If Your Fear Of Covid Matches The Media’s, Don’t Talk To Me. Talk To A Shrink.

You should’ve never let them scare you into submission over a virus that had a 99.7% survival rate.

You were bullied into your state of mindless subservience, but you let it happen all the same.

In fact the vast majority of you are still too afraid of being called “Granny Killer!” to tell the truth.

Here’s the truth: the virus had a 99.7% survival rate before the vaccines, and it was stupid of us to ever let them kill our businesses and divide our nation over such an infinitesimally small threat. 

You’re afraid to call it a “small threat” because some people die from it.

Granted, we don’t know how many people died from it because those who want you to be afraid decided to corrupt that data from the beginning, counting everyone who died “with” as having definitely died “from.” As a result, we’ll never actually know the real numbers, nor can we ever again trust the medical establishment that just casually accepted this junk science and then pushed it on us purely to promote more fear and division.

That’s exactly and only why you’re afraid to call it a “small threat.”

People died from it and, what’s more, the media and rest are using the most sensational and fear-inspiring “number of dead” that the CDC and complicit medical establishment leadership could dream up together.

So now you’re automatically not allowed to say anything.

If they tried to shut the country down over a serious and pervasive health concern we already knew about and live with, we’d say go to hell because the cost would seriously outweigh the benefit. Whatever experiment they want to try out by disrupting all of our lives wouldn’t be worth it because as tragic as disease and illness are, no one group’s well-being amid a single mitigating health factor is worth destroying every other aspect of everyone else’s life in service to that one group’s single mitigating health factor.

They convinced you that any 1 covid death is more tragic than 1,000 from any other cause, and they did it with boy band-level marketing and nothing more.

The media flooded the zone with fear porn while the medical establishment wept into their cameras insisting that they’re the bravest people on the planet and we probably don’t deserve to live if we don’t clap for them from our windows while socially-distanced from family members who aren’t wearing masks.

The entire operation was engineered initially to destroy Trump with bad faith accusations and blame-shifting, with the added bonus of punishing the nation who elected him. The media had spent the previous 3 years dividing us all by promising the world that our president was actually a Russian spy. They destroyed the lives of good people who simply wanted to work for the administration and help their country. Kellyanne Conway’s teenage daughter, for crying out loud, became one of the media’s favorite toys to exploit every time that poor embattled kid lashed out on social media. I can’t imagine what goes on in that house but Kellyanne is either a disgusting part of some weird hedge for power as she and her fat ugly husband with a receding hair helmet take totally opposing political sides, or she’s the strongest woman on the planet for enduring so much of what her fat ugly husband with a receding hair helmet and the media have done to her family.

They raided the offices of every lawyer Trump has ever had. That, in and of itself, shocked my conscience to the core because I thought people were supposed to have privileged communications with their legal representation. That all went out the window for Trump. In fact after the election, the media and their cancel culture mob went after the families of lawyers who were representing Trump. Other lawyers from those firms doxxed the attorneys who were helping Trump’s case, lamenting their work because they didn’t think Trump, a U.S. citizen, deserved any representation. So attorneys from the actual firms Trump hired outed the lawyers who were working on the case, and of course the media abandoned their principles to eagerly publish those names, and it quickly felt to those attorneys like the entire world was turning on them.

And their families.

We casually just watched all this happen and it makes me, and our domestic enemies, think they can pull that same stuff any time they want and they’ll never be held accountable for it.

I on the other hand want to find out who the lawyers were that doxxed the ones working on Trump’s case (there’s an open source papertrail thanks to the media), and make their lives hell in the most vile, intentional, public, legal and non-violent ways possible.

Maybe I’ll take that little mission up someday when there aren’t bigger fish to fry. (Unless someone beats me to it. I’d click, like and subscribe to anyone’s Rumble who took that up.)

We can’t be scared into submission anymore. I’m personally at a place where there’s nothing they can take from me. They already got my career and I’ve come to grips with the fact that I can’t go back into that world now, nor would I want to. (Corporate America’s proud tradition of meritocracy has been entirely hijacked by racist Democrats who want to make everyone else as racist, childless, divorced and unhappy as they are.) The truth is, I could end up homeless and everyone I love could be forced to stop talking to me and I’d still be better off than living shackled by fear in the face of American communists who hate freedom, love racism, and want to destroy our incredible country.

That’s where my head is when it comes to the importance of free speech, its absolute destruction here in America, and the time having come for us to sacrifice our spoiled sense of safety and comfort in defense of it.

I should note here, as I have throughout my entire journey here at LBA, that I’m a staunch proponent of non-violence. I think our Republican ancestors did us a great service by highlighting its importance, and I stand so firmly by that commitment that I encourage my fellow America First patriots to let these spoiled little brats have a few free shots when they respond to your speech with violence.

Because they will.

It’s all they do.

