COVID Hysterics’ Top 5 Denials: Survival Rate, Obesity, N-95s, Immunity, Death Count

America’s covidiots have left mountains of evidence that history will use to indict their freakishly reckless behavior. Their base of BlueAnon conspiracy theorists will be viewed as the sociopolitical casualties they are, but the once-sacred and now-hijacked institutions they’re led by — America’s legacy news media, academia, Hollywood, Big Tech, woke corporate America and the corrupted intelligence community — they and their decades-long cast of creeping communists will be the star villains, unable to escape crushing historical ire akin to Nazis and slave traders.

In the meantime we’re stuck talking to each other and getting active where/when we can, desperately waiting our turn to vote again and praying they don’t manufacture another faux crisis that will allow them to steal another election.

They do, after all, literally control everything right now and lie about anything right to our faces. It’s sport to them at this point. I actually fear writing this stuff because I don’t want to give them ideas but, the reality is, they could tell us the sky is green tomorrow and get all of their institutions nodding along, snatch up a few million already-unstable liberals to breathlessly virtue signal the cause, then start doling out panic orders “until ‘the science’ helps us get through this.”

We know it’s crazy. We never thought we’d be here. Remember the auditory illusion where some people heard ‘Yanny’ and others heard ‘Laurel?’ We have two top professors here from Harvard and Yale to explain why the exact same thing appears to be happening with the color of the sky. Yes many see blue. But as we’ve been reporting for days, many are beginning to see green. And the concern so many scientists have is that beneath what right now appears to be a natural optical illusion, dangerous threats to humanity may lurk. This is why everyone except essential workers must shelter in place and avoid direct sunlight at all costs while our trusted experts get a handle on just how dire the threat truly is or, God willing, we’re all hoping, is not.

It’s that easy for them, and the proof is that they’re lying just as casually and clearly about everything else that’s going on today. It sucks. It’s scary. But it’s just the truth and maybe I’ll write more about that at some point. It’s one of those things that’s so utterly out of our control that I don’t even want to approach it. If they manufacture another crisis ahead of 2022 that allows them to federalize or otherwise steal the elections going forward, it’ll be over. And we’ll have no recourse. But it’s not “the end of the world.” The USA is great but it’s not everything. God is greater. Much greater. So if that time comes, that’s where my focus goes and I see where it takes me. I told a friend recently: I’ll live in the light of God instead of the darkness of despair. Nobody can take that light.

But I digress.

Here are five of the lies and denials they’re caught up in about covid 19 specifically.


This thing had a more than 99.7% survival rate before the vaccines. It was 99.9% for people under 70. So let me just say clearly the part that happens at a pre-rational level, before getting dragged into the mud with leftists whose only hope for survival is your living in the ditch with them: I’m not going to live my life in fear of a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate.

If we were dealing with intellectually honest people who didn’t harbor ulterior motives, that would’ve been the baseline fact about this virus. From there we would have easily found ourselves all agreeing that literally shutting the country down will do far more damage than the virus with a 99.7% survival rate.

We never got to have that conversation though because the media swept in too quickly with their “THE SKY IS FALLING!” promises, and they got enough of our nation scared enough to nod along, and the rest was history. But the astoundingly high survival rate was the first and among the biggest instances of science we were told to deny, and public health awareness we were told to ignore.


Another thing we immediately knew is that of the tiny fraction of people negatively impacted by covid 19, an unhealthy portion of them will be obese. They told you to wash your hands 20 times a day for 20 seconds each time. They told you to lather yourself in disinfectant before leaving the house, after you get home, and whenever possible while away from home. They told you it was too dangerous for you to have a wedding, and that you had to watch your mother die over a zoom call instead of being by her side. They told literally every one of your children they had to give up at least a full year of their precious childhood. They’re still telling literally every one of your children that they need to compromise their own immunological development; forcing them to breathe their own dirty, recycled carbon dioxide for 9 hours a day while gasping for fresh air just a few times throughout. They told you your job wasn’t essential, and they told the people whose jobs were “essential” to start treating you like shit when you go to their stores. Because they’re all heroes, and you’re nothing more than vessels for disease whom they must unjustly share air with.

They did all this and so much more all in the name of defeating this virus that has a 99.7% survival rate, but they apparently thought saying “Lose some weight” would be too mean.

If we were dealing with honest people who actually cared about public health and mitigating negative effects from covid 19 specifically, “the experts” would’ve mustered the courage and integrity to prioritize obesity (as far as anything even needed to be prioritized for the virus with a 99.7% survival rate). But that’s an honest approach that deflates the national panic attack they wanted to inspire, so they ignored it entirely and continue to.

Simply put, a lot of Americans are fat but not enough to support their “All of America is at risk!” narrative. So rather than do the right thing by the most at-risk and in the interest of public health, they can barely even mention it because they’re worried that just about everyone else will tune out.

They’re not telling you the truth because they’re afraid you’ll stop listening.

Yet another in their long line of existential failures.


If you want to protect yourself from a virus like COVID-19, the best bet most readily available to consumers is the N-95 mask. This mask has a carbon filter (so wear it judiciously as it can be exhausting and also hard on the lungs) that is purported to actually capture some of the virus, which is about 1/3000th the size of a thread in the mask you’re currently wearing.

But don’t be fooled. The masks you’re currently wearing do still serve a very important purpose.

They make every person who wears one a walking advertisement for fear.

That’s it.

Yes they also want to control us and making us wear masks is proof of their success. Yes masks also helped create an environment that allowed the left to steal the 2020 presidential election. Yes they’re being used to divide and enrage us. But all of that is secondary to the mask’s first function, which is simply to promote fear. Because as long as the fear is there, or even just the perception of it (e.g. everyone in masks), that’s enough for the left’s bad faith social engineers to do their dirty work.

