Dear Liberals: You’re About To Lose Everything, And This Is Why

Let me start by saying I’m well aware of all the worst things you say about President Trump: he’s a racist, a rapist, a Russian spy, a liar, literally insane, a cheat, a conman and stupid.

And I’m well aware of the worst things you say about his supporters: they’re racist or at a minimum okay with racism, they’re gullible, they’re afraid of change, they’re literally insane and/or they’re stupid.

I get it. I’m not oblivious to the reality that no matter what I say, you’re just going to grab any of the above attacks that you truly believe about Trump, and supporters like myself, and throw it right back in my face.

We can go through each one in painful detail if you’d like to reveal just how wrong your accusations are. Whatever media-contrived montage of “evidence” you think you’ll be responding with will be speculative and circumstantial; conclusive of nothing except your legacy news media’s desire to create that narrative.

We, on the other hand, now have mountains of real evidence that reveal your legacy news media to be habitual liars with nakedly partisan, bad faith intentions.  And that matters a great deal because your legacy news media — ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, WaPo, NYT, PBS, NPR and AP — these organizations dictate and narrate the lion’s share of our national conversation, as well as your beliefs about the contents of that national conversation.

So when our nation watches the media spend four years insisting that the 2016 election was stolen, followed by another four years of the media insisting that anyone who questions the integrity of an election is a terrorist, it’s not as forgettable as you’d like it to be.

When we watch our own intelligence community be weaponized against one political party, and the media not only ignores it but colludes with that intelligence community to help foment the lies and divide our country, people notice.

When you shut our entire country down based on a series of lies that were all designed to hurt our President and punish all who supported him, that horrific reality will organically seep in to the national conscience no matter how much you’d rather pretend it never happened.

When narrative after narrative — from Hunter Biden’s laptop, to COVID-19 being manufactured by China, to the Russian bounties story, to the Lafayette Park Square stories, to the injecting bleach stories, to the “hydroxycholoroquine doesn’t work because Trump said it does” stories, to the “both sides” in Charlottesville stories, to the “Sleepy Joe is sharp as ever” stories, to the “We didn’t try to defund the police” stories, to the “We swear we didn’t think CRT was racist at the time we were celebrating it” stories, to the “Burning books is something only crazy people care about” stories…

…you’re simply not allowed to lie this hard, this often, leaving behind this much flagrant evidence of it, and then act real surprised when we respond by making your greatest nightmare a reality that slaps you off your many paper perches.

And that’s exactly what’s going to happen here in 2022, and again in 2024.

The America Last legacy news media have worked hard to create a perception of a corrosive and divided “mainstream America” that doesn’t exist. They want it to exist. Many of them believe in their hearts that the world would be better place if their version of America did exist. But it doesn’t. It’s a lie. And in order to foment the lie, they have to tell many more lies. And as they get more and more desperate, they have to tell more and more lies. And pretty soon, as we’re all watching play out right now, all that remains is them doing nothing but telling lies while also being the last to think anyone believes them.

We’re all watching them pretend not only that Sleepy Joe isn’t in the late stages of crippling cognitive decline, but also that he’s not the single most compromised President in history thanks to the dirty dealings of him and his dirtbag son.

If Sleepy Joe gets anything at all done internationally, it will be helping pay off the Biden Crime Family’s many debts and keeping the shame of their dealings from getting any more attention than it already has. That’s it. And everyone who’s awake and intellectually honest knows it, just like we all knew his domestic agenda was doomed from the start but for easily reversible executive orders and some wishlist spending that they’ll burn through before they can wisely invest it to hurt our country in a long-term way (like their base would prefer).

It’s all a big joke that we’re all being forced to just watch play out. But many of us know it’s not real and we know how it ends. And many more of us are starting to realize it. Many of you, the liberals in America, are not aware that everything the media presents to you is a facade, and it’s all about to come crashing down. Many of you are still pretty bought in to the repeatedly debunked narratives being spun up for you by NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS and AP.

So when you lose both the House and Senate in 2022, and nobody buys into your “voting rights are being trampled” and “democracy is dying” hysteria, and when — I hope you’re sitting down — when Trump wins again in 2024, and you wonder while fighting back tears “How could this all have happened!?“…

…I just told you.

It’s because your legacy news media does nothing but lie. They spent most of my life lying about me and those with whom I align socially and politically, and they’ve spent the last several decades lying to all of us about what mainstream America truly is, and they’ve spent the last several years lying flagrantly about literally every “news” item they can find. And they do it all for nakedly political purposes that prioritize enriching the elites over informing the masses. We see it. You don’t. That’s why we took over our party’s establishment and will continue winning, while you’re still owned by yours and even with all the help of big media, big tech, academia, Hollywood and corporate America (still feel like you’re speaking “truth to power,” liberals?), even with all their dishonest and fascist help, we’ll still beat you.

