Leftism Again Stymies *Itself*: They Can’t Truly Mandate Vaccines Because Racist Dems See Blacks As Unequal

I literally laughed out loud when I heard Biden say it a week or so ago (paraphrasing):

“We mean business and we really mean it! That’s why we’re mandating all federal employees — no exceptions! all of them! ALL! — we are mandating ALL federal employees be vaccinated. Ya hear me? VACCINATED! MANDATED! ALL OF THEM! We’re doing this because we’re serious and we mean business. Not a joke. Got that? That’s how serious we are, and how much business we mean.

Also if they don’t get vaccinated then they have to get tested a few times, and they’ll probably get a lot of extra time off work.


Got that?

That’s how serious we are and how much business we mean. MANDATED. ALL.

The media had spent several days before teeing up the “mandate” and “serious” narratives, and then when the day came and Biden announced, the “or get tested a few times” exception was casually thrown in there as an aside.

And everyone in the media and elsewhere just went along with it.

Everyone just moved on as if “Wow! Mandated! Serious! All!”

None of it was true. It’s a joke. The only thing that’s being “mandated” is that unvaccinated employees submit to regular covid testing.

Of course the media did what they always do: lie through their teeth to weave a dishonest narrative that’s designed every. single. time. to divide us as a people and destroy our nation. (That, and nothing else, is what drives the communist left in 2021 America. And that includes everyone from Jake Tapper, Yamiche Alcindor, Lester Holt and Jimmy Kimmel, to Anthony Fauci, AOC, Kamala Harris and Mark Milley.)

I knew immediately what was going on.

They couldn’t possibly tell black people — whom they pity and fear, because that’s just how racist liberals feel about brown skin — they couldn’t possibly tell them that they have to get vaccinated. I mean, it’s totally reasonable for black people to harbor conspiracy theories about the government using them as guinea pigs, based on their skin color, because of that time a century ago when the government lied to a group of black men and told them they had gotten vaccinated when in fact they had not (aka “The Tuskegee Experiment”). Liberals like to pretend that provides sufficient cover for black people today to resist the medical establishment.

There are a lot of reasons right now today not to trust the medical establishment. But telling black people that it’s understandable for them to be afraid because of what happened to a small group nearly 100 years ago, is not helpful. It’s not empathetic. It’s not sympathetic. It’s not progressive.

It’s enabling an unhealthy psychological stain that prohibits a person from participating in society unencumbered by delirious fantasies about their victim status.

But liberals think it makes them “anti-racist.”

Which leads me to Woke Corporate America. They, too, are claiming to be “mandating” vaccines for all employees.

I wonder how many that’s actually true for.

Are Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple and the rest truly mandating their employees get vaccinated?

Or are they also, like the government, allowing a testing exception?

I don’t know the answer but I’ll tell you what at least a few of these racist psychopaths are thinking about: vaccination exemptions for black people in the name of equity. You can hear it already, right?

We have so much more work to do. But one great act of immediate reparations we can make is to recognize the terror our black American brothers and sisters endure when they think about the horrors of Tuskegee. With that in mind, as part of our commitment to equity, we are exempting black employees from the vaccine mandate. There’s no reason the rest of us can’t lift a little more to help make our black friends, family and neighbors feel safer and better protected.

All they have to do is say it and, even though it’s both racist and stupid, they’ll hail themselves heroes for it and the entire institutional left will follow suit.

They’re thinking about that. They’re trying to figure out how they can make it happen. They’re gonna stick all you awful Americans with the jab if it’s the last thing they do with their power (just to prove they can), but they pity and fear black people too much to include them. So they’re trying to dance around it now by quietly noting the “or testing” exemption.

It’s gonna blow up at some point. Either they’re going to have to scrap it entirely, admit the “or testing” exemption makes it all moot, or laughably try to roll out some “equity” addendum that suggests blacks have a reason to be afraid and the rest of us owe them our understanding and any extra lifting we can do to help them.

For any who are new around here, I reject such bigoted and racist proclamations for exactly what they are. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: I neither pity nor fear black people nearly enough to tell them I think they need special or different treatment, or that I think their problems and failures are unique from anyone else’s in America. We’re conditioned to segregate ourselves by race and identity because that’s how the left have always done things. But the vast majority of America — its mainstream, including and exemplified by the America First movement — we honestly and sincerely don’t give a prancing f**k about skin color. The media are creating a lot of new racists, especially in young people whom they’re training to see everything through race-colored lenses. But the vast majority of America was already the wide-woke realization of Dr. King’s dream, wherein we judge people by the content of their character rather than the diversity of their identity. And the only reason it feels to some like that’s not reality, is because the institutional left and Racist Democrat Party work really hard to make people feel that way. They want to create as much racism, division and pain as possible. They thrive off of each. It’s up to us, the Republican Party, as it always has been throughout our nation’s history, to stop them.

Boldly telling the truth about their humiliatingly regressive failures, especially the comically intersectional ones — cultist BlueAnon fear-mongering thwarted by Democrats’ world-renowned racism — will always be an important part of stopping them.

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One comment

  1. Good article.
    You point out the hypocrisy presented.
    Sadly the hypocrisy is prevelant amongst most in the political class regardless of party.
    The brave politician is the one who steers towards the reasonable stance as being reasonable is now unacceptable apparently. You have to be in one camp or the other and that is that.


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