If you start saying things they don’t like, they’ll send people to violently disrupt your speech and physically assault anyone who still wants to listen. That little paramilitary force is called “antifa,” which stands for “Anti Fascist,” which is hilarious because their only objective is to use violence to shut down speech they don’t like.

Sounds pretty effing fascist to me, but what do I know.

I’m just one of these morons who thinks it’s probably not a great idea to literally destroy everyone else’s life and hundreds of thousands of small businesses over a virus that had a 99.7% survival rate before the vaccines.

Crazy talk. Right?

Oh I see so you want millions of Americans to die from this!?

There’s no evidence anything close to that was ever going to happen. But to answer your question, no. I don’t “want millions of Americans to die.” But I also don’t want hundreds of millions of Americans to be duped into thinking a virus with a 99.7% survival rate merits shutting the planet down and deferring to the federal government for guidance on how to live and interact safely with our friends, families and communities.

But that’s exactly what happened. And if you don’t conform and keep the fear going — make boosters every 8 months the most important thing on your calendar, always wear masks everywhere you go “just in case,” cede your child’s well-being because “we’re all in this together” — if you don’t do all of those things they’re going to make you look and sound like a social pariah that needs its own drinking fountain and probably has to sit at the back of the bus if they let you ride at all.

We let it all happen. We let them bully us into submission because we were too afraid to tell the truth…

No of course I don’t “want people to die.” But these unproven so-called mitigation efforts will definitely cause massive carnage across literally every other aspect of literally everyone else’s lives. We know that for a fact. What’s more, we have no reason to suspect any of the so-called mitigation efforts will actually do anything because we’re talking about an aerosol-born virus that Anthony Fauci paid good money to make sure would be really transmissible. So we know for a fact that the mitigation efforts are going to destroy people and families and businesses, and exacerbate other health problems, and create a variety of new psychoses among already-unhinged liberals who don’t need anything else to be afraid of, we know they’re going to stunt the development of literally every child in the country, we know these mitigation efforts are going to cause great social and political divides that will only harm our country further. We know they’re going to do all of those things. Meanwhile, we have absolutely no evidence to suggest they’ll help in any way, and in fact we can safely assume based on logic and common knowledge of aerosol spread, they won’t. So not only will what you’re proposing fail to prevent covid from spreading, but it will also crush our nation and its people in so many other downstream and peripheral ways.

And you want to do all of this to stop a virus that had a 99.7% survival rate before the vaccines?

The only way I’ll take you seriously at this point is if you start wearing an N-95 everywhere you go for hours at a time, and insist on 5 mph speed limits everywhere in perpetuity. Otherwise I’ll accuse you of “wanting people to die.” See how that works?

Now of course they’re pushing for “zero covid” as if that’s ever going to happen. I’ll say this: if Fauci knows something we don’t about this virus’s ability to mutate over time into something far more deadly, he needs to tell us. He needs to come clean and give us the evidence that this thing was engineered to not only grow more transmissible, but to also intelligently become far more deadly after several iterations. I don’t have any reason to suspect that’s the case, and the only reason I even suggest it is because it’s the single acceptable reason for him to be doing so much fear-mongering. (He did fund this virus and work closely with the genocidal slave-owning communists who manufactured it. There is a chance he still knows something we don’t, and that’s why he’s freaking out. It’s small but I have to note it lately when thinking/writing on this stuff.) Anything short of that and he’s just a fame whore trying to grow and capitalize on his celebrity status. So pretty much exactly what everyone already believes about him.

Barring something wildly uncommon like that which could only be engineered and wouldn’t happen naturally, it’s time to start treating covid like the regular flu.

We should’ve done it from the beginning, but better late than never.

I won’t live my life in fear of a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate and if you want to have a conversation about why you think I should, I suggest you go to a shrink instead. That’s where you and this conversation belong.


Quick post script: I stumbled on a useful, pithy insight just after publishing. I’m not linking to Twitter because I try not to every chance I get, because eff Twitter. But that’s where I saw it.

“In retrospect, perhaps governments across the globe shouldn’t have modeled their COVID responses on that of the opaque authoritarian regime that started the pandemic.”

-Zach Weissmueller

Great point, Mr. Weissmueller.

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One comment

  1. I believe this is all to get us into the one world government .
    Look at Australia fighting the same war that we are in but worse, they don’t have our make belive freedoms .
    Who would have believed we would just lie down and take it the way we did, So far I have not but they look for ways like taking your job if you don’t have the shot & I hear a NY.restaurant refused service to un vacced.so once the super market starts that I shall achieve my life long ambition of becoming slim at the age of 77.
    This is all in the Bible written over 2000 years ago so it doesn’t come as a huge surprise but the ease in which these demoncrats where able to achieve it is and the way people rolled over makes me sick to my core that’s worse than any covid could .


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