Advice For GOP Pols: Ignore The Media’s Script And Stop Dignifying Leftist Psychoses

The time has come for you to get comfortable thinking, operating and communicating at what’s being called a pre rational level.

I don’t mean stupidly belligerent the way guys like Josh Mandel seem to behave. But if you’re intellectually honest and in this business for the right reasons, then you know, for starters, that our most powerful institutions have fully weaponized covid 19 for social and political gain.

The words breezed right past you because you live in the media’s world. Take a few steps back. Breathe a little. Now consider the gravity of that statement again: our most powerful institutions have fully weaponized a virus for social and political gain.

Got the gravity of it this time? That’s because you moved out of their world and back to a “pre rational” one that exists before their pollution.

The virus had a 99.7% survival rate before the vaccines, and now it’s 99.99% for those who are vaccinated. Now think about the division and destruction we’re letting them foist on us amid fear of those numbers. It’s nothing even close to a normal or healthy fear, which makes sense, because they manufactured it out of whole cloth. And too many of you are still going along with the charade and helping them stoke more of it.

Surgical masks never even pretended to stop aerosol spread, there’s zero honest data that says otherwise, and we have no idea how it will stunt kids’ development immunologically or otherwise. And yet most of you are still letting them use those masks to divide us by forcing them on us whenever they can.

The vast majority of your teams and administrations have been hijacked by entirely hyperbolic fear that the media used boy band-level marketing to terrorize our nation with over the last 18 months.

The time has come to move away from it.

And don’t try to reason with your leftist detractors because they’re largely unhinged hypochondriacs at this point whose unfortunate psychoses you’ll only enable and/or exacerbate, rather than stem.

This is what thinking at a pre rational level sounds like with respect to covid 19…

I am not going to live my life in fear of a virus that had a 99.7% survival rate before the vaccines. I’m also not going to pretend to have productive conversations with socially and emotionally unhealthy hypochondriacs who should be talking to shrinks instead of trying to force everyone else to wear masks that do nothing but divide and scare people.

That’s it. That’s the entire conversation. Then you get back to actually meaningful business, and lead by example.

You guys need to get there.

There’s a lot of work for the GOP to do these days at that pre rational level.

On CRT and the Racist Democrat Party’s other efforts:

You’ll simply never convince me that it’s good to judge people by their skin color, no matter the reason. And if you’re going to teach that stuff to kids, I’m going to fight you with everything I have because I oppose racism.

Pre rational thinking.

On climate change:

The climate changes with infinite ubiquity. It always has. It always will. Anyone who purports an ability to control the climate is a science-denier who might as well be prescribing rain dances.

Pre rational thinking.

On “reproductive choice:”

I won’t be bullied into lowering the bar for women and agreeing that the inability to murder their own children makes them “without reproductive choice.” Women have infinite choice with respect to reproducing, or not. If they choose irresponsibly then not letting them kill their own children doesn’t mean they are “without reproductive choice.” It’s a lie. I won’t entertain it. And killing babies is wrong. And so is a casual approach to sexuality and parenting. Your commitment to mainstreaming abortion does nothing but dilute the seriousness of starting a family, while lowering the bar for women so that they feel victimized unless they’re absolved responsibility for the choices they already made. I don’t like it. I don’t think it’s healthy. I’m not going to entertain conversations about it until you get more honest with your language.

Pre rational thinking.

On voter ID:

It’s far more racist for the Racist Democrat Party to suggest black people are incapable of getting an ID, than it is for Republicans to correctly note that they absolutely can.

A few of us had been shouting that one for over a decade and when it finally got traction a few months ago, every Democrat on the planet and all of their media enablers recoiled to a fetal position, insisting “We never said voter ID was racist!”

The power of pre rational thinking.

We’re often made to feel as though it’s hateful and repugnant, but it’s just simple, honest reality.

When you know what you have to say is simple and honest, and probably even useful, but other people are telling you it’s hateful and repugnant, you’ve moved long past “pre rational thought” and are now entirely controlled by those who seek to destroy you.

Stop doing it. Stop living there. Start getting comfortable with simple, honest reality.

Start with covid 19 because that’s where we need the most sanity, the soonest.

You know in your bones when something is right, and when something is wrong. You know we all just casually watched the media lynch a GOP POTUS based on evidence that was manufactured by bad actors all across our government and media. They claimed he was in Putin’s pocket and that explained everything from his election, to the allegedly “terrible job” they constantly wanted the world to agree he was doing. They stymied his entire first term, put targets on the backs of anyone who supports him, and are still trying to destroy him and his family with that exact same lie. Then Biden comes along and we literally have his son on tape admitting to a hooker that Russians stole his laptop to blackmail his dad, “the big guy” then inexplicably gives Russia gift after gift, and nobody except us says a word. The intelligence community suddenly isn’t interested. The media has zero interest. None of our most powerful institutions will touch the story.

Do you know how they get away with that?

Because they’ve moved the entire country past pre rational thought, into their warped pseudo-rationality, and now have us in the mud playing by their rules wherein they decide what we’re going to talk about, how it’s framed, what gets added, when it ends, and why.

The united front of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS and AP decide all of those things for us and we go right along with them because we’re not yet comfortable simply shutting them down at those pre rational levels.

The vast majority of Americans think and live at that pre rational level. It’s not without rationality. It’s simply what exists before the discussion is polluted with bad faith, intellectual dishonesty from the purely politically-motivated left.

For the last several decades, virtually every national conversation we’ve had was polluted with the left’s bad faith and intellectual dishonesty. Thinking and operating at a pre rational level means no longer dignifying what we all know to be clear psychoses from America’s institutional left.

Move past it and the world will thank you.

Don’t, and that freedom-hating, communist-loving leftism will eventually devour us all.

Good luck and thanks.

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  1. Problem is, most of the “GOP” elected Congressional Critters plain don’t give a damn and are in it for the money and power. Just like the “honorable opposition” the demoncrats.


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