There’s No Way It’s This Easy, And They’re This Feckless. I Mean, Right?!

I wrote back on November 11, 2020 that if they did steal the election, only bad things would happen for them:

So while we hope and pray and fight for and support President Trump, there’s a good chance that like it or not we’re not going to get our way. I’m ready for God’s will, no matter what it is. And if it’s for the media and Democrats to steal this election, then okay.

Because that’s just one single action.

Many, many, many more actions will happen as a result of it.

And it’s my belief that most of those will be negative for the Democrats and progressive left.

Look at their credibility burn and their repeated failures to actually accomplish anything.

I was right and spectacularly so.

I also predicted in that same piece that we’d come roaring back with the same exact platform:

By the time Trump’s base is done with our next round or two of primaries etc, you’re going to have dozens of “Trumps” running around the halls of Congress. And it will be brutal. And excellent. And exactly what the media and left need and deserve as we use the levers afforded us by the Constitution to subvert and fight them every chance we get.

That was one week after the 2020 election.

Within a few months I had everything charted out. I wrote the excerpt below on January 7th, the day after the now-infamous, mostly peaceful protest on January 6th. Everyone else was freaking out but I was clear as a bell:

We’re as emboldened now as we’ve ever been. Yes many are exhausted. We’ve spent our lives being lied to and about by the most powerful forces in our country. Then, finally, we enjoyed significant victories across the board for the first time in our lives. But it was a constant battle, we were targeted and lied about the entire time, and then in the end we had to sit back and watch them take it from us by cheating. It’s exhausting. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The Democrat party is full of racists and slaves. It’s a disgusting cesspool of failure, hatred and fascism. They’re imploding before our eyes everywhere, but most importantly amid the culture. There’s nothing the media can do to make being a liberal idiot “cool” again. It’s over. The ship has sailed. Now they’re just forcing it and it looks ridiculous.

I’m not sure why I can see this stuff but others can’t. I do realize it sounds absurd given what’s being portrayed all over the news right now. But imagine an election is a mountain of colors. The more red density, Republicans win. The more blue density, Democrats win. What we just saw happen was a mountain of very real red get covered up by a very thin layer of manufactured blue. That mountain of very real red is still there. Again, I know many of us are exhausted. And I know a few are hustling to their virtue signal corners and admonishing President Trump as somehow being culpable for American citizens doing what they’ve watched other American citizens do for years on their television screens with virtually no negative attention or meaningful pushback from the media. But the dust will settle and pretty soon Democrats will get to work on their agenda. Here’s what they’ll pull off…

Raise your taxes

Make it harder to do business in America

Put us back to doormat status globally under the guise of “being respected”

Give the Biden Crime Family an opportunity to square up what they owe to China and others, likely selling off untold American power or influence to do so

Pass some sweeping environmental bill that will be packed with stupid crap that seriously hurts America but most of us don’t really feel and just laugh about due to its rank stupidity and straight-faced use of phrases “racial climate justice”

And that’s it. That’s all they’ll get done. And every scrap of it can be easily undone.

No, we can’t bring back the businesses they’ll kill in the future any more than we can bring back the ones they killed with their politically-motivated lockdowns. But America will still very much be standing in 2022 and 2024. We’ll have 50 states, 9 Supreme Court Justices and 100 Senators. And the fights we’re going to see on the left will be almost as sweet as all the victories we’ve spent the last four years watching on the right.

And if God willing our elected Republican leaders get the memo and take this fight to the media where it belongs, then we wrap this thing up quickly and peacefully. But if we don’t neutralize the media first then we’ll still win but it’s just going to be a lot uglier with a lot more carnage than is necessary.

No matter how you cut it the America First movement is still in charge and we will absolutely win this war, just like we have ever since our founding.

Hold the line.

The title of that piece was “The America First Movement Is Still In Charge & Will Ultimately Win The War.”

Straight up.

And again, I wrote it the day after the January 6th protests while everyone else was freaking out.

Still, I’m not gonna lie: these last few months have had all that ugliness and carnage I expected (thanks, still-feckless GOP!), and more. Sometime in late March I even stepped back and said it’d be better if I don’t write anymore. It was going to be too debilitating just commenting on the ugliness that’s going on around us, there’d be nothing meaningful we could do about it until the next election, and the work to shore up election integrity belonged to state legislatures that were set in stone on the calendar and we wouldn’t have time to influence if we tried.

Our job in the grassroots was going to be to survive, and I didn’t see much purpose in just colorfully discussing how terrible things are.

