Abolish The Institutional Left

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota complained today*, “If the Republicans won’t watch, where does that leave us?!”

She was lamenting the lack of GOP interest, both elected and among the base, in the Racist Democrat Party’s sham January 6th select committee.

It was an excellent question that I wish more people in her position were forced to ask.

We are the mainstream of America. Its heart and soul. We are the spirit that built and empowered and defended this nation, and we are its massive majority across all walks of life. But they write us out of the story completely.

The only time NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS and AP make room for America’s most prominent and patriotic stewards is when they’re fabricating evidence to put targets on our backs.

And for their next audacious act of bad faith exploitation, believe it or not, they’re going to try to “save the soul of the Republican party.”

Just watch.

The rigged 2020 election was a purported effort to “save the soul of America.” But despite claiming victory and the power that’s alleged to go with it, they’ve done nothing but fall flat on their faces. Winning the election and both chambers, legitimately or not, and all the power that goes with it, has amounted to exactly nothing for them.

Why?,” interested persons might wonder.

As I’ve long surmised (this piece is from January 27th!), it’s because they never actually had the organic mandate that the media long portrayed, dishonestly, as what’s actually real in America.

The media lie about America constantly. You and I know what’s real and it’s damn near impossible to articulate because for decades they’ve been force-feeding us absolute insanity, and telling us it’s “progress.”

We catch them red-handed and the media say, “Where’s the smoking gun of them admitting on tape that’s what they wanted to do?”

They catch us jaywalking and it’s, “FACT: You hate the law and love putting lives at risk.”

The communist-wannabe corporate legacy news media and their Democrat mouthpieces are falling flat on their faces and getting nothing meaningful or lasting accomplished because we, the America First movement, didn’t go away. We’re still here as firm as ever, as righteous as ever, more vocal than normal, more engaged than ever, better protected than ever thanks to our GOP-led state legislatures, and ready to abolish the left.

So now they are laughably leaning on Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger as the face of the Republican Party here to save the Racist Democrat Party on behalf of the media’s version of America.

It’s ridiculous and hilarious but that’s exactly what they’re hoping to do. Because they don’t have to actually succeed. Based on experience they know all they need is enough time and imagery to create the false narrative of their success. They think that’s the way the world truly works, and they don’t have any other options left, so that’s legitimately the media’s imminent objective. If they can get any legs at all out of the select committee, the claim will eventually become that they’re “fighting for the soul of the Republican Party.” The GOP is after all, they’ll rightly note, a network of load-bearing studs in the USA’s deceptively and otherwise flimsy foundation. They’ll say it, but they’ll be lying when they claim that if Kinzinger and Cheney don’t win this fight then America will fall apart.

Barring their ability to weaponize another election-interfering crisis, they’ll fail. I heard Tucker Carlson tonight say something I’ve been saying for about 6 months: what we’re watching is the institutional left taking its last gasps. Or more specifically from my own observations: what we’re watching isn’t a symptom of their power or our vulnerability, but of their desperation and our resilience.

And with that I’m right back to where I was 6 months ago, and 6 months before that, and 6 months before that: yes, we are going to win. But unless we take serious measures to crush the media it’s going to be very painful for us and frankly everyone else.

We need more in the legacy news media asking the question the Camerota asked:

“If [elected] Republicans won’t even bother to watch, then where does that leave us?!”

It was music to my ears when I heard it because if elected Republicans adopted the strategy I’ve spent years laying out, it’s the sweet sound every last one of these Democrat propagandists in the legacy news media would be left, alone, asking.

We in the base stopped watching years ago. It’s time our elected Republicans join us, and strip the legacy news media of the credibility they count on to sustain their sway over our national conversations.

*Camerota’s complaint happened at 4:15PM ET today, 7/27/21 (on CNN, of course). I heard it in the car and frankly don’t bother looking these videos up anymore. Too much hassle for a one-person operation that doesn’t make this stuff up. If you want to find it, it’s out there!

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