A Word About Our Ubiquitously Changing Climate

I’m starting to realize that some of my posts are, like Seinfeld episodes, easily discerned to be “about nothing:” I do my best to give them befitting titles that abide a somewhat salient course, but by the time I’m done there are often 3-5 unique observations that I’d been wanting to share and managed to thread in. This will have a few of those, starting with this one…

Science is one of the coolest languages God gave us and it’s been effectively entirely corrupted by the a-holes who claim to be the most useful at it. I see it all over the place and I see it on both sides of the “science” equation — from the ones who weaponize it for social and political gain, to the ones who attack those ones for financial gain. And here’s another bombshell: I’m no scientist or anything close to it. And I know people who are “close to it.” And they’re no scientists either. My point is, laypeople are so ill-equipped to claim anything close to scientific fact because we lack the tools to conduct the experiments to derive the data to claim the probabilities.

So here I am, like so many of you, entirely ill-equipped to discern honest scientific fact, and entirely unable to rely on any of those who claim to be the arbiters of such skill.

I’m left with rudimentary, observational application often leveraging at least one truism I know from their community:

Common things are common.

It’s challenged with the bolt-on, “And rare things are rare,” but from a practical standpoint, the purpose of the rhetorical reinforcement is to recall the value of not over-thinking things that are right in front of your face.

Like, for example, that the climate always has changed, it always will, and anyone who purports an ability to stop it from changing is denying science. In fact, the only thing science knows for sure about the climate is that it changes with infinite ubiquity. And several of those changes would have been downright terrifying for mankind, had they happened while we were here.

Very few people who fight “climate change” also respect with any meaningful intellectual honesty that the earth has already endured several hundred thousands of years of our poles magnetically reversing. During those reversals, the earth is no longer protected from deadly radiation beyond our atmosphere. It would wipe us out and there’s nothing we could do about it. And it’s happened all throughout earth’s history along with myriad other catastrophic and entirely natural climate and atmosphere-related doomsday “scenarios.”

Only they’re not scenarios.

They’re real. They happened and they will keep happening, slowly but surely, all alongside our ubiquitously changing climate.

Which brings me to this: I absolutely notice what appears to me to be “extreme” weather changes. We’ve moved all over the U.S. over the last decade so but I’m from Cleveland originally and grew up with a good sense of what four potentially “brutal” seasons felt like. And just from my own observations (what I’m left with since the science community at large is so compromised and untrustworthy), the winters seem way more mild unless they’re way more brutal, the hot parts of summer seem a lot hotter, and the not-hot parts seem a lot colder. I gleaned these observations entirely anecdotally but like so much of the other stuff I write about, it comes from a place of honesty and good faith and potential value to others, so I’m sharing it.

And I know a lot of you are armed to the hilt with studies and facts and data to prove me wrong.

I won’t budge.

I’m all I have left.

Yes the climate is changing, because it always does.

Yes that means weather will eventually be impacted in ways we notice alongside that changing climate.

Yes it will all feel “extreme” every step of the way because it’s atypical to us.

Yes it will eventually become truly extreme, likely finishing what God started as we know it here on Earth.

No there isn’t a dang thing we can do about any of it, and yes everyone who says otherwise, from the Ivy Leagues or anywhere else, are the real science deniers. And that’s being charitable because given the fact that they’re hellbent on ending the use of fossil fuels right at the same time third world countries are first getting to enjoy, for example, electricity (think about that!), and they’re doing it all for their own social and political gain, “science denier” isn’t quite strong enough. They’re far worse than that. But that’s where we’ll leave it today.

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