The hiatus lasted a week or two because this is the worst “calling” I’ve ever had (I’m vastly ill-suited for it but can’t turn it off), but it’s been nearly impossible to write effectually because that ugliness I dreaded is here and worse than expected. There’s just so much of it, by such powerful institutions, who so flagrantly lie and hate us and our nation so much…and there are so many good people who are ill-equipped to fight back…

I think constantly about the salt-of-the-earth Americans who never hurt or hated a soul, but are somehow finding themselves “cancelled” in their networks and communities, and are entirely incapable of even beginning to swing back.

I spent decent part of early 2021 legit mourning those those America-loving, corporate and community martyrs.

Heck I remember watching the January 6th footage live and my heart just breaking for those people. I remember seeing the geriatrics and just melting. I’d never known what it felt to be “radicalized” but those images on that day just about got me there. I knew exactly what caused it, exactly how pathetically useless of an effort it was, and exactly what the media and deep blue state were going to do with it.

Still, up until a few months ago, I was reveling in our imminent 2022 and 2024 America First victories. Since early May I’ve had Trump firmly out front for 2024 with a crushing victory thanks to our GOP-led state legislatures ensuring free and fair elections that count only those ballots properly audited and accounted for. I’ve had the institutional left actually collapsing in historic ways, and I’ve branded our opposition the “Racist Democrat Party” and suggested we make “All Democrats Are Racist” trend everywhere from social media to street art. (I eventually added a “witting, well-intended or not” qualifier but it’s sitting on the cutting room floor.)

All Democrats Are Racist.

It’s just got a better, more succinct and more effective ring to it.

I was pretty high and mighty about what’s to come until a month or so ago when something unholy hit me: my belief that they’ll do something to steal the 2022 and 2024 elections is as solid as my believe in Jesus Christ Himself. That is to say, based on everything else I’ve seen, nothing else could possibly make sense.

Think about everything they’ve done. Think about how far they’ve gone and how utterly, publicly desperate and humiliated and carrying on they are. What on God’s green earth makes anyone think they won’t simply lie no matter how flagrantly to enact whatever power levers they must, to somehow meddle in the upcoming elections that are sure to otherwise doom their beloved swamp?

I keep watching for whatever they might weaponize to achieve that goal. I saw a headline a while back about the FBI investigating Susan Collins. My first thought: scare tactic to get her on board with federalizing our elections and/or nuking the filibuster. I watched the media lobby Joe Manchin day in and day out to change his mind “in defense of democracy” more days than I can count. I watched “the Delta variant” be exploited so fiercely that children are now the left’s primary bullet and they’re trying to destroy any parents who don’t want their kids destructively weaponized that way. I watched Sleepy sell out to Russia with nothing on the line and nothing to gain, several times over, and nobody said a word. I watched Sleepy Jr. do meth with a prostitute while telling her that Russians stole his laptop so they could blackmail his father. Nobody said a word. We in the America First movement are talking about it, obviously, because we care about this nation. But the legacy news media, which is the single greatest weapon the left has, won’t say a word about any of it.

Now I’m watching Team Biden purportedly “fumble” anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 American hostages in the mountains of Afghanistan, and I’m wondering how that will translate into a “good crisis” that they’ll weaponize to overhaul everything in our nation up to and including our upcoming elections. How many tens of thousands of Taliban-vetted Afghanis will relocate from their mountain to your street? (You better ask that question now because if you ask after it happens, they’re gonna call you a racist for it.)

So yes after so many months of confidence and excitement, the last few I’ve been more worried about what they’ll pull to cheat our nation again.

But now, for a moment, I’m starting to get less so.

I mean they’re so bad at everything they do, and the media are utterly exhausted trying to cover for them, this might legitimately be the best they’ve got!

If that’s the case, all I can say is LOL. We’ll still have work to do to crush the media and communists peppered throughout some of our most sacred institutions, but my lord.

If this truly is the best they’ve got, praise God.

Because that means we’re about to Make America Great Again, Drain The Swamp, put America First and bring Peace to the Middle East all in the next 10-15 years.

FEATURED IMAGE NOTE: The “featured image” at the top sparked the entire piece and it’s from someone whom I believe not only crafted it, but didn’t bother to put any identifying information on it. To me, in this day and age, that’s a person doing excellent work when nobody is looking. So I recommend swinging by this guy’s Twitter page because apparently he’s onto something when it comes to our meme game.

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