Media’s Homemade Chainsaw Bayonet Modifications: ‘Long Covid’ & January 6th

It’s a really crazy time when all of the media’s time, energy and resources are being poured into 100% manufactured crises that are designed to create propaganda for their corporate and political allies. Literally nothing else is happening in the news with any durability or substance, except that.

Meanwhile the media — the arbiters of “truth” in America and narrators of our national conversation — they ignore the many plain sight bad actions of Democrats: the hard evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop implicating Sleepy Joe as the corrupt dirtbag we’ve always known him to be, destroying kids’ immunological development by making them gasp for fresh air 9 hours a day, bending over for China and Russia who both clearly have Biden in their pocket, violent leftist mobs attacking innocent citizens and taking over government buildings, police stations and entire city blocks, the racist crime wave of black Democrats attacking Jewish and Asian people — the media not only ignore all of these very real and important stories, but they attack anyone who mentions them.

The Racist Democrat Party’s casual willingness to manufacture fake crises while ignoring real ones, and the media’s willingness to go along with it, has itself become an existential crisis.

They have the entire world nodding along with their Long Hysteria over a virus that had a 99.7% survival rate to start with and for which there are now safe and effective vaccines widely available.

They’re also hoping to socially indict, politically harm and legally abuse all Trump supporters because of the mostly peaceful protest that happened on January 6th. (I say “mostly peaceful” because that’s the language the media always used to describe BLM/Antifa protests, which were often started peacefully but then became violent thanks to small groups of bad actors among them.)

Here’s the reality…

Covid 19 is a new flu bug that will likely be with us forever. Like so many pieces of junk that infect our lives and tend to replicate themselves despite being trash we don’t want or need, it was Made In China. The Chinese Communist Party literally manufactured this virus and then the U.S. legacy news media weaponized it to hurt President Trump and punish the nation that elected him. It has a pretty ugly political history that way. And we don’t know how many people it’s killed, but we do know it’s not 600,000. This virus is among the most transmissible we’ve ever seen because Anthony Fauci paid the communists to make sure it would be. But all we really know for sure about the U.S. deaths is that 600,000 people died with covid 19, not from it. We’ll never know the real number — how many actually died from it — which is one of the reasons we can never trust the people who lied about it originally, and are still telling us it’s true and accurate today.

The only conversation you ever need to have with any leftist about covid 19 should start and end with that. Their go-to offense is also their greatest vulnerability. The number one metric they use is junk science. And it’s easy to articulate why. They count all who died with, as having died from. “Facts matter. Words matter. Be precise. Science matters.” Right? Isn’t that what they’re always telling us they’re so committed to? Well their leading argument for why we must take covid seriously is predicated entirely on junk science. To what degree, we don’t know. But it’s not a small, casual oversight on their part. It’s an explicit exploitation of the data in order to promote fear, and based on that alone you have no reason to trust them anymore or respect the judgment or opinions of anyone who does.

The virus it appears is here to stay and the best we can hope is that none of these mutations get wildly more deadly. Because they will all be wildly transmissible and as I’ve said for over a year: you can’t stop by a virus that’s hell bent on spreading any more than you can stop a climate that’s hell bent on changing, and anybody who says otherwise is denying science.

It’s here and for now we’ll all do well to get used to it, just like we have with the flu.

As for the January 6th mostly peaceful protest, and the Pelosi Republicans who will spend the next year getting wall-to-wall coverage for their sham, it’s all theater. All they’re doing is creating a historical record so that if a time comes that they can actually round us up or worse, there’s contemporaneous evidence of them insisting that we are all a serious security threat to this country. It’s laughable on its face which is why not taking it seriously makes even Kevin McCarthy look like a capable and functioning part of our movement.

