Call Their Bluff: Create A Task Force That Helps Democrats Learn How To Vote

We are winners.

Huge winners.

I’ve written about it for months, many of you believe me, many of you don’t, but it’s true.

But if the Republican Party does this, they need to do it from that posture.

They need to do it in good faith.

No mocking.

No snark.

Ronna McDaniel and the GOP should immediately set up a task force to help Democrat voters who are unable to navigate the voting process.

They will, as a happy accident, preempt the media’s imminent narrative after the 2022 midterms:



Everyone knows this and if they don’t, they will if they give it a few seconds of thought.

Of course that’s what the media will claim when we send an army of duly-elected America First patriots to D.C. after the 2022 midterms, every last one hugging Trump like Jake Tapper hugs the Dave Matthews Band.

If they can stop us with another manufactured crisis, they will. But if they can’t, that’s going to be the narrative.

“The only reason Republicans won so big is their racist voter suppression laws allowed for it.”

Imagine, if you will, the social carnage they can manufacture with that claim.

But the GOP can preempt it entirely, right now, by setting up a task force specifically to help Democrat voters learn how to vote: an 800 message line, an email address, and a few interns heroically monitoring each and documenting the traffic. Bolstering the fraudulent traffic will publicly relay Democrat base bad faith and cheating, while bolstering the lack of legitimate traffic will entirely crush the media’s contrary narrative.

And the whole effort will be really easy because — I hope you’re sitting down — there isn’t a single eligible American voter, Democrat or otherwise, for whom voting is even marginally difficult.

We all know it but, thanks to the media persistently flooding the zone, we forget entirely to call them on it.

Well now it’s time to call their bluff. We did it with voter ID, and now we need to do it with the broader “voting rights” conversation. Because if we do it now, well in advance of their narrative achieving its most usefulness, we mitigate one of their most obvious and potent weapons.

Or we don’t: we go on to crush them in the midterms and then, in the run-up to 2024, let them dominate the national conversation with claims that “Republicans’ racist voting laws prohibited black and brown people from participating.”

They won’t need to produce a shred of evidence. All they’ll need to do is make the claim, and then let the system do the rest: Hollywood will turn out cry porn, academia will turn out studies, the intelligence community will leak alleged nefarious plots, corporate America will embed it in their branding, “fact checkers” and “non-partisan analysts” and “upstanding Republicans like Adam Kinzinger” will be on 24×7 affirming it, and we’ll potentially be as sidetracked by “Trump’s stolen 2022 midterms” in 2024 as we were by COVID-19 in 2020.

Perhaps I’m being overly cautious here but I know one thing for certain: our enemy is the most stupid and unstable cabal of charlatans the world has ever seen, and we need only call them out plainly and explicitly to actionably reveal that.

This is that.

Because in addition to being the most stupid and unstable, they’re also one really bad stunt from being the most powerful forever until America is no more. So maybe I am being overly cautious, but we should be on our toes a bit. And it does us no harm to call their bluffs out plainly.

Again. This is that. Let’s keep it simple. They’re lying. Call them out for it.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is hilarious. I hardly watch Trump speeches anymore despite being such a big fan. But I caught some of the Dallas CPAC speech and…well…I love this guy.

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