Fully Vaxxed & Boycotting The Commies Who Require It (LANGUAGE WARNING)

I’m fully vaccinated having gotten two doses of the apparently not-that-effective Pfizer jab for covid 19.

So I’m good. Right? I did what you all wanted.

But here’s the deal: there isn’t a chance in hell I’m going to the second location with you, where I’m “better” than those who didn’t get vaccinated.

These people are supposed to beg you to take their money just because they choose to take their own chances with a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate? Or, worse, thanks to the example you are setting, be shamed and further ostracized long after your mandates?

Fuck you straight to hell. Especially you slapdicks in the music business who purport to be “rock and roll” and put up with this capo-covered bullshit.

Even if we believe everything “the experts” tell us (which we no longer have any reason to, and that’s a real problem), but even if we believe it all and it’s all actually true, then at best the jab increases your protection from serious symptoms, and nothing more. Being vaccinated does not protect you from getting or spreading it. Being vaccinated only protects you, it’s alleged, from getting seriously ill as a result of a covid infection.

So what exactly is the difference between you and someone who isn’t vaccinated?

What do you care what others decide to do?

They’re choosing to take their chances, and it doesn’t affect you at all.

And not for nothing, but their chances are pretty fucking good.

Half of you assholes spend your lives putting fliers up and trying to promote yourselves, but you don’t know boy-band-level marketing when you see it?

That’s all covid ever was. Yeah it’s a real virus and yeah it really kills some people and yeah that’s absolutely tragic. It’s even worse when you realize China actually manufactured this thing and while the rest of the world suffered under lockdowns and everything else, China actually got richer and more powerful. Sucks. That’s life sometimes. It’s not always fair. But we’re basically over here as a country just straight cutting ourselves at this point for no good reason, and you assholes are all on board with it just going along with the vaccine mandate bullshit to save face and nothing more.

Nobody gives a fuck if you get covid.

Nobody thinks masks work.

Nobody thinks vaccine mandates are necessary to protect you from covid.

If you want the jab, get the jab. Your work is now done. That’s about the best you can do. Getting all fascist and Nazi-like about “the unwashed” who choose not to get vaccinated doesn’t do a single goddamn thing for public health except put a lot more strain on it because of all the anger, fear, division and uncertainty that your heroes Sleepy Joe, Crazy Bernie, Manson Lamps AOC and whoever else you losers think is cool these days demand. Public health will just keep getting worse because not one of these evil pricks gives a prancing fuck about yours or anyone else’s. Every last stretch of this nonsense was political theater and it was all staged by the dirtbags in the legacy news media who drive all of our national conversations.

You fell for it. That was bad enough. Stop making it worse, you pussies.

If you’re fully vaccinated and think you’re even marginally cool, then you need to boycott all those venues that are requiring vaccines for entry. The left hasn’t been “cool” in a long fucking time. They’ve been pretending to be with help from Hollywood, big tech and academia, but their entire scene is bought and paid for these days by the legacy news media and corporate America.

There’s nothing cool, noble, courageous or brave about it. There’s only conformity to corporate interests who get their power by using racism and fear to keep us scared and divided.

If you want to get the vaccine, that’s cool. You’ll be presumably helping reduce the already-infinitesimal chance that you’ll have a seriously negative reaction to covid.

If you don’t want to get the vaccine, that’s cool. You could probably reduce the risk of anything serious if you got it, but the risk is still pretty damn low and it’s your call.

Because whether you get the vaccine or you don’t, you’re still likely to get covid and you’re definitely still able to spread it.

So in the end, the only thing “vaccine mandates” truly tell us is who among our nation’s leadership communities are science-denying fascists who don’t care at all about public health but care a lot about helping the government weaponize fear, and who are the ones they’re trying to destroy.

The ones they’re trying to destroy are the ones actually worth giving your business to.

So your business will only let fully vaccinated people in?

Well I’m fully vaccinated, and I think that’s absolutely fucking ridiculous. And I think you’re only prolonging our nation’s fear and pain and division with your bullshit submission and propagandizing of fear porn.

No thanks. I’d rather listen to shitty old mix tapes with static than sit in your shithole establishment and pretend I’m better than your own friends and family who also chose not to get vaccinated.

What kind of pansy-assed assholes are you all?

You’re a lot of things.

“Helping improve public health” isn’t one of them and surely neither the fuck is “rock and roll.”

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  1. Dont be surprised if the next big headlines CDC Apologize to all who have taken the shot/shots, it seems they have contacted the Coronavirus and all free of the vaccine are the only ones free of this virus .unfortunately those with the shot have less than a month to live we offer our heartfelt apologies and sympathy but look on the bright side it’s been a tremendous shot to our stock!

    Liked by 1 person

    • They will never apologise. And the FDA will not do so either. Nor the NIH.

      But a nice class action lawsuit naming all the GS-whatever level employees right up to the heads of those
      departments. Sue them into destitution, then put them on trial for crimes against humanity and hang them all.


  2. Is this about Dee, I’m a flabby has been rocker, Snyder?

    If not, you were still spot on. Thanks for standing up for those of who choose not to be jabbed.

    We need more folks like you pointing out it’s “my body, my choice!” (sound familiar?)


  3. The “infrastructure” bill will make whole those hurt by boycotts or other WuFlu unpleasantness. So your rage means nothing.


    • Only blue state and blue city governments will be made whole. Those who lost businesses not so much.

      And I prefer to call it what it is: the Blue state reimbursement plan


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