The “investigation” won’t ultimately go anywhere, but the media will use it as fodder for as long as they’re able. They will continue breathlessly treating it like it’s the biggest deal in the world, while lying about the details details and concealing complicit roles played by the FBI, Antifa, BLM and Pelosi herself. They will be held to account for exactly none of their worst crimes: stealing elections, the FBI’s involvement in making Republicans their political enemies, the media’s lying and efforts to divide us, academia’s corruption, they’ll get away with all of it. But unless they can get the rest of us to take any of their lies seriously again, which I don’t think they will, we will route them in 2022 and 2024 and take all the power back. We likely still won’t be able to hold them accountable for all they’ve done over the last 5-6 years, but as most of the wise people I know say: I’d rather win than be right. What that means is sometimes if you get the intended result, it’s okay to just walk away at that point with what you wanted even if everything didn’t get aired to exactly your liking. So even if we don’t get to see that scumbag John Brennan, for example, in an orange jumpsuit where he belongs, we’ll still have the power back. And, unlike the Racist Democrat Party today and their domestic terrorist allies in the legacy news media, we’ll have the organic mandate that goes with that power. So the army of duly-elected America First patriots we send to the House and Senate in 2022 and 2024 will actually get things done for America, unlike Sleepy Joe and his band of frauds.

We may not get all the answers and formal justice we’re due, but we’re on a glidepath to crush them using the most blunt force legally allowed in America: the ballot box. And given all their bad behavior that everyone has now seen, and their having hijacked so many once-trusted institutions which everyone now also sees, the entire world has a pit in their stomach watching these dirtbags in action. Anyone in the world can stream across our southern border into our allegedly awful and systemically racist nation, but Cubans who are legitimately fleeing an oppressive government are told they’ll be sent back if they’re lucky enough to make it here by boat. The media and Racist Democrat Party had literal fainting spells over “kids in cages” under Trump. But now Biden has 1,000% more “kids in cages” and they’ve been stuck there piled on top of each other in inhumane conditions for months while under Trump they were there a few days at most. Under Trump it was an international crisis that the UN weighed in on and the media couldn’t stop crying about. Under Biden it’s a million times worse in every way, and they’re all pretending it’s not even happening.

The vast majority of Americans see through all of this at this point. Many of them will still hold their noses and vote for Democrats in the coming years but many, many, many more simply won’t show up to support them. And a not insignificant chunk will come over to our side, regardless of what the propagandists in the corporate media polling business tell us now or in the months to come.

Establishment Republican pawns of the military industrial complex like Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney are a lot of things, but an inspiration to Democrat voters isn’t one of them. So they’re not gaining any new voters by bragging that the Republicans they hated the most before Trump are now really good people. But that’s their only leg to stand on for their next years-long narrative, and it’s hilarious. The only thing that keeps their “the walls are closing in” and “this feels different” narrative going with respect to January 6th, are the Pelosi Republicans who the Democrat base are now being told to put their hope and faith in.


As for covid, again, it’s a new flu bug and that’s just the reality we have to move in to and live with. If you’re under 70 you have a 99.9% chance of survival. If you’re over 70, the odds are still pretty damn good. Masks don’t work unless they’re N-95s, and those are pretty unhealthy and hard on the lungs, so you shouldn’t wear them unless you’re truly at risk and even then only for short periods. The media right now are letting irrational and psychotic liberals pretend cloth masks protect themselves. They’re casually letting the “I don’t feel safe anymore so I’m putting my mask back on” line get past their fact checkers. Because we’ve been told all this time that masks don’t protect the person wearing them. They’re meant to protect others on the 1 in 3000 chance that your mask (the virus is 1/3000th the size of a thread in your mask) will temporarily impede the virus’s path. I mean, it’s bullshit. They don’t even do that. But that was the line we were fed. And now, suddenly, in the interest of drumming up more fear, the idea that liberals are putting their masks back on to protect themselves is just quietly becoming an accepted part of the dialogue. That’s how easy it is for them to start and weave their dishonest narratives.

It’s all crazy to watch. As I’ve written many times in recent months, there’s so much of it and it makes it hard to write about it all. But the point of this piece is simply that everything they’re focused on is manufactured, and they’re saying it’s all existential in terms of the threat — and to me right now that’s a lot more hilarious than it is scary. They’ve literally had to manufacture crises — two of them — in an effort to retain power, and one of those crises requires the Democrat base to fall in love with Liz Cheney! Come on. It’s funny. Or maybe it’s just easy for me to laugh at because since January 7th I’ve been pretty certain that we’re watching idiots who stole power flail amid the realization that they won’t actually be able to use it. It can look and sound pretty scary on the surface, but we’re still on course to take the power back, and just have to grin and bear all their idiocy in the meantime.

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