The American Communist’s Strongest Weapon Is Your Aversion To Fighting Back

If you aren’t the one who’s behaving badly, then it’s time to stand up and say so regardless of the fallout.

“Science” currently says that being male or female is a matter of opinion, not biology.

“Health experts” have weaponized* a virus paid for by Fauci and manufactured by China, solely to divide and control you.

“The intelligence community” just handed the Taliban thousands of American hostages because they were too busy pretending Trump supporters are planning to overthrow the government.

I’ve thought a lot recently about the importance of speaking up and fighting back, entirely consistent with our non-violent roots in defense of civil rights. I’ve read more than usual lately because the works have been exemplary as of late in the face of so much adversity. One excellent piece** talked about how they prey on our polite nature and avoidance of conflict. It really struck a chord with me because I’ve been writing for a while now that I believe we are the last adults in the room, and that’s why we’ve let them get away with so much.

We’ve let these petulant children run all over us and our country, and we’ve done nothing because we are the adults and didn’t want to “make a scene” that would result in a temper tantrum from the petulant children we’re surrounded by.

Now they are in such control of so many institutions that if you are even suspected of thinking about making a scene, you could be lynched. They can do literally anything they want including murdering cops, taking over government buildings and obstructing legislatures, but if you don’t toe the line on critical race theory and the “science” behind surgical masks mitigating aerosol spread, then you deserve to lose your job and have your kids be attacked at school.

The media won’t report on it at all, but if they do they will lie about it and blame you.

There are no good legal defenses for you anymore because a very ugly, very troubling and very little discussed thing happened after the 2020 election. The media and corporate America made it perfectly okay to go after law firms and attorneys for representing their clients. Forget about your actual case or its merits in a court of law. Any lawyer who talks to you will be subject to personal attacks on them and their family. They already know that and it won’t “bleed into” the representation you get. It will entirely inform it.

You have to get past that reality first in 2021 America, and then you can think about your case a little bit.

Best of luck with the judge!

The intelligence community is targeting you right now and the military is being trained to believe you cause most of the world’s problems.

Academia has already produced reams of “studies” affirming that claim.

Trump supporters are the greatest threat to the free world in the history of mankind. It’s science!

This is America now.

It’s not what is most real about or reflective of the American mainstream, but in this moment that is what we’re up against.

And that means it’s time for a lot of us to start looking at the world and our country and our neighbors a lot differently than we ever have before.

I’ll just say this for now because it’s the reason I started writing this piece and I’d like to keep it relatively short compared to most of my ramblings: if you have right on your side, then you have absolutely no excuse or duty to shut up anymore. It’s time to let them take anything else from you that they can or want, except for your commitments to freedom and the truth.

We have arrived at that moment.

Good patriots will have to put their comfort and security on the line at this point in defense of what’s right.

We’re past the point of being nice in the face of their racism, anti-America hatred and myriad other social, political and academic psychoses.  We’re past the point where it’s not really a big deal, nor does it actually affect us or our families personally.

Those days are over.

And as you enter this new reality on the front lines, standing to lose nothing more than a war of words that ends with you being lied about no matter what was said, you have to at this point stand at that line and take those shots. And because in this new America words are considered so much more deadly than sticks or stones, regardless of what was said, you may also have to sit in a jail cell and rot for it. And you’ll be attacked on the inside for being a Trump supporter because that’s an easy ingredient that they added on January 7th and have no plans to stop fomenting.

When you face the judge you will have to stand by every shred of truth you know in your heart, and concede nothing in submission to their psychotic religion.

Your submission and denial of the truth is, after all, all they ever want. When the leftist lynch mob comes to cancel someone, the absolute worst thing that person can do is show any sign of weakness or submit in any way. Once you do that, you’ve gone to the second location with them in perpetuity. You will spend the rest of your life getting bounced around by their various splinter factions because you have no spine and have shown them you’ll cower and do whatever they tell you to.

I don’t know how God will provide for us in the face of what’s to come. I just know He will. And I know we could do nothing and, if we’re lucky, get to November 2022 and have the free and fair elections we’re due, wipe the floor with them, and have skated by this moment by the skin of our teeth. We can do that. But they’ll just come roaring back in their own capacity and will make 2016-2020 look like a walk in the park.

