Anyone Wearing Nike Should Be Shamed For Promoting Slavery

If you see a person wearing a Nike logo, go ahead and assume that person has zero moral compass and is perfectly okay with slavery.

Internalize it.

Process it.

Know that, about that person.

And when they show you whatever unsavory flaw first appears, remember that it was the Nike Slavery & Shoes, Inc. logo, perhaps before anything else, that tipped you off.

Nike is a bad company.

They’re evil.

No American company has done more to normalize and enable the very real slavery that’s sadly still rampant in the world today.

The most disgusting part, from a performance standpoint: they’ve successfully targeted and captured the Racist Democrat Party’s most reliable base — Americans who happen to be black — as their most eager customers.

Americans who happen to be black literally kill each other for Nikes.

They have for decades and we all know it.

They will kill each other for shoes made by Nike Slavery & Shoes, Inc.

They do it because black people, disproportionately compared to other Americans, fail across all the most meaningful metrics: intact families, education, income, separation from crime, proximity to good health.

And for what it’s worth, which is a lot, the failures happen in that order: it starts with broken homes, and that bleeds over to poor education, and that leads to lack of income opportunities, and that creates desperation and hopelessness which together and/or separately lead to increased proximity to crime and separation from good health.

That’s the truth.

But then Nike helps the Racist Democrat Party foment the terrorist-level lie that America is a racist hellhole wherein no black people can ever get a fair shake. And their lie, that lie, more than anything else, has created the ugly racial division, disparity and destruction that plagues our nation.

Nike tells the lie in order to help keep Americans who happen to be black desperate, dependent and perpetually disenfranchised from every possible element of otherwise normal American life. And it often works because Nike gets a huge assist from not only the Racist Democrat Party but also Hollywood, academia, the legacy news media (NBC News, NYT, etc), Big Tech, and so many other “woke” corporate American companies that pump the lie.

As a result, black people love Nike enough to kill each other for them, and they’re too often desperate and dumb enough to actually follow through on that.

It’s sick and while probably the majority of Americans know it, far too few talk about it honestly and even fewer hit Nike and their customers for the slavery and evil they casually tolerate and even celebrate.

Nike Slavery & Shoes, Inc. is not only helping crush black peoples’ independence and liberty with lies about racism in America that are alleged to stem from slavery 200 years ago, but they’re also the single biggest and most important American owners of modern day slaves on the planet.

And everyone knows it.

Now it’s time we start acting like it.

As usual I won’t tell you what to do.

But here’s what I did…

I went through my closet and found everything made by Nike Slavery & Shoes, Inc.

I put it in the garbage.

I contemplated donating the items but deemed that doing my part to rid the world of Nike Slavery & Shoes, Inc. would be infinitely more important than helping stock the Goodwill shelves, however noble their own mission may be.

Then I committed to never buying anything from Nike Slavery & Shoes, Inc. ever again, and doing my best to voice my displeasure if Nike Slavery & Shoes, Inc would be sponsoring or otherwise involved with something I wanted to enjoy.

Then I decided I’d become comfortable shaming people who wear Nike Slavery & Shoes, Inc. products.

Then I decided to write this piece, sharing that idea.

I want people who read it to feel bad about their Nike apparel, and to become comfortable making other people feel bad about their own. I want to marginalize and shame Nike because they, perhaps more than anyone else in the retail consumer world, deserve it.

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One comment

  1. Isn’t it amazing? All the libtard conmunist democrats bleating about reparations for slavery and they give Nike a pass for using slave labor. Fools and demons one and all.


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