To Combat Leftist Insanity, Check Your Emotions At ‘Pre-Rational Levels’

I just read an unfortunately useful thread about the “covid-conscious” hypochondriacs who now permeate our once-brave nation.

I’m skipping past recent news about the CDC’s latest masking guidance being based on flawed studies from India that focused on the wrong things and didn’t even factor U.S.-approved vaccines, or the study out of Massachusetts wherein 4 people out of 346 got seriously sick, none died, and — as it turns out — 75% were already vaccinated. And I don’t personally spend a lot of time reading studies but someone I know who does recently told me that all three being used most broadly in the medical community to defend the use of masks are fantastically flimsy. All three. I’m skipping over all these important, recently happened upon items that show our most powerful institutions lying about and weaponizing science to achieve their political goals.

Instead I’m going straight to this interesting thread about what we’re up against when it comes to their well-conditioned and paranoid base. These people are, after all, the resulting Frankensteins of all the institutional left’s hard work.

Without further delay, some words of wisdom from one Helen Andrews:

Have you ever dealt with a serious hypochondriac? I have. I’m not going to tell that personal story, but I will share some lessons I’ve learned, because I keep seeing the same behaviors among the covid-conscious.

IT’S SERIOUS. Hypochondria is a real disease (ironically). It can make someone blow their life savings or turn into a recluse. Think of it like compulsive gambling or any addiction. It can take over a person’s life. /2

IT STARTS SMALL. Maybe a chemical sensitivity or a food allergy. If you humor them, thinking the accommodations are too small to object to, the requests will escalate. There is no limiting principle. Their health trumps your minor inconvenience every time. /3

REASONING WILL GET YOU NOWHERE. Hypochondriacs aren’t irrational. Quite the opposite. They are too rational. Going to a concert is fun, going to the store is useful, but they’re not worth dying over. “The risk may be small but it’s not worth my life” is invincible logic. /4

FACTS WON’T EITHER. Because they’ll always know more than you. Why wouldn’t they? It’s their obsession. Assuming you don’t collect medical facts compulsively, because you are a sane person, you’ll never win on that ground. /5

THERE’S ONLY ONE CURE. You cannot talk someone out of hypochondria. There’s no argument you can possibly make. It just doesn’t work that way. The only cure is to make a decision that you want to live like a normal person. This decision takes place at a pre-rational level. /6

So if it seems like I’m not interested in debating mask mandates beyond “I’m a free human being and I won’t do it,” this is why. /END

I found this — “This decision takes place at a pre-rational level” — especially useful.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ll hear like-minded America First patriots talking about the issues of the day and find myself saying:

“You’re discussing this matter as if those who oppose us are of good faith, want a solution, care about your brand of common sense and/or would be willing to work with you in any way for the legitimate good of this nation. It’s such a sadly useless perspective that it’s actually debasing to hear.

It happens all the time. I can’t listen to people discuss these things anymore because if it’s people on their side, there’s zero getting through to them (as assuredly as there’s no getting through to the hypochondriac). And if it’s people on my side, they’re too often still debating these things as if there’s an opportunity to “get through to” the other side.

I’ve proffered my solutions and, if I do say so myself, they were excellent prescriptions for non-violent action in furtherance of the civil rights we in the GOP have so long fought for:

  1. Take out the legacy news media by having our best-earning elected leaders isolate a group of the worst offenders (e.g. NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, WaPo, NYT, NPR, PBS, AP) and then marginalize them by announcing a boycott, carried out by the elected leaders themselves, predicated on real-world evidence of those outlets’ bias and active indefinitely until appropriate checks are in place to ensure future bias and related failures are mitigated
  2. Shatter the ground under the Racist Democrat Party by getting “All Democrats Are Racist” trending nationally at the hands of we in the Republican base

That second one sounds a lot more plausible today than it did when I first floated it six months ago, because that’s all the time it’s taken to reveal both CRT and long-standing media/Democrat objections around voter ID, for example, to be the racist upstarts they are.

Six months ago when I said we in the base should get “All Democrats Are Racist’ trending, a lot of people had no idea what I was talking about and were in no way prepared to go to battle with it.

Today, a good chunk of the America First movement could take that attack out for a test drive and hold their own around even the sharpest corners.

Mind you, we should say it not because it’s politically expedient but because it’s true: wittingly or not, well-intended or not, all Democrats are in fact racist. They believe that all black people are uniquely oppressed and all white people are the reason why and that alone makes them racist, only racist, and all the way racist. (Of course there’s more and it’s written about all over these pages.)

At any rate, those were my solutions. They were pretty solid and I’d have gladly shepherded them however possible if people with resources and pull wanted to put them in action.

But while I was floating those ideas, I’d often note: we’ll win, but we can either do so quickly and with very little pain, or take a long time and endure a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering.

I hope you’re sitting down, but from my perspective, “doing it with very little pain” would’ve meant adopting my strategies.

Instead, we’re doing what we’re doing: trudging along, playing defense, responding right on cue to their narratives, waiting hopefully for our turn, praying, complaining when there’s no accountability, etc etc.

And it’s just as painful to watch as I thought it would be.

So when Helen Andrews, who I’d never before seen or heard of, talks about decisions that take place at pre-rational levels, and concludes by saying the entirety of her anti-mask argument is “I’m a free human being and I won’t do it,” it really resonates with me.

Indulging anything beyond that with these people is just too taxing with not nearly enough return on your investment.

You just have to accept sometimes that the people on the other side of these debates are too far gone to be reasoned with. Especially now with a literally made-in-China virus that has a 99.7%+ survival rate and is being weaponized regardless by the media, academia and corporate America to further enrich China while weakening America and its people.

You’ll drive yourself crazy and waste a lot of movements, intellectually and otherwise, trying to talk around their “You’re literally killing Grandma!” mantra.

The best thing you can do for yourself, and those among them who are fully held hostage by the carefully-manicured insanity, is to not indulge the fantasies and instead lead by lucid and unafraid example.

And the best you can do when it comes to those among them who know better, is the same damn thing.

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