The Unmasked Should Start High-Fiving, And The Vaccinated Should Boycott Any Who Require It

I just got an email from The Music Box in Cleveland, Ohio saying they’re now requiring proof of vaccination or negative test results for entry.

I’ll never go back there again barring a serious forthcoming mea culpa from them (not gonna happen), and I told them as much in a strongly-worded email reply.

It’s absolutely pathetic to watch these businesses bow down to the BlueAnon pseudoscientists who are fear-mongering our nation into submission over a virus that has a 99.99% survival rate for the vaccinated, and 99.7% for the unvaccinated.

If the unvaccinated want to take their chances that’s fine with me. What’s not fine with me is communist wannabe babysitters who hate our nation and say we all must suffer to protect those unvaccinated people who wish to take their chances.

We could have done nothing that “the experts” prescribed, and the numbers would’ve all been the exact same. The one thing that made a meaningful difference in our covid response was Trump’s vaccines. Vaccines, mind you, that he was mocked and derided for even suggesting might be viable. Other than that, literally nothing we did helped in any way and in fact it hurt far more than it helped.

This entire episode has been a product of nefarious political actors weaponizing a virus that Fauci paid for, China manufactured, and they’ve been using ever since to scare, divide and control us. None of it ever had anything to do with public health. We just watched a typically shitty made-in-China product become the most talked about thing on earth simply because of the boy-band-level marketing that our media poured into it.

I’m increasingly comfortable abandoning those people and entities who won’t abandon the charade. So to The Music Box and anyone else intent on even pretending to require vaccinations (despite qualifying it to also allow negative test results), I say go jump in a lake.

And guess what?

I’m fully vaccinated.

Pfizer. Both shots.

I had written a while back that I wouldn’t get the second shot but for personal reasons that are mine alone, I decided to do it.

I still obviously won’t hold myself up as “better” than those who didn’t, and I just realized today that I also won’t capitalize on having gotten it by going to places that only let me in if I prove it.

I won’t do it. And if you’re vaccinated, and you’re part of the America First movement and you know they’ve exploited and weaponized this thing, then you also should consider turning your back on those corporate entities that try to mandate vaccines.

Boycott them, and tell them why.

Oh, and as for masks? Look around this site and you’ll get my take on them. It’s utter science-denying insanity to suggest a) surgical masks can prevent aerosol spread, b) there’s any evidence at all that it works, or c) we can be confident that it won’t impede kids’ long-term development immunologically or otherwise.

That said, I hate to admit it, but I do feel good about walking right past those “We strongly recommend masks!” signs and the reason I feel good about it, for starters, is that I’m vaccinated.

So I’m bought in hook, line and sinker to that part. I’ve been properly conditioned by the media and rest: when I see that sign, I feel good about ignoring it first and foremost because I already did that first thing they were so hot and bothered about. So I breeze right past those signs.

But then I think about the people who are unvaccinated and have to do the same thing.

And I feel terrible for them. Because if the media can condition an America First activist like myself into thinking first and foremost to pat myself on the back for doing what they told me to do, then they can probably make those who are unvaccinated feel like exactly the pariahs they want them to.

And that’s disgusting. I think about the young and healthy people — women who may want to get pregnant someday and know only that this will definitely affect their periods in some really strange ways, but “Nothing to worry about” — I think about them having to endure all of this. Heck, I think about the 80-year old who wants to take their own chances and are being made to feel terrible for it. There aren’t many of them but they’re out there, and a virus with a 99.7% survival rate before the vaccines is not sufficient reason to start forcing them and dividing the rest of us.

It’s awful. And wrong. The virus doesn’t pose nearly enough of a threat to merit all of this psychotic chest-thumping from our powerful institutions, division among our masses, and utter destruction of so many businesses and livelihoods not because of the virus, but because of our response to it.

I’ve been over it since March 2020.

So when I see people without masks now amid the surge of media fear-mongering, I smile like I’ve known them for years. It might take them a second to figure it out, but only a second. Every person out there in a store who walked right past those idiotic fear-mongering signs knows exactly what a free person smiling big looks like. I don’t know nor do I care what the masked people think, because unless they’re in an N-95 it’s impossible for me to take them even remotely seriously. All I know is these days we all need a little more to smile about, and when I see someone else at a store not wearing a mask, that’s good enough for me.

And my smile is good enough for them to smile back.

And we both feel pretty good about having found each other for that brief moment, among so many angrily-masked hypochondriacs who are eagerly consuming media that’s about to recommend we all be rounded up and put in camps.

I’d like to take it one further next time, and maybe I will. In fact I think we should all consider this…

The unmasked of America should start high-fiving every time they see one another. You don’t have to say a word or spend another second engaging. But if you’re not wearing a mask in a store that “strongly recommends” them, and you see someone else not wearing one, you should acknowledge each other with the simple and happy humanity of a high-five.

No time to wrap this up with some succinct conclusion. You get the drift.

The vaccinated should start boycotting places that require it, and telling them why.

The unmasked should start high-fiving.

We can’t do much to play offense right now, but add these to the list.

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