U.S. Media On Track To Celebrate Taliban’s ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Rapes & Murders

They can’t wait to get back to attacking Trump supporters here at home.

That’s their only real objective in the world right now.

That goes for our entire national security apparatus from the media, to the intelligence community, to the military leaders.

They’re all focused like a laser on making Trump supporters out to be terrorists and “the nation’s greatest threat,” and this whole debacle in Afghanistan is just an embarrassing distraction to them.

And that means pretty soon you’ll see them excuse the Taliban terrorists just like they excused the Antifa and BLM terrorists.

Lloyd Austin is a morbidly obese, disastrous walking health crisis who is also a racist, a communist, and the Secretary of Defense. He recently said America’s greatest national security threats were climate change, white supremacists, and getting more diversity into the military. A few weeks later he and his delinquent pals handed over thousands of hostages and billions in military equipment and technology not just to the Tablian but to Russia, China and Iran. The man, alongside another morbidly obese trainwreck, Mark Milley, is a pathetic joke more committed to dividing and destroying our nation than protecting it.

Smarter people than I are writing endlessly about the utter humiliation of our military and intelligence community; how they’re no better than the medical establishment in terms of having lost both our trust, and the ability to carry out their own mission.

And it’s all true. I’d been wanting to write about the FBI for a while now — specifically about how I no longer think the “rank and file” are exempt from the ire the bureau has garnered over the last several years. If you work for the FBI or CIA then I, an American patriot who a few years ago was stupidly okay with you reading my text messages and whatnot (because I knew *I* wasn’t a threat), the one who thought it wasn’t my business as a civilian to know what our defenders do behind closed doors to get enemies to talk — I was a pretty obedient, stupid, overly trusting, perfectly happy American who didn’t mind what you clowns were up to because I figured at some level it was legitimately in service to our nation.

I no longer believe that.

Now I believe every one of you dirtbags are working, like the media, solely to remain part of what’s become your institutional clique. The entire charter has moved from “Protecting America and Americans” to “Crush Republicans and dishonestly call them all racists.” That’s the mission now and if you want to be part of America’s intelligence community, then you better be willing to pour everything you have into helping the media tell that dishonest story.

I still believe the rank and file of our military are largely salt of the earth and in it for the right reasons, but they’re being weakened and subjugated and made to humiliate our nation rather than protect it.

Now think about the medical establishment.

Now think about the racist, communist terrorists who run academia.

Now think about fascist, authoritarian propagandists who run our media.

There’s nothing left to respect or trust when America-hating leftist trash are running things.

All I think about when it comes to this stuff is, “How much closer are we to November 2022, and what do they have in their arsenal that they might weaponize to cheat in that election?”

The first part of that question is always easy.

The second part changes every hour.

They need to drum up something massive and make it stick if they’re going to steal the 2022 and 2024 elections like they did in 2020. Right now they’re lying to us about the covid threat and hoping they can blow that up so it becomes useful to them again. But this Afghanistan news presents a whole new opportunity. Supposing, as the smoke settles, these Taliban terrorists turn out to be “not so bad,” per the media. They’re already saying they’re going to protect women’s rights and allow safe passage to the airport, which is good enough for our media to be happy. Because our media just need to hear the words and if it fits their narrative, they stop asking questions.

Think about Biden saying he’s going to “mandate vaccinations for all federal employees.” Now think about the Taliban saying they’re going to “protect women’s rights.” The media eagerly eat up both of those statements while pretending not to have heard the second half of each: for Biden it was “or get tested regularly,” and for the Taliban it was “as allowed by Islamic law.” The media ignore those parts of the statements because they don’t fit their narratives.

