Social Brutality Awaits Media & Dems; When It Arrives, Remember They Deserve It

There will very likely come a time in the near future when the America First movement, and President Trump specifically, reclaim the formal power that’s duly theirs alongside the informal power they’ve never stopped wielding.

The America First movement has, in fact, been the most powerful force on earth since September 2015, and all the media’s lies and narrative-shaping hasn’t changed that fact. 

I wrote this on January 8th, 2021:

[I]f we truly believe that the election was stolen then that “red wave” we were denied still exists and is coursing through our nation right now. It’s out there. Despite all their efforts we still won up and down the ballot. We crushed their polls. We crushed their media. We crushed much of their cheating and scheming throughout. That’s stunning when you think about it. And what’s more, we were cheated and robbed and the worst we did was unwittingly let a few hundred idiots socially streak through the Capitol many of whom were escorted the whole time by armed LEOs. It’s entirely possible that that level of comparative restraint also reflects a great deal of power. I would argue, in fact, that it does. Nobody is telling that story though. People won’t be able to enjoy it or act on the power. We lack the authority politically to do anything formal with it. But if you believe the election was stolen then you must also believe that the power we were due does in fact exist. It’s real. It’s out there. Nobody can use it except for us. They can pretend to wield it and celebrate their very real proximity to it, but if ours was truly greater then whether it’s being reported or even felt or not, it remains the reality in our social and political undercurrents.

It’s just potentially not a small deal and if the works are gummed up in inexplicably difficult ways for the new guard and their most vital partners (the media), the inability to steal the organic and underlying power despite stealing the election will be why.

Well, look at what’s happening…

The Biden Crime Family is being used and abused all across the planet and while the USA is paying for it on the margins, the Biden Crime Family are the ones who can no longer do anything else with their lives except bend over and hope more of their bad behavior isn’t made public. 

The Racist Democrat Party has all the power in the world but they can’t get anything done except yet again be exposed for the racists they are as they today run from lies they spent decades telling: “Black people can’t get ID” and “All black people are victims” and “Math is racist because blacks can’t do it,” for example.

They have all the power in the world — they have Hollywood producing their content, they have Big Tech censoring and cancelling their enemies, they have academia fabricating intelligence explicitly to support them, they have the intelligence community fabricating evidence explicitly to support them, they have corporate America socially polluting on their behalf with marketing support and comply-or-die tactics, and they have the legacy news media pumping pro-Democrat propaganda and nothing more into every American home literally 24×7.

They have all that power — they control literally all of our most massive institutions and have people inside those institutions who are willing to act in the most dishonest and nefarious ways to achieve their goals — and yet still the best the media can claim is that America is divided on a razor’s edge, right down the middle.

It’s not.

The Democrats are losers and the institutional left is a joke and everyone except their faithful (about 20% of America) knows it.

This is why despite the narrative the media pump into our homes each day and despite Democrats’ having technically seized political control in 2020, they have zero actual power and they’ll continue to get nothing done. 

How on God’s green earth is that possible?

How are we able to hang on and keep this fight going against what appear to be such massive odds?

It’s because the truth is, despite the portrayal of America the media want you to believe exists, they and their terrorist friends all across the institutional left are still no match for We The People and the United States of America.

Don’t get me wrong. We’ve all heard it every election cycle: “This one is the most important!” Well, right now, it’s real. We’re actually still on the brink of literally losing this country. If they passed HR1, it’s over. We’re hanging on by a thread thanks to Joe Manchin.

Or, more likely, thanks to God.

My guess is He wants some of us to know how close we came to losing this country. He wants us to not be afraid to stand up for what’s right. And right now I’m watching the legacy news media fixate on a) the mostly peaceful January 6th election protest, and b) ongoing efforts to take Trump down by any means possible.

That’s what they’re focused on. They ignore BLM and Antifa literally taking over government buildings and entire city blocks, they ignore racist black Democrats attacking Asians and Jews in major cities, they ignore the piles of toddlers covered in feces and sharing moldy bread in cages at our southern border. And if you think that’s an over-the-top depiction, try to appreciate that I hadn’t even yet mentioned the rapes in these worse-than-prison conditions that the kids are being kept in. If you don’t think it’s happening — the moldy bread, the rapes, the kids sleeping on top of each other — you’re dead wrong. We know they’re nowhere near equipped to handle the numbers that have been coming in thanks to Democrat policies, we know there’s a media blackout, we know everything this administration touches turns to crap…I can’t imagine the horrors in those facilities but what I’ve cited are just some of the obvious ones.

They ignore the string of explicitly racist Democrat failures like Hunter Biden using the N-word and Sheldon Whitehouse belonging to 3 or 4 “whites only” clubs. They ignore Sleepy Joe, however demented and pathetic he may be, being clearly the most compromised and corrupt President in history and they ignore it despite there being more receipts — literal receipts — than anyone could possibly need to factually make that case.

What’s the most important news they’re ignoring? If you ask me it is and has been their own efforts alongside Democrats to exploit children and stunt their development socially and physiologically to advance a purely social and political agenda. (Sidenote: if your ultimately healthy child is anywhere near people who expect your little one to wear a mask, get your child away from that person as quickly as possible and by whatever means you can. They are putting social and political theater ahead of your child’s well-being; they are weaponizing your child, they’re doing it at his/her tremendous detriment, and they can never again be trusted to do better than that.) That, to me, is the story of the entire last year and as we start to see the immune systems of these perpetually-masked children never fully develop, it will be the largest part of the historical record as well. The political scandal is big but what the left was willing to sacrifice in such bad faith in order to win, is bigger. You simply can’t exploit, weaponize and ultimately harm kids this way without being known for it throughout history.

A time will come soon when we take power back. Hang onto and remember days like today. Remember even amid the throws of victory the insanely dangerous, dishonest rhetoric they spewed and lies they told. Because that’s who they are and having played along with the persistent lies for so many years, they’re not going to change and don’t deserve your sympathy. 

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  1. You’re spot on with this piece! It still amazes me how only 20 percent of the American population has all that power- the ignorant, the blind, and racist. It just doesn’t seem possible! But like you, I know that their day is coming and I feel sorry (snark) for anyone on the Demon-crat camp when it does. They won’t be able to walk down the streets in public when that red wave washes over the land in 2022 amd Trump is back on the WH! Thank you so much for posting and being a loyal lover of this still great nation!


  2. If it weren’t for the media carrying the demoncrats water, we wouldn’t be where we are today. The eventual downfall of the media will be epic.


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