The Problem With ‘Lift Every Voice & Sing’ Is That It Implies The National Anthem Sucks

They’re going to try to make every person who recoils at “Lift Every Voice & Sing” (aka The Black National Anthem) feel ashamed for doing so, when in reality you have every right to reject the anti-America propaganda.

It’s not “just a nice song” as its degenerate stans insist.

It may have been just a nice song at one point, but today its a political symbol that implies our National Anthem isn’t good or inclusive enough, and so we must add this different song also or instead of in order to atone for that.

These petulant little wannabe communists wouldn’t know how to augment an already-started revolution, let alone launch a nation off on a strong footing with hope for an enduring and prosperous future. But they think if they can tear down enough of our American heritage and history, then whatever flimsy replacement they come up with will be good enough.

Because as most of you know already, it’s not about what they want to build.

It’s about what they need to tear down.

They hate America. They hate freedom. They hate liberty. They hate equality.

They love power. They love division. They love dependence. They love failure.

They can make actionable all of that love and all of that hate through one simple mechanism: the historically evil “social justice” facade.

So now the NFL has committed to playing the so-called Black National Anthem before their games, and further committed themselves to the Racist Democrat Party’s evil, communist-loving “social justice” movement that’s designed to do one thing: divide and destroy this nation so that its people become weaker and smaller, while its corporations and major institutions become bigger and more powerful. 

None of it has anything to do with race or equality or even equity.

People are starting to realize that, and it’s a beautiful thing. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, in fact.

I already walked away from the NFL because of COVID-19. I knew, obviously, they too were going to play along. But on top of their other great sin — perpetuating the myth that racism, not broken homes, creates black American disparity — I just couldn’t sit through it and pretend to be “a fan” anymore. I was so annoyed with the COVID stuff by August 2020 that I didn’t have the patience to pretend to be okay with cardboard cut-outs of fans, officials in masks, bullshit feel-good lying from the announcers every few seconds about “Stay Home! Save Lives!” etc.

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t pretend to be a fan anymore.

They, along with so many other once-storied and respected institutions in my life, have legitimately lost all of my respect. I think nothing about them is cool anymore. I think nothing about them merits praise. I sometimes get a soft spot for the players who have worked so hard, and the families that supported them, and who don’t want anything to do with any of this — but like so many in the Racist Democrat Party’s base, they, at this point to me, are casualties.

I’m not going to fight for these people who are sitting there wasting away on the Racist Democrat Party’s plantation, white, black or other. I don’t care who or how innocent they are. They’re there, and that’s their problem.

My focus has always been on the future. How do we mitigate, for example, our nation’s disunity and some of the blacks-only racial disparity that drives it. (They try to lump Hispanics, Asians, Muslims etc in but it never works because all of those groups have significantly higher instances of intact families, and thus endure only a fraction of the hardship that Americans who happen to be black do.)


Blow it out your idiot a**. Nobody cares anymore. Every one of you theater majors should’ve learned to code instead. Your parents shouldn’t have drugged you so young. You were wronged in many, many ways. 

But you’re not my problem and I don’t care enough about you to make you my problem. You’ve been created like an entire generation of drug-addled Frankensteins programmed to be as freakishly unpalatable and socially unintelligible as possible. You’re an important ingredient in the broader effort to dilute both the value and manifestation of America’s greatest asset: nuclear families.

Nothing else, anywhere else, breeds accountability in young people as they enter adulthood, as does the love of a 2-parent family. Obviously there are exceptions but generally speaking, when it comes to parenting, two are better than one. And two means more than just resources like time and energy. Two means a commitment is being honored. And that matters in young people who see it, especially when it’s their own parents honoring the commitment they made to that family. That is what so commonly makes young people who become adults look at their lives and say:

“I need to do something with this. I need to be accountable to someone other than myself. I have people who loved and sacrificed for me, and I need to do right with my life and meet their expectations.”

Parents who put their family first, and prove it by staying together, breed that accountability in their kids far more often than parents who don’t.

But the more of you who are out there celebrating abortion as a really cool thing that every young girl should try, and the more of you who are out there questioning with a straight face what gender you are for God’s sake, and the more of you who are out there pornographically showcasing your sexuality in the most offensive and graphic ways, you’re all empty vessels being used to tear down the very utopia that allows you to broadcast your spectacular idiocy so freely.

And I just don’t care about you. I don’t care about changing your minds. I don’t care about saving you.

I only care about stopping you.