Today (8/17/21) around 3:42PM ET CNN had a guest on who said the Taliban have changed because they have been taught how to have relationships with the media, and therefore how to improve their propaganda efforts. That the two so easily go hand-in-hand shouldn’t be so casually accepted. But it came and went and nobody noticed, and of course the host didn’t comment. The guest said the Taliban are smarter now because they know how to effectively partner with our pathetic media to get their propaganda out, and the CNN host just nodded along. Minutes later in a different segment, around 3:50PM ET, the same host who nodded along to the “Media helps terrorists” narrative (Alysyn Camerota or however tf you spell its name), suggested that maybe the CDC should have lied to Americans in order to get more people vaccinated. It then hoped aloud that the CDC was listening so maybe they’d use the dishonest propaganda idea. Those were two examples inside of 10 minutes on CNN of a guest and host both openly suggesting that it’s perfectly healthy and normal for powerful forces to partner with the media in service to their lies and propaganda.

So if the Taliban throw some talk about “equity” in their next press conference, my God, the pathetic U.S. legacy news media will be eating out of their hand even more than they are now.

The legacy news media, intelligence community, military leadership, academia and woke corporate America (the biggest pansies of them all) are all terrorists who are set on destroying this country by first taking out its greatest patriots. They’ll do anything they can. If the Taliban end up saying the right things for our media, then they’ll be able to import their preferred terrorists into our nation under whatever crackpot arrangement our feckless government carves out for “the refugees.” We’ll have Taliban terrorists running all over our nation with fake credentials saying they once helped us in Afghanistan. It will be chaos all over our nation and the people who say anything about it will give the media, intelligence community and military leadership exactly what they all desperately need, and what academia, Hollywood and woke corporate America can’t wait to get back to…

An excuse to again pretend that Trump supporters are a threat to this nation at all, let alone its greatest one.

We’ll speak up to call out whatever half-assed debacle the America-hating Biden Team drum up, and they’ll call us racist for it and get right back to their business at hand of dividing and destroying our country.

These people are liars. They’re evil. They hate you. They hate this country and anyone who loves it. Everything is blowing up in their faces which only makes them more dangerous. Meanwhile we have God on our side which is all that has me thinking we might actually pull this off and get to the next election in a free and fair way.

But if they do manage to hijack Sleepy Joe’s Afghanistan humiliation to create another “good crisis” that they can use to somehow upset American order and weaponize for our elections, they’ll need to check a few boxes along the way.

The Taliban will have to branded by our media as having at least an element of good faith that we’re able to work with, because they now control all roads to the airport and the only way we change that is with heavy combat. So if we’re going to free all those poor people living under Taliban rule in Afghanistan, we have to trust that the Taliban will be helping us achieve that goal. And the media will help create that veneer of trust by doing repeated human interest stories about the small percentage of worthy interpreters who truly did help us. They’ll say the Taliban set these people free, and for that they deserve a modicum of respect because they’re acting in good faith. It will all be a lie as half the people coming will be frauds who are here to hurt us, but our feckless intelligence community and military won’t have a clue how to swing back because they have to keep the charade going with the media.

Moreover, we’ll still have to have “more serious” threats at home that they can insist command our focus.

Yes the Taliban are bad, but those Trump supporters are so much worse!

How will they get there?

By doing the same thing they did for Antifa and BLM.

It was hard to watch the media protect the Antifa and BLM terrorists who caused billions of dollars in damage, dozens of deaths including the murders of police officers, and endless violence and carnage for years at a time in our cities and streets. The media protected, defended, apologized for and excused all of it. Willie Brown’s sidepiece, who is now the Vice President of the United States because it slept its way to the top, bailed these terrorists out and did it proudly. The media ignored all of it. The DOJ dropped all charges. The intelligence community pretends they don’t even exist and the current military leadership thinks they have a good point.

It was hard to watch the media and rest excuse America’s Antifa and BLM terrorists. It was harder still to watch them pretend Trump supporters were so much worse, for one time doing a tiny fraction of what the left did for years on end.

It was all hard to watch.

Well, get ready to watch the media promote the Taliban to just a notch or two more civil and useful than Trump supporters. It’s coming. There’s no way this story goes away quietly and there’s no way the media, intelligence community and military leadership just start doing their actual jobs. They’re all trash and their only job is putting targets on the backs of America First patriots. That’s it. Their objective is purely political and they’ll carry it out entirely in bad faith. They don’t even care who knows they’re lying and cheating anymore.

