The Communist American Left: ‘Calling Names May Break My Bones But Sticks & Stones Will Never Hurt’

I’d been dying to write this one for a while as a lesson for kids. I wanted to urge parents to remember the old adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but calling names will never hurt.”

I wanted to write about it because, like so many of you, I see the opposite being embraced all throughout the institutional left.

The legacy news media, academia, Hollywood, woke corporate America and their over-medicated virgin collective (aka Big Tech)…they all prioritize suppressing your speech over renouncing their own violence.

It’s been that way for decades but flagrantly so ever since Trump promised to drain the swamp in which they’re all parasites vying for survival off a largely unwitting We The People host. Even Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse loosely signaled that they hate free speech more than violence as a response to it, when they alleged guilt in Charlottesville despite not knowing anything about the facts except one side was purportedly racist and the other was not. (Scroll to “Lesson two” in this piece I wrote about it at the time for more. That was 3 years ago, and Republicans carelessly doing the media’s lazy and anti-free speech dance!)

So I wanted to write about it more recently, specifically with the “sticks and stones” bent, but like so many topics these days it gets lost in a sea of “WTF is actually happening around us?!”

Then the terrorists in Antifa give us a perfectly crystallized snapshot of the emerging new value:

“Calling names may break my bones but sticks and stones will never hurt.”

Check out what one of the country’s most courageous journalists, Andy Ngo, picked up from Antifa:

Fun fact: the person he’s replying to, “@Antifa_Stripper” (who looks like it works the Monday afternoon shift), has this as its most important/”pinned” Tweet:

Got that? All I had to do was dig one generation deep in that thread and yet another Antifa member is there pushing the same violence-as-a-response-to-speech value.

What Andy Ngo grabbed here was an Antifa person signaling the future of the Racist Democrat Party and its idiot leftist splinter factions. What I found by clicking just one person deeper was another Antifa person signaling the same thing.

Violence is perfectly acceptable when they decide that speech is the real threat.

And they can assert all the violence they want, but if they say the wrong words while doing it, then and only then is it morally unacceptable in their view.

That’s the new value, it’s been emerging subtly for decades, and now the UVM grads who love drugs and still carry their rich mom’s AMEX (aka “Antifa”) are showing us how morally just they believe that imminently genocidal value to be.

What’s slightly scary but for a) my faith and b) my belief that we’re on the cusp of crushing the left for generations, is that Antifa signals it to start.

Then Twitter gets their hands on it.

And that’s when the media decides it “represents mainstream America.” It becomes the corporate legacy news media’s preferred narrative and is woven into almost every other propaganda item they’re covering in that moment.

That’s when the pollsters start “finding similar results” and academia starts turning out “studies” about the usefulness of compliance, whatever it may be.

Pretty soon the otherwise entirely feckless Racist Democrat Party has something to latch onto, woke corporate America is designing ad campaigns around it, and the corrupt intelligence community is targeting anyone who gets in the way. In fact even the upper brass of the military — morbidly obese racists like Mark Milley — are hoping to radicalize our forces so that they’ll passionately respond to the same propaganda on command.

The recreationally-engaged “liberal” will say:

“Oh you’re just being paranoid. They don’t actually value violence against their opposition as being less destructive than the words they use while doing it!”

It’s right there in black and white.

Twice, in fact, from two random antifa members we looked at.

These are the new values simmering in the bowels of leftist hell from which the most powerful forces in our nation take their eventual cues.

“Calling names may break my bones but sticks and stones will never hurt.”

You’ve already seen it brewing. Like me, you didn’t put words to it but you knew in your heart it was happening.

Here’s the first crystal clear expression of it that I’ve seen, where they actually spell it out. And I promise that all across the ivy leagues “studies” are already being done about why it’s morally acceptable. Jake Tapper and Lester Holt can’t wait for their bite at the apple, and Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert look forward to mocking anyone who takes issue with it.

Watch for it. You’ll start seeing more broad acceptance of violence being okay, as long as the speech that preceded the violence is deemed to be more hurtful by psychotic leftist standards. It had been brewing for a while and now Antifa, which are the defacto leader of the Racist Democrat Party in 2021, are spelling it out in crystal clear terms.

Next up the Twitter mob, then the media, then the pollsters and academia, then the Racist Democrat Party alongside their corrupt intelligence community and corporate America whipping girls.

Hold the line.

And do it, like always, amid real faith and non-violence.

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