If they actually cared about protecting the truly vulnerable, or giving those populations guidance on how to truly protect themselves, they’d be recommending smartly-moderated use of N-95s for those groups. But that’s not the goal and it never has been. The goal has always been to get the entire nation swept up in fear over a virus that has a 99.7%+ survival rate. And if you’re going to meet that goal then you can’t be honest about the threat, who it targets the most, and/or what measures they might consider to protect themselves. So they whitewash the survival rate, sheepishly hide from the obesity conversation, and lie about masking solely to help promote more fear.


I’ll never forget — it may have been March 2020 or so — but the entire academic community was all over cable news saying, “It would be a freak anomaly if getting covid 19 and recovering from it meant you had any kind of immunity. It would be great if that’s the case but we have zero reason to believe it is and anyone who says otherwise is living in a Trumpian fantasy land.” I’m paraphrasing but there was a solid week or so where that was the line coming out of academia and spilling into our living rooms from an eagerly supportive media.

This thing is going to be like the common cold at this point. You’ll get it, you’ll be good for a while, then you might get another form of it later. And be fine. Again. And then be good for a while.

Just like with a cold or any other mildly inconvenient bug you catch throughout the year.

Your immunity works great and for just about 100% of you, it has already and will continue doing exactly what it’s supposed to in warding off the crappy-made Chinese virus.


I’ve written about this a few times because it’s the first and last thing we should bring up when talking about covid 19 with one of its ardent hysterics or enslaved hypochondriacs.

“More than 600K Americans” didn’t “die from” covid 19.

More than 600K Americans died with covid 19.

“Facts Matter! Words Matter! Be Precise! Follow The Science!”

Right? Isn’t that what we always hear from them?

Then why is the number one point they use to defend their covid 19 hysteria predicated entirely on junk science that suggests facts don’t matter, words don’t matter, being precise doesn’t matter and it’s not important to follow the science?

It should go without saying but “with” and “from” are very, very, very different when you’re talking about how someone died. But the CDC and medical communities banded together early on because this was how they’d inspire the most fear:

“We’ll just count everyone who died with as having definitely died from. Pump these numbers up AND GET ME MORE CRYING NURSES TO DEBASE THE ENTIRE PROFESSION!”

That’s what they did, they’ve been doing it ever since, and nobody in the media or anywhere else calls them on it. They’ll burn your book if you write about it and get you fired from your job if you mention it, but their number one piece of evidence for why covid 19 merits seriousness is utter junk science that they can never fix or atone for.


If the media wanted to track down every person injured in a car crash and interview them in their hospital beds about all their regrets, they could.

“Do you wish you took more driver safety courses, just to stay fresh?”

“What would you tell other motorists who don’t want to find themselves in the position you’re in?”

“Just last month you were on Facebook posting about a movie called ‘The Fast & The Furious.’ How do you think that type of violent American marketing makes it harder for good people like you to live safely?”

“How do you think government support services should get involved to help make sure accidents like this never happen again?”

“It truly is a crisis, Lester, and just while I’m sitting here we got reports of another suspected vehicular accident less than a mile from this very hospital. We know a lot of people in the community aren’t taking this as seriously as they should. Many feel entitled to a pre-civil rights era ideal of ‘freedom’ that never really took into account others’ well-being. Hopefully stories like Robert’s, here, will open some eyes.”

They could sensationalize and nationalize any matter of public health they wanted to, and use it to eventually terrorize the entire nation into forced submission.

The fact is, Anthony Fauci and other communists served them covid 19 on a silver platter, and they’ve been lying about and weaponizing it ever since.

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One comment

  1. I agree with just about everything you said in this article but I’m not willing to simply discard the death numbers to a grand mix up of deaths with Covid and deaths by Covid. In my age bracket survivalists is around 94 or 93% and I’m not willing to accept that, “oh well, he’s old and expendable.”
    Those two numbers, if they can ever be medically separated with 100% certainty, are the source of all this anxiety. If a guy who has Covid dies in an automobile accident it’s just ridiculous to include him in the total of Covid victims and the repeating of this example is really stating the obvious and it assumes the reader is an idiot and hasn’t figured it out yet. We already know he shouldn’t be included.

    But what is killing the ppl thru out the US and thru out the world? You can’t begin to say that x% of the casualties is false because you don’t have a way to clean up that number. I’m not saying that we should accept the Democrats hyperventilation but we don’t know what the right number is. Even a doctor signing the death certificate would have difficulty differentiating with and by.

    You can’t begin to say regular flu is the cause. The extent of this pandemic is beyond regular flu.

    What happened to gain of function? If you say this is nothing, really nothing, you’d deny that the same microbiologists having wanting to experiment with gain of function of the viruses and Fauci has been at it since 1999. You can’t deny these ppl meddling with nature to either create a biological weapon as the case is for the military use of it or as Fauci so innocently and deviously claims, research on finding a vaccine for a virus that didnt even exist originally and wasn’t even a threat to humans.

    But they were experimenting with it.

    If the resulting virus is nothing more than the regular flu or a version of the regular flu, then why all this research on gain of function to see if it can be made more transmissible?why all the funding? Why all the denials?

    To me this virus is a dangerous, at least to the elderly, the obese, ppl with CPO and other pulmonary conditions, ppl with heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. There’s no reason to denigrate it’s impact on a large swath of the population.

    But at the same time there was no reason to shut the country down. But then again micro biologist didn’t know what to do, didnt know who is at risk. Given the nature of Democrats that are as devious as they come—Hillary being a perfect example—it was just natural to shut the country down to cash in politically.


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