But not “you,” because you’re all pawns.

Right? I mean you know that much at least, yes?

You couldn’t even pick your own candidates for the primaries. 

The DNC does that for you, every time, with help from their partners in the corporate legacy news media.

But I’ll tell you what, and this brings me no joy: if it was Bernie versus Jeb in 2016, and everyone turned on Bernie saying he’s going to destroy our nation, and the intelligence community started spying on him, and Bernie won anyway, and the media said and did everything I wanted to disrupt and “resist” the Crazy Bernie administration, and academia came out against him and started manipulating “science” in order to prove he’s unfit and/or incompetent, and Hollywood was on board attacking him, and corporate America made it difficult for his supporters to feel welcome, and the rest of the nation turned on them — I’d probably go along for that ride.

And I’d lose no sleep doing it because I’d be easily convinced that it was the right thing, to help save our nation.

I can envision what that would all feel like, and how easy it would be to be seduced by all these powerful forces into believing that this time our bad behavior is actually okay. 

But none of it would be right. The intelligence community isn’t supposed to cheat and meddle. The media isn’t supposed to take a side. Academia isn’t supposed to be partisan and science sure as hell isn’t supposed to be weaponized (see the left’s response to our ubiquitously changing climate, or a virus with a 99.7% survival rate, for example).

I’m just frankly glad that’s not how it went down. I don’t want to be on the bad side, even if it’s unwitting. And honestly, we’ve gotten so much more accomplished this way. Look at what they’ve shown us. Look at what we’ve shown each other in terms of both restraint and resilience. I told a friend recently: if we end up getting this done then I’ll be convinced that the only reason God gave us 2020 is because 2016 didn’t hurt them badly enough.

My point, in case it’s unclear, is that unless they somehow manufacture another crisis that precludes our free and fair elections, the utter ass-kicking and devastation that’s coming for the institutional left will be historic in nature. 

And a big reason for it is all the bad behavior we’ve all just gotten to watch out of them.

Think about all they did to destroy Trump, his supporters, and the America First movement.

Now think about this: we’re on the verge of taking all the power back, with all the same people, and all the same messaging.

That’s massive. It’s so organic and so real. Politics never works that way. There’s always some “autopsy” and “aw shucks” reckoning. And it’s always bullshit and theater designed to appease donors and the media. Not us. Not now. We’re winners and we know it. We are the mainstream of this nation and we know it. We’re fighting for good and we know it. We speaking truth to power and we know it. And we’re not backing down or going anywhere. In fact, whether the legacy news media will tell the stories or not, all of their lies are coming to light. And their own behavior has become so flagrantly bad that really nobody questions the media’s illegitimacy anymore. That doesn’t mean they’ve lost their power or affect, but it’s definitely waning.

And I have no patience for the idiots anymore. From the most pathetic and desperately pitiful in the base, to the most polished and powerful of their operatives and leaders. I don’t care about them. I don’t want to change them. I don’t want to help them see the light.

I just want to stop them.

And that makes it easy for me to tell the NFL, yet again, that I won’t be around for their attempts to tear down our great nation. You’re idiots across the board and while I feel badly for the players who worked hard and want nothing to do with any of this, I’m eager to watch the league crash and burn and the vast majority of its players do the same in short order afterward. 

And I’m particularly proud to be making it happen, along with so many other wins we’re chalking up, above board and with good on our side.

For the casualties who worked hard and deserved better, there will be an important moral-of-the-story for future generations: if you don’t like the pain that leftism brings you, then make a good effort not to stand so close to it.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I stumbled on this just before publishing. An athlete (former NBA, but it’s a start) standing up to China on camera. It’s a backwards Nike logo on his “FREE THE UYGHURS” t-shirt. Beautiful. And he’s right. The silence from our most powerful institutions, who are all in Communist China’s pocket, tells us we’re doing this right.

BONUS CLIP: This is hilarious. I hardly watch Trump speeches anymore despite being such a big fan. But I caught some of the Dallas CPAC speech and…well…I love this guy.

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  1. NFL? Hahahahahahah! I don’t thin k the NFL is gong to be a relevant thing before too long. Much as I love my Tampa Bay Buccs, the tv hasn’t a game on since the NFL went woke and started pushing the knee thing.

    I was fan when they first started. Crappy uniforms, no money for talent, but they were my team.

    The left kills everything that we love, to keep all Americans from having something in common. Divide and conquer. Time we started using their playbook against them.

    Liked by 1 person

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