Hey Liberal Animal Lovers: The Bidens & Their Team Are Horrible People Who Hate Dogs

I mean my heart just breaks for this dog, Major.

It was a “rescue” but obviously nobody in the Biden Crime Family had any interest in actually rescuing or caring for it. It was a prop the entire time. They wanted to say they “rescued” a dog but sadly there was nobody in the family to actually love and/or care for it.

You can’t put a “rescue dog” in the hands of shifting Secret Service agents and expect it to become a happy and healthily-acclimated, domestic friend. You certainly can’t do it while sticking Sleepy Joe or his not-a-doctor wife in its face every few days whilst expecting it to smile for them and their cameras.

So the dog had problems at the White House and “went to live on a farm” in Delaware.


Probably for the best because in this case “went to live on a farm,” I believe, is actually true.

But today we learn that it wasn’t just one biting incident that poor Major was backed into amid this entirely uncaring situation. There were 8 straight days when Secret Service agents were bit while trying to help the dog feel at home with the Biden Crime Family. That’s sad because it sounds like the only time that dog felt safe is when nobody was close enough for it to bite.

I don’t care if the vast majority of politicians who have dogs get them purely for the camera. I mean it sucks, but there are usually a few kids around who actually want and care for and love the animals. They get them when they’re puppies and raise them to be part of the family and whether it’s for show or not, the dog becomes one of them, fleas and all.

Because Joe Biden and his not-a-doctor wife are both unapologetic, criminal sociopaths who get perpetual cover from our unholy, propagandist, corporate legacy news media, they decided to inflict their uncaring abuse on an animal that needed more love and caring than any other they could’ve picked.

And they did it purely because it was going make them look good, even just for a few photos and daytime interviews.

Major was a spectacularly useful ploy for them because they “saved a rescue dog.” But they ignored entirely how much love that rescue dog would need, didn’t come to its aid despite its obvious pleas, continued trying to pass it off to the poor Secret Service agents who work in shifts, and then just got rid of it when it proved to be too much for them.

And now, today, however many months later when the “8 days in a row” story surfaces in the White House Press Briefing room, Joe Biden’s spokesperson — Jen Psaki, beloved by most of you — acts like it’s no big deal.

The video will be out there at other outlets at some point but this was her attitude:

“Dogs? Dogs!? How silly of you to think the stupid dog or the lies we tell about it actually matter.”

True, relative to bigger things in the news, the dog doesn’t matter nearly as much.

Their lying about something so small that doesn’t matter, is a big deal. That’s the basic point the questioner raised.

“If we can’t trust you to be honest about even the small things, how can we trust you on the big things?”

But to dog and cat lovers, you know damn well that there are no such things as bad dogs, only bad owners. It’s true that Joe didn’t raise this dog because he was never its owner. But it’s also true that they snatched this poor dog up at a time when it needed love more than anything, milked whatever headlines the friendly press would give them, reveled more than most from those headlines specifically because it was a rescue dog and therefore needed and would presumptively get more love, and then buried all the sad stories about the mistake they made, the consequences they were suffering, the consequences those around them were suffering, the consequences Major was suffering, and perhaps a little morsel about the lesson they learned.

They couldn’t be bothered with any of it and when they get caught lying about the poor dog and its tragic homelife with the Bidens, they accuse you of being a bad person for caring about the dog, and the lie.

These aren’t good people.

So doing my best to channel all those liberals who know what I’m talking about in this post: You can do whatever you want to those horrible people who value their freedoms and precious speech, Joe Biden and not-a-doctor Jill Biden and Jen Psaki. But keep Major’s name out of your whore mouths unless you’re ready to admit what ugly and terrible people you are for using and abusing that poor animal in such disgraceful ways.

This isn’t a red or blue issue.

If our leaders insist on exploiting dogs for political favor with the masses, they should be forthcoming and accountable when they fail so badly and so many people, including the dog, get hurt and suffer because of it.

UPDATE: Minutes after publishing I found the clip on Twitter. (It was just 16 minutes old. Not bad!)

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  1. No one not one reasoning person expect a truth from anyone who is a Democrat, least of the Traitors and criminals, the habitual liars, of the “Biden” Administration and Pelosi!
    The cry across the land and from our allies and all free men, is Impeach! Impeach! or otherwise remove these enemies from office, before America, Taiwan and Freedom vanish from the earth!


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