And we’ll do it with Trump.

And your heads will be spinning and you won’t understand it.

But again, it’s pretty simple: it’s because you’re wrong, and you’ve been propped up this entire time by fascists and liars. Keep getting mad about that and maybe we’ll eventually meet you somewhere back toward the middle where we can work together on Making America Great Again and also Making America United Again. But you better get over your hang-ups about Trump because after what that man has been through, and what he’s shown us about standing up to these bullies and speaking truth to power, he’s not going anywhere. He’s very much part of this fight and if you can’t handle him and all of his entirely infinitesimal flaws, we don’t have a place for you. You have to get over that seething hatred for him. I don’t love him personally. Or at least I didn’t up until the last few years. And the only reason I do now is because I’ve seen how hard and dishonestly they’ve gone after him, and I just can’t help but love the guy whose character and confidence has him standing up to them all anydamnway. Since 2015 I loved what he was doing politically, but personally I always expected there would be quite a bit for me not to like about him and vice versa. I still don’t make any bones about him probably not liking me much: I wouldn’t work nearly hard enough for his liking, nor would I be able to hold my tongue in ways that are rumored to bode best amid his company and/or employ. But I think I’d like the hell out of him personally at this point. He’s sacrificed and withstood so much in defense of himself, his supporters, and our nation, that I wouldn’t be able to resist just being a superfan if I actually met him. This is just me being honest. I never looked at him as the type of person I’d like personally, but now that I’ve seen everything the media and intelligence community and corporate America and Hollywood and the NYC-DC elites have done to him, and how much they hate him…I just love the guy, politically and personally.

That’s me.

You don’t have to get that far. But you do have to get over the derangement syndrome that has you needing him gone before you’ll turn away from your dishonest and disgraced legacy news media, and your Racist Democrat Party. Because he’s here to stay for as long as he wants and, frankly, is willing to be. So you liberals are either stuck with the proven racists, fascists, science-deniers and liars on your side, or the single greatest object of their obsession and ire on ours.

I don’t envy the position you’ll soon find yourselves in. But I envy it even less without this explanation I’m giving you well in advance, thus affording you plenty of time to prepare. It’s not snark. It’s not bullshit. It may not be the best thing I’ve ever written, but it’s the intellectually honest truth as best as I could convey it on a day I felt like trying. You don’t often get that much from me because it’s been pretty exhausting watching all you’ve taken from the good people whose only crime was not buying into your most powerful institution’s racism, fascism, science-denial and lying. Defending and supporting those people is a lot more important to me than helping you understand where it all went so wrong on your side. But today I felt like taking a stab at spelling it out for you: everything the media has told you for years has been bullshit. They do it all for political reasons. They’re supported by virtually all of the most powerful institutions, including in many cases academia and the intelligence community. And the “support” they provide is often every bit the racist, fascist, science-denying and/or dishonest propagandizing that they accuse everyone else of. We’re not making this stuff up. It’s real. It’s almost entirely on your side. And that’s why we’re keeping Trump and will also be taking power back, legitimately and with a mandate, thus netting real results, which you’ll also find very unsettling after watching your side spend these four years getting literally nothing accomplished.

Want to know why you got nothing done, and it all fell apart?

It’s because everything you were working toward and everything you believed was all built on lies that the legacy news media used you, however unsuccessfully in the end, to help foment.

America is exceptionally great. Racism is bad. Free speech is good. Violence is wrong. Nuclear families are good. Fascism is bad.

These are the realities that your friends in the legacy news media have worked hard to distort, they’ve been doing it for decades now, and their efforts are about to cost your so-called “movement” every shred of power you were once dishonestly led to believe you actually had.

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  1. Why would you think that the 2022 and 2024 elections will be any different that what went on in the 2020 elections?


  2. I’ve been peeking at you all and Trump from Canada (where Clown Prince Trudeau is even worse.)

    I offer my complete agreement with and sympathy for President Trump and his following.

    One problem, monsieur, is that while your President of late, with honesty, built up his support and his rallies on the campaign, the Obommunists and Demon-crats were strenuously rigging, with fraudulent balloting, renegade voting machines, and mysterious time outs blamed on water leaks, to score a Biden win no matter how strongly the unwashed masses voted against him. That was just the beginning.

    THAT is what you people must fight against!

    Good luck.


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