We have to fight back at some point in the entirely non-violent way that our Republican ancestors have done so successfully. We have to show corporate America that, yes, we’re going to “make a scene.” And we’re going to fight back. And we’re not going to be polite and nice about it. The American left which includes the entire legacy news media alongside “woke corporate America” and academia are uniformly racist and evil. They lie, they cheat, they promote slavery and ignore genocide in China while vilifying America as a bastion of inhumanity.

We’re not dealing with serious people and the time has come for strong Americans to stand up, show them we’re far tougher than they realized, and we’re willing to sacrifice a lot more than they expected.



*Covid had a 99.7% survival rate before the likely safe and effective vaccines. There’s simply no other plausible reason for this virus to have divided so many people and destroyed so many businesses, but for the boy-band-level marketing that went into making it the only news or life item anyone was allowed to focus on. With the exception of Trump’s miracle vaccines which massively thwarted the left’s hopes and dreams, we could have done literally nothing else that was (and is being) prescribed by “the experts,” and all the numbers would be the same except maybe they’d have more integrity because maybe the CDC wouldn’t have instructed hospitals to count everyone who died with as having definitely died from. The virus is real. The response to it was a social and political hit job on our entire nation; a cudgel with which to bludgeon Trump, punish the nation that elected him, and consolidate power among the elites while driving small businesses into the ground (including mom and pop landlords who are now losing property because of the American Communist’s edicts). So yes, covid was absolutely weaponized by our media for purely social and political purposes. And it’s okay to say so: “I won’t live my life in fear of a virus that has a 99.99% survival rate. And I won’t pretend to have healthy or productive conversations with unhinged hypochondriacs who do. The covid hysterics should be talking to shrinks. Not infecting other Americans who are much more emotionally and psychologically healthy.”

**I’d share that piece with you but I can’t find it now. It’s somewhere in Sean Davis’s Twitter feed but, as I’ve just this moment learned, Twitter has shadow-banned Davis to a degree I’d not yet seen. If you search the website for anything Davis has posted, nothing comes up. For example he just posted an article with the word “publication” written into the tweet. So if I do a search like this — from:seanmdav publication — then it should bring back every tweet Sean ever sent with the word “publication” in it. But instead I get a blank page saying “No results.” (Screenshots below.)

Try it for yourself by clicking here and doing your own searches. Nothing Sean writes will ever come back in the search results. It’s a small but clear example of their quietly chipping away at our freedom and communications under the cover of dark and without any of our alleged First Amendment protectors in the media or intelligence community saying a word about it. To the contrary, if you bring it up, they call you a conspiracy theorist and nominate you for re-education and/or lynching.

I’d written recently that thanks to the over-medicated-since-they-could-walk Big Tech virgins, you really can’t find good conservative content after a few days unless you save it somewhere. And even then by the time you go back to it, YouTube will have likely taken it down if it’s a video, and if it’s not a video then the site or link could be corrupted in some other new way that nobody has time to mention or unpack because they’re hitting us with so much all at once.

My inability to find one of the most impressive articles I’ve ever read that was written just a few weeks ago and was on-fire all over conservative media during that time, is an example of that in real time. It was a baller article with excellent insights but I didn’t save it because I thought I could always go back to Twitter and search for a few of the keywords with Sean’s handle and find it. No such luck, as I’ve just learned.

It’s an incredible time to be alive, wherein we get to witness so much evil and pro-slavery behavior from the allegedly loving, tolerant and “progressive” American left. They’re wannabe communists who would already turn the other way if Biden told the military to start rounding you and your families up. They’d tell themselves it’s for the good of humanity and in the interest of science, because you were just being too belligerent about those masks.

That’s who and what they are and it’s thanks entirely to conditioning from the legacy news media, Hollywood, academia and most recently “woke corporate America.” And they’re all backed by the entire intelligence community, and most of the military top brass.

So back to the point of the original post: if you have right on your side, stop being afraid. If you love this country and want to save it, stop worrying so much about what they’ll take from you. The time has come again for Republicans to stand up to defend this nation and the civil rights of all its people in a non-violent but defensive, offensive, unafraid and unapologetic way. It’s time to stop thinking about what they’ll steal from you or how they’ll lie about you, and start fighting anyway because you know you’re right, what they’re doing is dangerous, and your fearlessness in the face of their deceit and power is what they fear most.

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