. Like proper use of N-95s when applicable, for example. And the physical health costs of locking down and becoming depressed and lonely. Perhaps we’d have even looked more closely and seriously at some of the early treatment medications that are having strong results. If we looked more closely at those instead of gaslighting the country every time one is brought up, we might even have a really good and reliable cocktail that everyone always can count on if they’re among the infinitesimally unfortunate few who have even marginally serious symptoms from covid.

If we’re going to insist on shutting the entire country down over a virus that had a 99.7% survival rate before the vaccines, then we could have used that time to get a lot of good, useful work done if the people in charge actually cared about any of it.

They don’t.

That’s why they don’t care about the origins. As soon as it’s formally accepted that China manufactured this and Fauci funded it, the powerful forces who count on the Chinas and Faucis of the world will lose a lot of credibility, steam and focus.

All they want out of this virus, the only focus, and the only response or reaction they want you to have, is fear.

Anything that gets in the way of the fear doesn’t matter to them.

You finding out this was manufactured in China and funded by Fauci makes it a little less scary because now you’re kinda pissed off instead.

You finding out that natural immunity is actually your greatest protection, so if you have the antibodies you don’t even need the jab, is definitely not good for business. Now that we have vaccines, they need everyone jabbed early and often to keep the fear going. So there’s no way they’re going to tell you that if you’ve already had covid then natural immunity is the best and only defense you really need.


Of all the stuff we know about the ruling class at this point — the media, medical establishment bureaucrats like Fauci, Hollywood, woke corporate America, book-burning big tech, the corrupt wings of academia — if there’s one thing we know about all of them it’s that they’ll never tell us the truth if it threatens their collective power in any way.

It sucks but it’s reality in 2021 America and I think well over half of us know that at this point. Even the people on their side know that the powers-that-be don’t look so powerful anymore because every last one of them is nakedly partisan and leave a new papertrail every few seconds proving it. It makes the entire institutions they represent not only lose trust and credibility, but look weak. And the ardent lefties in the base know it’s happening, even though the media and rest in the ivory towers are still deluding themselves into thinking people believe them.

It’s also obvious they don’t care about mitigating covid because they never once had the guts to say “Lose weight, America.” That, more anything else, is what led to so many serious complications. Obesity, we’ll learn I’m 100% confident, was the primary pre-existing condition that resulted in the most hospitalizations and probably deaths. And if it wasn’t the first complicating factor, it was way up there. Still they never said a guiding or cautionary word about it. They said “Put every perfectly healthy 5-year old in masks while they play outside at summer school,” but they never said “Lose some weight to help protect yourself.”

The latter was so much more important and so much more effective, while the former was so stupid and useless and destructive.

But nevertheless they beat the idea of masks on kids into everyone’s minds as if weaponizing and stunting these kids’ immunological development is a noble sacrifice to the covid gods. Yet they never had the stones to say “Fat people are the most vulnerable so if you’re fat and scared, lose some weight. You know how. Now is the time and reason to do it.”

That’s just one way you knew they weren’t actually serious about mitigating the negative effects of covid.

And right along the same lines, you know they aren’t serious because they don’t care about the origins and they don’t care about natural immunity.

And they don’t care about early treatments of any kind, no matter how demonstrably efficacious.

All they care about is keeping you afraid, keeping you in a mask, and keeping you persistently jabbed. Nothing else from this point forward will ever matter to them at all when it comes to covid 19.

Try to bring up literally any other detail about covid, no matter how paramount to science and progress, and they’ll shut you down. Worse, they’ll call you a science-denying granny killer for not toeing their “science doesn’t ask questions” line.

Fear. Forced masking. Compulsory vaccinations.

Nothing else matters to them because those are the only useful tools they ever cared about. The fear ushered in the other two, and now they’ll hang onto all three for dear life. Anything else related to this virus is just an unhelpful distraction to them. Their lying and repeated, humiliating failures aside, that’s how you know they have no real interest in defeating covid. They ignore the most vital information and focus instead only on the most useless elements that will keep us all the most afraid.

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