Prolonged Masking May Permanently Stifle Your Child’s Immune System

There are growing concerns that masking a child’s respiratory system is like putting metal restraints on their bones: you’re physically corrupting their development and whatever you end up with will likely be significantly stunted in both form and function. 

The people who say it’s perfectly safe for your child to spend 9 hours a day desperately reaching for a few gasps of fresh air, are lying. And they’re lying to promote fear so that they can hang onto various aspects of power: political, professional, ratings, academic funding, social capital in their fantastically elitist circles, union giveaways, etc.

Everything they’re doing is designed to promote fear, and none of it has anything to do with mitigating the spread of any virus. 

Of course it’s worked well initially because the vast majority of Americans are of good faith, especially when it comes to our most powerful and trusted institutions. So all across the country you have parents who simply believe the media and all of their “experts” who claim that forcing kids to recycle their own carbon dioxide all day is perfectly safe.

The fact is, there’s no data to prove that because we’ve never been stupid or reckless enough to let them try it. We’ve let them get this far because we’re the adults in the room and they’ve long been the petulant, screaming children whom we just let cry it out.

But as most Americans know, even many once-proud Democrats, their petulance has become untenable.

There are myriad reasons for this but today I’m writing simply on one element of one aspect: the possible long-term detriment to kids whose immunological development may be significantly stunted by 9+ hours of daily masking. 

There is no science to say it’s safe. There are only bad faith media celebrities who have been lying to you from the start, and whose foremost goal is to spread fear in sustenance of their respective capital.

They are all in it together.

Every new variant will always be the most dangerous.

Every naysayer will always be out to kill granny.

Every common sense pursuit — herd immunity for the spectacularly not-at-risk, serious mitigation efforts for those who are, deference to the virus’s origin, honest reporting about the virus’s lethality, fair and open debate amid the scientific community — every honest, good faith, common sense pursuit was flagrantly lied about and/or suppressed by the powerful institutions who simply want to promote the fear.

And now they’re casually telling parents, “Don’t sweat it. We’re sure your kids will be fine if they just breathe their own recycled carbon dioxide and only the most bulky remnants of whatever they exhale in a day for 9+ hours in perpetuity while their immune systems are still trying to grow and develop naturally. No, we’ve never tried it before. But it’s just your kids. And it’s just their respiratory and immune systems. Plus didn’t you hear? There’s a virus with a 99.7% survival rate that we need to thwart! Yes that’s a pretty high survival rate and yes now that we have vaccines it’s even higher. And yes, yes, yes it’s true that the virus really isn’t a threat anymore to anyone who doesn’t want to be threatened by it. But still, just throw your kids on the fire. Because the teachers’ union, legacy news media, big tech, woke corporate America, the Racist Democrat Party and Lizdam Chenzinger really need your compliance to keep this thing going.”

That’s their messaging and sadly too many parents are too scared or beaten down to push back. 

So those parents need to hear the reality…

There’s a chance that making your kids wear surgical masks for long periods, over long durations, will in fact damage their immunological development in a way that negatively impacts them forever. It’s one thing for adults whose fully developed immune systems can resist impediments from reaching their full potential. But kids immune systems, like their bones, are still growing and maturing. And we wouldn’t stifle their bone growth without expecting negative consequences. But I suspect that’s exactly what we’re doing with their immune systems by making them gasp for fresh air all day instead of letting them breathe naturally and normally within their respective geographic regions alongside all the exposure and immunological conditioning that entails. 

Only time will tell because there’s no data on it. And that’s yet another example of the powerful lying to you when they claim without evidence, “It’s perfectly safe!”

Your children are the experiment, it’ll be a decade or more before we know how this may have permanently damaged their natural immune systems, and too many of you are really proud to be tossing them on the left’s altar to see what happens.

I have mixed emotions about those casually going along with all of this; those who are proudly weaponizing their kids to help spread fear and empower the most disgraced and discredited collection of American wannabe communists the world has ever seen.

The least disgusted among those emotions is pity. I understand many of them truly believe what they’re doing is good, just like they truly believe it’s healthy and helpful to prioritize identity over character. But however well-intended and equally frustrated their own base might be, the nicest thing I can say about them at this point is that I pity them. They wouldn’t be risking their kids’ futures and well-being this way if they weren’t utterly broken at so many critical levels.

The legacy news media is primarily to blame. They decide what our nation will talk about, and then narrate that conversation so only elements that help them are included. They bully some of America’s most trusting and salt-of-the-earth patriots and families into submission. The media more than anyone or anything else created the terror in this country that turned so many once healthy and independent Americans into mindless drones who are too afraid of being “cancelled” to speak freely and/or defend themselves. 

There’s a lot to lament these days but the big one for me is kids in masks. I understand the left want to play their games and “not let good crises go to waste.” But while the virus was funded by Fauci, manufactured by China and weaponized by our media to help consolidate corporate and political power — we can’t let them exploit it to the point that they’re physically hurting our children in service to their pathetic charade. But there’s a decent chance that’s exactly what they’re doing, and you shouldn’t trust anyone who says “It’s perfectly safe!” because they’ve never done this before and have no idea how it will permanently hurt your child’s otherwise normal, physiological development.

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