Hard To Write Effectively When Their Behavior Is So Bad, Our People Are So Good, And So Few Can See Past It All

There’s a lot to write about — Kamala repeatedly falling flat on her face and the Guatemalan President blaming Biden for empowering the cartels and weakening the U.S., Hunter Biden’s repeated use of the N-word and the media hoping nobody finds out about it, Fauci’s emails revealing him to be at best compromised and at worst fully culpable for COVID-19, the myriad stories the media hyperventilated over in 2020 that in 2021 are being proven over and over again to have been completely manufactured (Hunter’s laptop being fake, COVID not being manufactured by the Chinese, Lafayette Square being cleared for a photo-op, Hydroxychloroquine being able to save tens of thousands of lives if the media hadn’t politicized it simply because Trump touted its benefits) — there’s plenty to write about.

But I just can’t get started on or finish many pieces lately, and I have an idea as to why, but figured it was time to write about it since the problem isn’t resolving on its own as quickly as I’d like.

My mind is cluttered right now and I’m pissed off about what I’m watching, in part because I don’t like seeing liars and racists and fascists get away with the crap they are, but also because I am watching the bottom fall out from under them but seem to be the only one who sees it

It’s just kind of a wild time to be someone whose chief objective has been to articulate the not-always-easy-to-explain sentiments that I and so many of my peers on the right hold in defiance of the institutional left (Dems, GOPe like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, legacy news media, corrupt/compromised academic and intelligence communities, Hollywood, big tech, woke corporate America). There’s so much important news but then also so much peripheral lying, ugliness, injustice and pain that’s happening because of our dishonest media and the America-hating Democrats they work to empower.

YouTube, for example, has just banned Senator Ron Johnson for discussing the well-documented benefits of hydroxychloroquine. 

Let that sink in. Or try to, anyway!

If you do Google searches for today’s most valuable news items, you won’t find them.

If you get your news from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS or AP, you won’t hear about any of this. 

You have to go dig this stuff up yourself and even then half the source links that are included have been in some way corrupted by big tech.

The Orwellian, dictatorial, fascist suppression of speech and ideas that we’re seeing not only tolerated but celebrated and executed by the legacy news media, academia and big tech, is staggering.

Some people call it terrifying. And it doesn’t take much to get me into that camp. But again, I know it’s all coming to a head and so, from my seat, the worse their behavior now, the more painful and deserved their retribution later.

I mean I’ve seen 2022 and 2024 as clear as a bell since November 2020. I knew right out of the gate that if they did in fact steal the election then nothing would work out for them. And I’ve been proven right over and over as they keep falling flat on their faces and running into the same reality: America First is still the most powerful political weapon in the world, and we’re standing in the way of their every America-hating hope and dream, legislatively and otherwise.

Obviously the fawning media will never tell the truth. They’re not even reporting on these bombshells that would dominate the news for weeks or months if it involved Trump (or his kids). Did you see the Time Magazine cover of Biden, pretending he’s not deeply in Putin’s pocket already thanks to the shady dealings of his dirtbag son? RCP’s Tom Bevan pulled up the side-by-side of the cover they did during Trump’s first term. See if you can spot the difference: 

They spent Trump’s entire first term lying about him being a Russian spy and using manufactured evidence and bad faith leaks from the weaponized and politicized intelligence community to make their case. Yet even as bit by bit every one of their lies are now being quietly but assuredly revealed for what they were, they’re not only failing to atone for their bad behavior in the past, but they’re doing the exact same thing only in the opposite direction now by hiding all the news about Sleepy Joe and the Biden Crime Family. 

We’ve never had more receipts about any politician anywhere being more compromised, than we have about Sleepy Joe Biden all over the world and in service to our most dangerous adversaries, namely Russia and Communist China.

It’s just hard to be one person trying to capture some of what’s happening in the news, and to have it all be this unbelievable, and to have so many good people (the America First movement) not able to see the forest for the trees just yet, and to watch the other side carry on as though the reality they want to exist is the one that does, and then to try to write about it all and communicate it in a clear way that doesn’t have me throwing furniture around the room instead of simply communicating a few thoughts about what’s happening out there. This is them overwhelming a person like me to the point that I legitimately can’t grasp it all durably enough to then effectively write about it. And I’m sure that’s part of their plan for our movement more broadly. I noted before that their lying has become so ubiquitous and unapologetically flagrant that it’s as close to a psy-op mission as any of us have ever seen calibrated against the masses. Well, as I sit trying to get my head around it all day after day and run into continuous roadblocks because there’s just too much bad stuff to account for and too many good people being victimized by it and so much hope and truth on the other side that people don’t yet know looks to be both imminent and historic — it feels like they’re getting the best of me in this moment, because I’ve lost the ability to keep up with and combat all of their bad behavior. 

