Arbiters Of Real Civil Rights, Republicans Have Historic Duty To Again Defeat Freedom-Hating Democrats

The Afghanistan refugees are a drop in the bucket compared to what’s happening at the southern border. Combined, the media and Democrats’ efforts to turn America into a salad bowl instead of a melting pot are beyond anything we’ve seen. And that’s bad because things in melting pots meld together, while things in salad bowls never do and will always be in conflict for everyone involved. (Well, everyone involved except the fortunate few standing overhead and devouring it all bite by bite, however they so choose, as guided by the useful divisions within it that they created. In America we call that “the swamp.”)

Millions of illegals are flooding across our southern border from all over the world. Most are just being processed through and not even being given court dates. They’re being relocated to your neighborhood and if that gives you even modest pause, then you’re a racist. You’re not allowed to revere your life, and American culture, and your ability to communicate with your neighbors in English, and the safety of your children and family and jobs — you’re not allowed to care about any of that if the person you think might oppose our American values and norms has brown skin.

Let’s take this moment to revisit a game I always enjoyed.


Two people are talking.

One says, “Hey I’m not sure we should be letting foreigners flood our country and move into our neighborhoods without knowing more about them and/or that they’re here because they love our country and want to assimilate to be a productive and cohesive part of it.”

The other says, “Well do they have brown skin? Because if they do, you’re not allowed to say that stuff.”

Can you spot the racist in that conversation?

If you said, “Despite what the media have conditioned me to feel right now, my gut says it’s the one who sounds like a Democrat,” then congratulations! You correctly Spotted The Racist!

Commit this to memory because witting and/or well-intended or not, in 2021 America, it’s the reality we’re currently stuck with:

All Democrats Are Racist!

I first floated it — All Democrats Are Racist — back on December 16, 2020. It hit with a palpable thud behind the scenes, where a handful of meaningful players in our movement are sometimes good enough to give me their feedback. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t glowing. The biggest pushback was that it seemed too far-fetched, which was telling to me about how far removed our side was from actually understanding it.

Less than a year later and it feels like it’s becoming implied in a meaningful chunk of our messaging. We’re still a long way from really being able to deliver the message and I’d say a solid 80% of our base couldn’t even begin to explain it yet, but the left’s racism and bigotry appear to be gaining visibility with not only some of our legacy leadership, but also, more importantly and with more prevalence, among that leadership which is emerging anew. Some of the fresh faces I’ve seen on the candidate trail for 2022 are bringing the heat like nobody before them in recent memory has. And they’re going full-throated, “The stuff the media and Democrats are pushing is racist.”

Don’t ask me for examples because everything runs together these days and I couldn’t dig them up if I tried, but mark my words and feel free to meet me back here and make fun of me if I’m wrong: by the end of the 2022 elections we’ll send a handful of newly-elected Republicans to the House and Senate who ran in large and easily-identifiable part on ending the racism pushed by Democrats.

I’d been writing about voter ID for years, imploring the GOP to point out that the media and Democrats’ claim that asking for ID is racist, is itself racist. The point as it got drilled down over the years:

It’s far more racist of Democrats to say black people can’t get an ID, than it is for Republicans to say yes they can.

I’d hear everyone else hanging on to the “You need an ID for this and that and the other!” argument and it drove me crazy. Yes it was true but we’d been using it for years and it didn’t get us anywhere. Why? Because them calling us “RACIST!” was so much more powerful!  And by the way that was especially true when our most powerful response to the false accusation usually amounted to nothing more than “What about Chicago!?” or “What about Robert Byrd!?” It always broke my heart to hear us swing and miss so badly, but never made me sluggish. I was always inspired to keep trying to get the message out. Nevertheless, I sat there all those years trying but feeling like the only person on the planet who knew that the very accusation was itself racist!

Well our side finally got their heads around the right argument just a few short months ago, and you know what happened next?

Resistance Jake Tapper, Stacey Hamsandwiches, Lester Holt, Lester Holt’s creepy hairline, genocide-and-slave-loving Nike, Princess Pelosi, Doughy And Over-Medicated Jimmy Kimmel, the Major League Baseball communists, Pasty And Over-Medicated Stephen Colbert and all the rest of the Racist Democrat Party, they all balled up into fetal positions and started insisting:

“We never said voter ID was racist!”

