Now Accepting *Fictional Composites* Of Those Victimized By GOP Voter Integrity Laws

Okay legacy news media, big tech, corporate America, Hollywood and Democrats: you win.

I’ll no longer ask you to produce an actual person whose right to vote, or even access to vote, is being infringed upon due to voter integrity laws passed by GOP-led state legislatures.

Back in March I asked you to show us someone who couldn’t get an ID. Fast-forward to today and you’re pretending you never even objected to Voter ID! You spent decades saying “Voter ID is racist!” In fact much of the dust-up over Georgia a few months ago was explicitly about “Voter ID.” But then we finally start pointing out that it’s far more racist of you to say brown people can’t get an ID than it is for Republicans to insist “Yes they can!”, and the issue goes away entirely.

(Funny that: we get over the right target, tell the truth about it and win the battle. The same thing is happening with the left using schools to create racism and division, aka Critical Race Theory. We’re winning on that front thanks almost entirely from my seat to Christopher Rufo, who’s a model for just about everything that anyone in this fight could ask for. He’s over the right target, he’s telling the plain truth about it, and he’s helping America win that massive Civil Rights battle.)

Back to the matter at hand, a few days ago I asked you to show us someone whose right or even access to vote was being taken away due to any of the newly-enacted laws. But rather than wait I’m going to make it even easier for you to try to defend your indefensible position.

Just make something up.


Tell me a fictional story about an American whose right and/or access to vote is now unduly infringed upon because of newly-enacted voter integrity laws.

Make it up. Make it up out of whole cloth. Create the perfect composite of the most hapless and helpless, forever oppressed and victimized American you can think of, besieged by the worst hardships physically, financially and otherwise. And then tell me how something in these new laws has changed things for that person in a way that will prevent them from voting in the next election.

Or, by all means, if you think you have a real example but don’t want to share that person’s identifying information, okay. Just change their name and identifying information and tell their story. Of course that’s a lot less likely because if that person actually existed then he or she would already basically be dating Savannah Guthrie, Lester Holt, Jimmy Kimmel and CNN every 10-13 minutes. And if those people existed in any kind of serious numbers (as they claim), the DNC would have them in t-shirts marching in cities all across America.

But they don’t. They have activists all marching on these destitute Americans’ behalves. We’ve never seen or heard a single actual story about an actual person who would be actually affected by the old laws (that Democrats were constantly working to weaken), let alone the new laws.

And that’s the point.

None of these lowly Americans exist.

The legacy news media and crying Democrat activists all tell us they exist and that they’re rapidly losing their most meaningful rights as Americans. They know that their core audience — Democrats who, witting or not, are all racists — will just picture a bunch of poor black people and then not bother picturing anything past that. It’s that easy for the media to tell that racist lie, and get their racist base to believe it.

But let’s look at what comes next for those poor black people the media want you to believe are too helpless and destitute to do anything for themselves.

Next they learn what the new voting laws require.

And then after that they adhere to those new laws, and vote in accordance with their individual values.

And that’s how the story ends.

The only reason the legacy news media and Racist Democrat Party are pretending that “voting rights” are being attacked is because the laws make it harder for them to cheat. And as we’ve seen over and over again, they’ll gladly throw Americans who happen to be black under the bus in order to get their way.

But people of all stripes increasingly see it for what it is. And that means those values black people take to the polls with them might start to reflect an awareness of the racist lies the media and Democrats are persistently telling about them.

So to help that along I’m calling the media and Democrats on the carpet for it.


Only this time I’m making it easier for them: just lie to me. Just make something up. Just create a fictional story about an American who, because of newly-enacted voter integrity laws, will be unable to vote in future elections.

Can you even do that? Can you even make a story up about just one of these people you say merit this level divisive debate, during which you’re claiming that “voting rights” are being attacked in a way that literally threatens our democracy?

Show us this fear and division, this fomenting of massively destructive social lies and the very real lives and livelihoods that are being punished for it (think, for example, black small business owners in Atlanta who lost MLB All Star revenue), show us how it’s all worth it because actual peoples’ right and/or access to vote is being compromised.

Make it up if you have to. Just allege an actual piece of evidence that involves an actual individual and tells an actual story instead of just speaking in vague generalities about the helpless victims of these supposedly racist and democracy-destroying laws. Surely you can do that. Surely you can make up a fictional composite of a person who’s negatively impacted by these laws. Right?

Tell their story. Tell us the utterly insurmountable odds they must now overcome and how no reasonable person could ever expect them to endure the hardships the GOP has foist upon them. Show us this debate, the destruction, the attacks, the fear, the desperate efforts to federalize the elections…show us it was all worth it. I’m inviting you to make it up because I’m certain you can’t produce an actual person. But honestly, I don’t even think you can make something up to reflect the helplessness and desperation you want us to casually infer that alarming numbers of black and brown people live under.

Prove me wrong.

We’ll wait.

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