Within a few months the media will be painting a picture of the Taliban that’s far more generous than anything they’ve ever once said about Trump supporters. They have to, because the world now sees the Taliban again in a way we hadn’t for some time (thanks, Sleepy Joe!), and that means the world again sees actual reality that happens beyond what the legacy news media wants us to focus on and believe. If the media are going to get back to the business at hand, they need to make the Taliban look more civil and worthy of respect than Trump supporters.

So that’s what they’ll start working to do.

Our elites are trash. Don’t trust them and stop worrying about offending them. Someone wrote recently that they prey on your good behavior and your desire not to make a scene. It was an excellent point. You’ve been the adult in the room your whole life: playing by the rules, avoiding conflict, trying to keep people happy because you’re a civil part of a strong, functioning society.

That’s no longer the case.

You’re the enemy of a communist, authoritarian state whose intelligence and military leadership are shitty at everything on the planet except lying about, framing and attacking American citizens who love this country and are tired of being a doormat for the rest of the world.

That’s their job.

Make it difficult for them by making things easy on yourself for once. They can’t take anything from you of actual value. They’ve got you believing that your cell phone or even your home and job are irreplaceable. They’re not. Nothing is more important than punching back on these assholes and standing up for yourself, your family and your nation. You have nothing existential to be afraid of because you don’t harbor any of the lies they say about you. All the actual racists in America belong to the Racist Democrat Party, and if any racists in America don’t identify as Democrat, they will pretty soon because it’s their natural home and always has been. My point is, you’re nothing that they say you are. If they take all or something from you for speaking the truth, so be it. We have to get comfortable with that. They’ve bullied us into silence for so long that we’re on the brink of letting them burn our nation to the ground and hand it over to the communists, all because we don’t want our neighbors to find out we’re one of the people that the media constantly lies about.

Fuck them. Fuck their norms and decorum. Fuck their delicate way of life.

We have to put that away and I’m as guilty, if not more, than anyone else. I’ve always been hyper-sensitive about how I look in public. I’ve always been aggressively committed to keeping order and helping make sure everyone was comfortable and harmonious. Like many of you, I’m the opposite of the bomb thrower: I love doing random acts of kindness and going out of my way to be nice to strangers who clearly need or want some friendship or other attention. That’s always been who I am. And it still is. But in the last six months I’ve started lacing up my boots and getting ready for a fight anywhere I go. I’ll do it calmly and civilly but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna nod along to the liberal bullshit I used to let slide to avoid conflict.

Every last one of them is a racist, and I’m not afraid to say it plainly and to their faces:

The Racist Democrat Party has never once in its history derived a shred of power that wasn’t predicated entirely on racial disunity and disparity of their own making. Today is no different. All Democrats Are Racist. Yes, witting and well-intended or not, even you. You’re a racist, you promote racism, and I neither respect or like you because of it.

Every last one of them is a science denier, and I’m not afraid to say it plainly and to their faces:

I won’t live my life in fear of a virus with a 99.99% survival rate, nor will I try to have a productive conversation with the dangerously unsafe hypochondriacs who have chosen otherwise.

I’m increasingly comfortable telling these people the truth, and so are many other Americans who are now showing up to school board meetings and other venues to let their voices be heard.

That’s what it will take as the media start telling the world that the Taliban is actually a little easier to work with, and more morally suited for leadership, than the America First movement. Because that’s what coming. If we let them, within a year the Taliban will be recognized as a legitimate and progressive government that “has some work to do” but is ultimately still nowhere near the threat that Trump supporters are.

Watch for it. It’s coming. Be prepared. It’s no longer useful to cry about the media being biased. Now is the time to expect and be ready for it, to no longer afford them respect, and to appreciate that civility is a blessing you can strip from them anytime you choose. They’re all trash. They hate you, they hate this country, they lie, they’re evil, and you have to be ready for what they’ll pull and how little you owe them in terms of kindness or patience.

You owe them nothing. They’re trash, and you should treat them all that way. They deserve it and the world will be a better place when you wake up to that reality and start fighting for a change.

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