They ran from it at 100 miles per hour because we got right over the target and crushed them with the intellectually honest, devastatingly true, good faith and critical observation that, in fact, those who were calling everyone “RACIST!” were actually the ones promoting racism and conditioning racist thinking.

Having written and thought about it so much and for so long I was able to get one further on the thinking to describe it more broadly, irrespective of any single issue. Here’s what that sounded like back in April:

Democrats and the corporate legacy news media manufacture and then spread false and racist claims about Americans who happen to be black so that they can put those black people in a pitiful light (e.g. “Blacks can’t get ID!” or “Blacks can’t do math!” or “Hispanics can’t immigrate legally!” or “Brown people should be able to loot stores with impunity!”) and then exploit those allegedly unique deficiencies in service to social and political powergrabs that exacerbate rather than quell division and disparity because the swamp (Dems, GOPe, legacy news media, corrupt IC wing) derives virtually all of its power from the American peoples’ pain. They create racist lies. Then they hold those racist lies up as proof that we need to do what they want politically and/or socially. The racist lies they tell about black and brown people are not true. But they insist upon the lies, all across every aspect of our culture, until we start patting ourselves on the back for “being good people” by pretending the racist lies are in fact true. Their central objective is to convince us all to become as racist as they are, and to feel good about it when we do. We desperately need more people to see all of this more clearly. Because the only reason they’ve now become entirely comfortable stoking racist lies and then weaponizing their victims of those lies for political gain, is because we’ve lacked the awareness and words to call them out for it.

The powerful institutional left (Hollywood, academia, woke corporate America and their over-medicated virgin collective aka Big Tech, the legacy news media, the racists in our intelligence community and top military leadership, and of course the Racist Democrat Party), they all work together to create a mass-marketed impression of brown skin in the media that projects their own bigotry. When these racist Democrats see brown skin they don’t see people or equality. Rather, when a white liberal Democrat like Tim Ryan or Mark Milley sees brown skin, their immediate feelings are either pity or fear but it’s usually a combination of both. They don’t see equality. And so they therefore assume it’s impossible that anyone else does either. (Not even those people in the other party who already had to go to war to end Democrat racism once in our nation’s history.)

Here’s the second biggest truth I’ve written. (Second only to the important truth that love — specifically the love of a 2-parent family where mom and dad honor their commitments to each other and their family, even and especially in the face of adversity — is what breeds accountability in young people as they become adults. That’s the most important thing I’ll ever write, by a mile. It’s why I named this site

But this, so far, is easily the second most important thing:

What most liberals in America today describe as “empathy” is actually a bigoted sympathy that dismisses as hopeless all whose experiences are diverse from their own.

It’s among the most spoiled and spoiling social postures one could ever take, but every white liberal in America bathes themselves in that thinking and also believes it makes them better people.

This is stuff we need our side to understand better, so that we can get down to the real business of Making America Great Again.

What do I mean by “real business?”

Making America United Again, of course.

I begged the Trump team to embrace that ahead of 2016. And again ahead of 2020. I have a strong feeling it, like some of the other stuff I write about that takes a while to bubble up, may have a great shot of taking center stage in 2024.

Lord knows we need it. And lord knows we in the America First movement and Republican Party more broadly have all the ingredients, right now, today, sitting right under our noses, to manufacture a campaign that highlights that need and promotes our ability to fulfill it while stamping out all those forces that thrive off of our nation’s disunity and disparities.

Another thing that won’t change anytime soon? That mission will always start with fully delegitimizing the Racist Democrat Party’s most divisive, dishonest and dedicated propaganda arm: the corporate legacy news media.

So there are a few things to focus on for any of our more powerful influencers who are ready to take it to the next level. I have thoughts on taking out the corporate legacy news media, too. They’re good. Excellent, in fact.

The powers that be just don’t yet realize how badly-needed and imminently-effective those ideas are.

If history is the guide, they will very soon.

In the meantime, we’re coming for the Racist Democrat Party from the grassroots level regardless of what the powers-that-be say, and that’s evident in the emerging new America First leadership who will be bringing that fight to Congress and the American conversation whether Mitch, Jake, Kevin and Lester like it or not.

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  1. If we had real Republicans in office. But we don’t.

    A headline from Breitbart today:

    Elected Republicans Demanding Joe Biden’s Resignation Expand to 26

    26?! Every damn one of them should have been demanding his resignation 1 minute after the bombing.


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