Add to that the reality that I wasn’t a phenomenal writer to start with, but one capable of a few gems and good ideas and observations here or there. I had plenty of work to do on my writing before they immersed us all in impossible-to-believe news made even more scary and dangerous by a media that now lies about literally everything.

As far as what we see on our TVs and the vast majority of what we read online and elsewhere, it’s their world.

It’s their world that doesn’t know Joe Biden raised the kid from Malibu’s Most Wanted only a much uglier, more racist and spoiled rotten version that actually uses the N-word.

It’s their world that doesn’t know Anthony Fauci worked hard to suppress the truth about the lab leak because he had personally been supporting gain-of-function research, specifically in Wuhan no less, for years. 

And even though he said it to one of their generals from one of their most powerful and tightly-guarded encampments (NBC News), it’s their world that’s pretending not to know, in a nod to his extreme narcissism and corruption, that Anthony Fauci recently said he is science and any attacks on him are attacks directly on science itself. (I don’t know how many ass-kickings or heartbreaks this sick little rat endured in his life before finally losing his virginity to a human woman probably sometime in his late 20s, but he deserved every last one of them.)

It’s their world that believes “voting rights” are being infringed upon because black people, per the media and Racist Democrat Party, can’t do simple things like get an ID, request their own absentee ballots, drop those absentee ballots off in properly designated areas, or stand in line for one day every 2-4 years so they can exercise their right to vote, just like everyone else. They create these racist lies about black people (e.g. “They’re too stupid to get an ID”) and then hold those racist lies up as fact in order to exact social and political directives. And everyone in their world just nods along and lets them, because they’re all racists.

Every last one of these lily-white liberals looks at black people with either pity or fear. They’re incapable of seeing the world through anything other than Racist Democrat Party lenses, and they hold that flagrantly racist vice up as a positive and progressive virtue. It’s sick and it’s sad and history will record it as such.

But right now, watching it all happen — watching as the most powerful institutions foment the Racist Democrat Party’s racist lies while literally doing nothing else with the news other than censoring it and propagandizing in support of the progressive left — watching it all happen is in fact maddening. Especially when the most susceptible to the pain they work to incite, and the most innocent of the culprits they place blame on, are not only defenseless against what they’re doing but unaware of how short-lived it will be and how much vindication is coming.

It’s a tough time for a guy like to me to write and that’s part of the reason I’ve been having a hard time doing it.

Also, while I’m here, I’ll just say what so many of you have so graciously not told me but I know many of you must have long thought: my stuff is just too long. Way too long. I’ve known it for a long time. It’s something worth working on. This piece was designed to get some marbles out and introduce myself a bit more to readers new and old, amid a writer’s block that’s been nagging me for months. I originally intended to write it and then make sure the next piece I do stays under 500 words and follows that pyramid style so many people in the writing “business” have told me makes for good practice. 

We’ll see. For now, I’ll wrap this up and thank you for your time and tell you like I long have: hold the line, keep the faith, revere non-violence, the cavalry is coming and your tormentors will soon be forced to endure far more than they’ve ever dished out despite having zero ability to “take it.”

If you enjoy that sort of thing, which I do on others’ behalf because it means good people will endure less bad treatment, it promises to be quite a show. It’s already starting and I promise to share more of that evidence as it emerges from the legacy news media’s increasingly panicked posture in the coming weeks and months.

And with any luck, after airing some of this honestly and out loud, the next several pieces will be a little more clear and a little quicker to read. Thanks again in the interim to those who have continued visiting!

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One comment

  1. You are not alone. You need to understand that you are one of the thousands who are witnessing the demonic powers that have infested every facet of our society and the world wide community.

    That you are feeling frustrated by the apparent lack of awareness on a bigger scale is not uncommon. Those of us who have been paying attention from the beginning see it, but it takes time for many to have the scales peeled from their eyes.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. God is with you. Every voice that keeps speaking the truth will be amplified.

    Be steadfast and resolute.

    The truth will out in the end and their fall from grace and punishment will be final.

    Liked by 1 person

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