The Experts Select ‘These Aren’t The Drones You’re Looking For’ As Their Last, Best Strategy

I’ve seen it at least three times now, first with the CRT debate.

Right about the time we exposed CRT for the racist propagandizing it is, they started playing word games on a technical basis and reducing “critical race theory” to its law school applications. It sounded like this:

I don’t even know what “critical race theory” is, because I’m not a lawyer. And you don’t know what you’re talking about. Nobody is teaching law school theory to first graders, you weirdo.

Meanwhile, racist teachers all across America were posting videos promising that they’ll continue teaching CRT even if they’re told not to.

CRT is many things, but the main thing everyone is talking about is this: it’s the idea that all black people are victims, and all white people are the reason why, and only when we as a collective body reckon with that reality and embrace that racist perspective can racial parity become achievable.


It’s the guiding principle of the most dedicated leftists, it has been for decades, it’s always been wildly racist and destructive, and only recently has the general public gotten hip to it.

And now that they have, the supposed smartest people in the room — the academics pushing all of this, the C-level equity, inclusion and diversity officers, the top brass in both the intelligence community and military, the teachers’ union, Liz Cheney, the Chinese Communist Party, Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, Lester Holt and the rest — now that everyone sees how plainly racist CRT is, the supposed smartest people in the room are all running from it and claiming they have nothing to do with it.

We just want to teach history,” they claim.


Teaching history informs minds about the past while challenging them to remember specific details and recall them in various testing capacities to demonstrate their deservedness to advance. (That’s most of what school is and I have the useless BA Degree to prove it!)

What the left want to do is different. They don’t want to usefully inform, while challenging to audit dedication, and reward with advancement. They want to indoctrinate political and social activists who hate our nation and see it only through the racist lenses the students themselves have been conditioned to embrace and promote.

They want to create social and political combatants who hate America, and probably their own parents.

That’s a lot of things but “just teaching history” isn’t any of them.

And so to defend the indefensible they’ve uniformly landed on, “We want to teach the idea that ‘whiteness’ is a disease but it’s not technically ‘critical race theory’ so you don’t have a leg to stand on.”

Or to put it another way:

“These aren’t the drones you’re looking for.”

That’s literally the best they’ve got, and we’ve been watching them clumsily loft it for weeks.

Then today we see Reverend Fauci pull the same thing on Dr./Senator Rand Paul with respect to gain of function research. If you saw this already you can skip it (7 minutes long) but if not, you should watch. We’re closing in:

Paul has him completely cornered and Fauci’s best and last defense appears to be nothing more than:

“These aren’t the drones you’re looking for.”

Tell me if you think I’m wrong. But that’s all I’m hearing out of him.

“Qualified people have said this thing we previously defined as ‘gain of function’ research isn’t actually ‘gain of function’ research and so our funding the exact same thing from the lab where COVID-19 was manufactured is a moot point because qualified people have said it’s not technically gain of function research.”

I’m paraphrasing but that’s his argument. And it’s pathetic.

Third and finally tonight I caught just a few minutes of John Kasich and Don Lemon crying about how weak they truly are and how powerful we truly are. Again. And again, Kasich was doing yet another useless dance, this time trying to point out that Biden is in fact giving his progressive wing way more than 2021’s bipartisanship would ever withstand — while Lemon and David Chalian took turns insisting:

“These aren’t the drones you’re looking for.”

Their disjointed attempts to claim that despite Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders being thrilled, Biden isn’t technically “catering” to the progressive wing, was nothing short of Glenn Kessler-level pathetic.

(I’ll post the video when it airs again and/or I find it, or you can go find it yourselves before then. The conversation was wrapping around 10:24PM ET today July 20th, 2021 so you’re good to check in around 10:17PM or so.)

But here’s the intellectually honest takeaway you can bank on: Lemon and Chalian were both asserting a simple insistence amid fledgling desperation that what you’re seeing, isn’t actually being seen.

“These aren’t the drones you’re looking for.”

And the purpose for this post, we’re seeing a lot of that lately from some pretty powerful people in some pretty powerful positions who seem to believe they don’t have to work any harder than that.

In one way it’s hilarious.

In another, it’s…unsettling.

Hold the line.

And if they say something as stupid as “These aren’t the drones you’re looking for,” wipe the gobsmacked grin off your face and find the wherewithal to call them out for it.

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