Now That We’ve Let Media & Dems Lie About ‘Voting Rights’ Being Attacked, Let’s Call Them On It

The legacy news media are again framing a national conversation in partisan terms in order to help Democrats and demonize Republicans. This time around it’s with respect to election integrity. Only it’s not being called “election integrity.” No, despite being on the heels of a historically compromised election that left about half the country questioning the results, there’s no talk of election integrity in the media. Instead they, in lockstep with the Democrats, have framed the discussion exclusively around “voting rights.”

There’s a very simple and obvious problem with that framing, though.

It’s the same problem they ran into with their complaints about Voter ID.

The problem is, if pressed, they won’t be able to produce a single American whose “voting rights” are being infringed upon in any way, just like they couldn’t find a single American for whom getting an ID would’ve been too difficult a task.

And so we should press them on that.

And I’d love to start with Chris Wallace just because he was the last straw for me in terms of hearing media frame the discussion in Racist Democrat Party terms. 

If you’re out there, Chris, produce one American whose “right to vote” is being infringed upon based on any of the laws that have passed, or are about to pass, GOP-led state legislatures.

Just one, single, solitary, lonesome American.

Not one million.

Not one thousand.

Not even one dozen, Chris.

Just show me one American citizen whose “right to vote” is being challenged or even modestly compromised in the face of new laws.

Tell us their health ailments and any other hardships they might be enduring mentally, physically, financially or otherwise.

And then tell us how needing to create a plan roughly once every two years or so that will allow them to cast a ballot is, for these people you’re so certain are so abundant all across America, a bridge too far.

In fact, forget your dishonest framing about “voting rights” being attacked. Show us the person whose access to vote is legitimately being infringed upon, and I’ll show you the media and Democrats failing to make their case. Because as soon as you show us that person, we’ll show you how easy it still is for him or her to vote. That’s why the media and Democrats can’t actually put their money where their mouth is and instead of actually showing us individuals who will be affected, they talk generically and dishonestly about “voting rights” while throwing black people under the bus to make their case.

We are shoring up election integrity. We are making it harder to cheat. Voting, for any eligible American citizen, is still the single easiest thing they can do. By dishonestly framing this as a “voting rights” conversation, the legacy news media and Racist Democrat Party are doing one of their most storied, nefarious and increasingly recognizable moves: they’re manufacturing a racist lie about black people and then holding that racist lie up as evidence that we must do what they want socially and politically.

In this case they’re claiming that black people are uniquely incapable of navigating voting laws. Thus, any change or shoring up of those laws is “an attack on voting rights.” 

More recently, as noted, they claimed that black people were uniquely incapable of getting and/or keeping an ID, and thus requiring one to vote would be racist.

They also claim that we must get rid of honors courses, and basic math and science, because black kids are disproportionately falling behind and therefore those things are all racist. 

Major Democrat-run cities are rewriting laws in an effort they claim is to be less racist. Effectively, they’re punishing criminals less for the same crimes, and letting them out sooner, and easier. The crimes haven’t changed, they’re just not punished as harshly anymore. They’re also defunding and demoralizing police forces all across the nation, all under the pretense that those police forces are littered with racists and racism. 

Everywhere you turn you can find the Racist Democrat Party and their pals in the legacy news media insisting that wherever racial disparity exists, bars must be lowered so that black people can keep up.

It makes your stomach turn when you see that level of racism and racial exploitation so clearly for what it is.

And right about the time the nausea starts to subside, you notice how much actual damage they’ve done not only to our nation but to the individuals and families they purport to “help,” and that’s when you just become furious.

But thankfully it’s all blowing up in their faces. Many of you have said over the months that I’m wrong about 2022 and 2024 because they cheated in 2020 so why wouldn’t they just do it again? As I said since — I don’t know, January probably? — our GOP-led state legislatures are doing their part, and as long as the swamp isn’t able to federalize the elections (like they’re trying to with HR1), then we’re going to make them pay to hell and back in 2022 and 2024. 

It was always just a waiting game after the 2020 debacle and thanks to the protections put in place by our Constitution. I’ve known it this whole time, and I know that’s what this entire “voting rights” debate is about.

The legacy news media, Democrats and the rest of America’s small-but-vocal institutional left all know that the end is near. And so they desperately need something to stand in the way of the work we’re doing at the state and local levels. We are working to ensure opportunities for fraud, like we saw in 2020, never happen again. That’s a massive threat to the media and Democrats because they know they have hell to pay for what they did not only in 2020, but in the four years before it, and not to mention ever since. Their behavior has been over-the-top bad: the digital book-burning, the censorship, the lying, the suppressing of stories and evidence — it’s all been so bad, and so obvious, and so shameless…they know a major reckoning is coming. In fact it’s more than a reckoning. A cultural, social and political correction is pounding on America’s door, with the institutional left standing to be the historic loser. That means the legacy news media (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS, AP to name a few), the corrupt wing of academia, woke corporate America, Hollywood, big tech — they’re all about to get their names and faces etched on history’s wall of shame for being the bad faith operators, bent on disinformation and division, they’ve long been. 

And so instead of speaking honestly about election integrity, they’re desperately framing the conversation as one around “voting rights.” 

And of course, unfortunately and as usual, we’re kind of just letting them. Instead of pointing at the pool and saying “Hey that’s polluted and you’re the ones polluting it!”, we instead dove right in and are now arguing “Here’s why chlorine isn’t racist.”

Casting this as a discussion about “voting rights” is irresponsible and dangerous. Nobody’s right to vote is being challenged. The absolute harshest framing of this conversation that puts the worst possible construction on the intent of the GOP would make it about voting access, not “rights.” Media organizations and employees who frame it as a conversation about “voting rights” are unnecessarily stoking both fear and division. Of course, as doing so strengthens Democrats’ case while attacking Republicans’, that’s probably the point.

Right, Chris Wallace? If not, prove me wrong. Show me the person whose actual right to vote is being challenged. And when you can’t do that, go ahead and show me the person whose access is being threatened. We all know there are millions of Americans who suffer hardships across every one of life’s most critical planes. And every last one of them is made worse, not better, by your exploitation of their hardship for social and political gain. Show us who they are. In fact show us just one of them, and we’ll show you someone who’s a victim not of GOP-led voter integrity laws, but of media and Democrat exploitation.

You won’t show us the actual people you claim to be fighting so hard for because if you do then we’ll all see that you’ve dragged our nation through this ugly “debate” based on a lie. There isn’t a single American whose right to vote is being threatened, and none whose access is being mitigated in anything close to a difficult let alone insurmountable way. I’m asking for specifics at this point and encourage all Republicans to do the same. Stop letting them talk in racist generalities. Show us the name and face of a person whose access to voting is so compromised that it merits this national debate. They won’t be able to do it because those people don’t exist. They are fictional composites of what the media and Racist Democrat Party want all brown people to become, and all white people to think they already are. But they don’t actually exist.

Because brown people, just like white people, are more than capable of making arrangements to get their vote cast every few years. And nothing that’s happening anywhere in the country right now is in any way a threat to that. Anyone who says otherwise is a racist, a liar, or both.

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