Another Media Big Lie: ‘Trump Should’ve Taken Covid More Seriously’

The united communist liberation front of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, WaPo, NYT, PBS, NPR and AP (aka “the legacy news media”) tell some lies so hard and so often that they eventually appear to become true to much of our nation.

One of the first examples in recent memory was, “Bush’s tax cuts for the rich caused the housing crisis!” It was utter b.s. as the two were in no substantive way related, moreover evidence for the crisis’s origin was crystal clear and laid squarely at the feet of socialistic policies pushed by Democrats. But that didn’t matter. Within a few years after the crisis hit, thanks to the media’s goading and nodding along, about half the country believed “the Bush tax cuts” were to blame.

Another NBC News-sponsored big lie that appeared to stick was “Trump called Nazis ‘very fine people’ in Charlottesville!”

Another NYT and WaPo special was “Trump admitted to Lester Holt that he fired Comey to save himself!”

There are thousands more, obviously. They happen everyday to varying degrees but some are bigger than others because they’re more useful to the institutional left.

Need to absolve the Racist Democrat Party’s culpability in collapsing our housing market, and as a bonus arm the stupidly uninformed with a blunt rhetorical instrument they can use to bash the GOP?

“Bush’s tax cuts for the rich caused the housing market collapse!”


Need some kind of hard evidence that you can use to claim Trump is a racist?

“He called Nazis ‘very fine people’ in Charlottesville!”


Need another?

“He said all Mexicans are rapists!”


Need a “smoking gun” that proves Trump is actually a Russian spy who’s very afraid of being found out?

“He admitted on video that he fired Comey because he didn’t want the truth to come out!”


And if you’re really committed to terrorizing our nation and its children in deference to a made-in-China, funded-by-Fauci virus that thankfully boasts a 99.7% survival rate before the vaccines even came out, then this will help…

“The reason all those people died is because Trump didn’t take covid seriously enough!”

Okay, stop.

I used to do this on the “Bush tax cuts” thing and of course never got any answers. I did it on all the others too, and never got answers. Because they don’t have answers to give.

Here’s the simple question that always trips them up.


I’m kicking myself for even entertaining this discussion because it’s well beyond that “pre rational” place I prefer to embrace these days, long before the left get their hands on the language and start manipulating and exploiting it for their political gain.

But I’ll dive in anyway…

Trump took action early on that virtually the entire media and institutional left called “racist” when he shut down travel from China. He shut the economy down almost immediately for the “15 days to slow the spread” lie he was fed by Fauci and the rest.

Is the suggestion that he should have shut the country down sooner? So you think if he shut the country and economy down, what, two weeks earlier, a month earlier….maybe in December when we first heard there was even the possibility of a novel coronavirus spilling out into the world? If he shut the entire country and economy down in December, that, you believe, would have prevented this gain-of-function powered, aerosol-delivered virus from spreading?


No you don’t really believe that but you’re going to nod along as if you do because you’re either a) an intellectually dishonest partisan who simply wants to score political points, or b) one of their mindless followers who’s more afraid of stepping out of line than lying to everyone including yourself.

The truth is we weren’t going to stop a virus that’s hellbent on spreading anymore than we were going to stop a climate that’s hellbent on changing. We could have done exactly none of our so-called “mitigation efforts” and all the numbers would be the exact same.

In fact, just within the last few days all those “experts” are now tearing their stupid plastic barriers down because, apparently, they’re just now learning they actually promote rather than quell spread.

These people didn’t have a clue what they were doing with respect to stopping spread. Still, everything they did “worked” perfectly because the job wasn’t about stopping a virus from spreading. The job was to make sure public terror over the virus would.

If we had done nothing that “the experts” forced us to do, the single difference in the numbers today would be greater integrity around the number of people who died. Because if we had done nothing then that would have meant also not weaponizing and hyperbolizing the virus’s threat for social and political gain. And if we didn’t do that then maybe the CDC and medical establishment wouldn’t have been so hellbent on boosting their numbers to promote more fear. And if that had been the case, then maybe they wouldn’t have made the decision to count everyone who died with covid 19 as having definitely died from it. They made that decision early on and got caught red-handed doing it at least a few times. (Public health “professionals” counting motorcycle accidents as “covid deaths,” for example).

What concerns the observant and intellectually honest among us is how many times they didn’t get caught.

The truth is, thanks to dishonesty and attempts at social engineering by our trash pile of so-called American elites, we’ll never know how many people actually died from covid 19. Those numbers are gone forever and they’re replaced by assurances that those very public screw-ups we all saw weren’t replicated in any way behind the scenes in those hospitals where we have no idea what they’re doing.

All we know for sure is that every step of the way it’s clear they’re working very hard to scare us, yet it’s entirely unclear if they a) are being honest or b) have any clue what they’re actually doing. (I legitimately can’t think of a time when I’ve been able to say “Yes” they’re being honest and they know what they’re doing, but I can think of dozens where the answer to both is “No.”)

So along with real data on just how lethal covid 19 truly has been in America, we also lost a tremendous amount of trust in our medical establishment because we’re watching them lie to us in repeated and naked attempts to make us more afraid.

And “None of this would be happening if Trump took it more seriously!” is the big lie they’re counting on to help keep his alleged culpability, and the virus’s alleged threat, both in the news.

Call the lie out when you hear it. Here’s where I’d start…

So you think a shut down in January of the entire economy would’ve stopped this virus from spreading? If that’s the case then literally every Delta infection is Biden’s fault because it wasn’t even in our country when he took office and now you claim it’s the reason we must shut everything down again. What did the Democrats do so wrong that allowed the Delta variant to spread? There isn’t a good answer. If you give one, you’re guessing or hoping but you don’t have any actual data or evidence to back up your claims. Simply if the original covid spread was because Trump ‘didn’t take it seriously enough,’ then the Delta spread that came after Trump left office must be on Biden and Democrats for ‘not taking covid 19 seriously enough.’ Does that feel fair and good faith to you? If I say ‘the only reason the Delta variant spread so much is because Biden didn’t take it seriously enough,’ does that feel fair? Does that sound honest? Would you believe that I’m someone who’s operating in good faith, if I made that claim? I don’t think so. So I won’t do it. You shouldn’t either. Lying gets us nowhere.

Because so many are so committed to the lie, they’ll stick to it and can have both of those things if they really want them. They can own the belief that the only reason anyone ever got sick is because “our government didn’t take it seriously enough.” They locked us up in our homes, took our jobs, stunted the development of literally every child in the country, killed hundreds of thousands of small businesses that will never come back, made us say goodbye to dying loved ones over video conferencing calls, made us cancel our weddings, put off our cancer screenings, suspend all other commerce and entertainment and joy and life, destroy everything in the country except a laser focus on and fear of covid 19.

The government did all of that.

And it was all under Trump.

Conversely, they did none of it under Biden.

So by those measures, who’s actually “not taking the virus seriously enough?”

Heck, I might have just made myself a Biden fan just a little because he hasn’t martyred the rest of his political career to be as authoritarian and destructive as the covid-hysterical left would like him to be.

Way to go, Sleepy Joe.

Thanks for “not taking covid seriously enough!”

I promise when he’s inaugurated in January 2025, Trump will follow your lead this time.

In the meantime, to everyone so casually spreading the lie as if it’s some factual data point, you’re getting away with it but only because nobody has stopped to ask you to qualify your idiotic statement or held your team to the same ridiculously dishonest and stupid standard.

I’d tell you to get prepared because that might change here pretty soon, but I know you couldn’t possibly no matter how hard you tried.

So this is really just a heads up.

You’re welcome.

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