Liberal Tears Begin Trickling Out As America First’s ‘Be Good People’ Strategy Pays Off

This just made my day. And it’s not about them feeling pain. It’s more about the people I care about, whom I know to have goodness in their hearts and patriotism on their minds and innocence in their souls, no longer being scapegoated as racist monsters from whom all of the world’s ills stem. That’s half the reason I’m in this fight. Yes I understand the inherent moral and social good of Liberty, and I love the freedoms our nation was built on (namely speech, guns, religion), but as noted long ago: I hated bullies long before I loved politics.

So yes, seeing them in agony is in fact a good thing because it means their plans to hurt the people and nation I love are cratering.

Glenn Greenwald, perhaps the most courageous journalist on the planet right now given his intellectually honest aversion to the leftist media community that first made him famous, captured one low-level Democrat operative’s shift in spirit. In November the operative was giddy about what Biden et al would accomplish, and by June he’s “crippingly depressed” over their social and political prospects.

As regular readers know, I long knew this was the future and had written about it for months.

This was from November 11th, 2020, just a week after the election:

So while we hope and pray and fight for and support President Trump, there’s a good chance that like it or not we’re not going to get our way. I’m ready for God’s will, no matter what it is. And if it’s for the media and Democrats to steal this election, then okay.

Because that’s just one single action.

Many, many, many more actions will happen as a result of it.

And it’s my belief that most of those will be negative for the Democrats and progressive left.

Then a few weeks later on November 23, 2020:

And the truth is the landscape just doesn’t feel much different now than it did before the election. The energy and enthusiasm are all still going the same direction. There was a red wave up and down the ballot and the only Republican of great import who lost was the one at the top of the ticket who got everyone to the polls. That’s weird. That’s not normal. That smells a lot like fraud especially when coupled with the media’s years-long effort to destroy Trump up to and including depressing support and fundraising by promising it’d be a blowout blue wave for Democrats.

Regardless, even if we have to swallow whole and watch what we believe to be an illegitimate president who stole an election be sworn in, it still feels like we’re in charge. And everyone knows it. The Republican party is biding its time because they know damn well we aren’t going anywhere. They have to figure out how to navigate now.

A few weeks after that, on December 5, 2020:

But we are still here. And we’re pissed off, and we’re strong, and we’re right, and we’re well-positioned for massive wins socially, politically, legislatively and culturally in the coming years and decades. I know many on our side don’t see that right now but the cracks in the left’s stranglehold over the culture are clear as a bell to me, as is the massively important implications of President Trump’s successes.

On December 15, 2020 it started sounding like this:

Normally you’d think the America-hating liberal Democrats who support Biden would love things in this country going to heck. Only this post-election Frankenstein America we’re all living in isn’t “the country going to heck.” It’s merely the media’s false narrative about 80,000,000 people voting for Joe Biden that’s going to heck, along with any shred of political capital or a mandate that might have otherwise accompanied a win.

None of that is there. None of it will be. It’s wild to be living in an America that just experienced a bright and shiny red wave while our nation’s rusted out and decaying blue paint chips pretend they actually won anything legitimately and will have any semblance of power as a result.

They didn’t. They won’t.

Trump’s red wave is America’s reality and it’s going to be a lot of fun watching the media and pathetic Democrat party flail otherwise. As I’ve noted for weeks now, if you’re an America First patriot then these four years will be some of the fastest and most fun of your political life. We not only get to administer payback and all the schadenfreude that goes with it, but we’re teed up for massive wins in both 2022 and 2024. And the America we live in, despite what the media will try to portray, is an America that just voted for a red wave.

And then, finally, on January 7, 2021, at the height of the manufactured hysteria over the Capitol riot:

We’re as emboldened now as we’ve ever been. Yes many are exhausted. We’ve spent our lives being lied to and about by the most powerful forces in our country. Then, finally, we enjoyed significant victories across the board for the first time in our lives. But it was a constant battle, we were targeted and lied about the entire time, and then in the end we had to sit back and watch them take it from us by cheating. It’s exhausting. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The Democrat party is full of racists and slaves. It’s a disgusting cesspool of failure, hatred and fascism. They’re imploding before our eyes everywhere, but most importantly amid the culture. There’s nothing the media can do to make being a liberal idiot “cool” again. It’s over. The ship has sailed. Now they’re just forcing it and it looks ridiculous.

I’m not sure why I can see this stuff but others can’t. I do realize it sounds absurd given what’s being portrayed all over the news right now. But imagine an election is a mountain of colors. The more red density, Republicans win. The more blue density, Democrats win. What we just saw happen was a mountain of very real red get covered up by a very thin layer of manufactured blue. That mountain of very real red is still there. Again, I know many of us are exhausted. And I know a few are hustling to their virtue signal corners and admonishing President Trump as somehow being culpable for American citizens doing what they’ve watched other American citizens do for years on their television screens with virtually no negative attention or meaningful pushback from the media. But the dust will settle and pretty soon Democrats will get to work on their agenda. Here’s what they’ll pull off…

Raise your taxes

Make it harder to do business in America

Put us back to doormat status globally under the guise of “being respected”

Give the Biden Crime Family an opportunity to square up what they owe to China and others, likely selling off untold American power or influence to do so

Pass some sweeping environmental bill that will be packed with stupid crap that seriously hurts America but most of us don’t really feel and just laugh about due to its rank stupidity and straight-faced use of phrases “racial climate justice”

And that’s it. That’s all they’ll get done. And every scrap of it can be easily undone.

No, we can’t bring back the businesses they’ll kill in the future any more than we can bring back the ones they killed with their politically-motivated lockdowns. But America will still very much be standing in 2022 and 2024. We’ll have 50 states, 9 Supreme Court Justices and 100 Senators. And the fights we’re going to see on the left will be almost as sweet as all the victories we’ve spent the last four years watching on the right.

And if God willing our elected Republican leaders get the memo and take this fight to the media where it belongs, then we wrap this thing up quickly and peacefully. But if we don’t neutralize the media first then we’ll still win but it’s just going to be a lot uglier with a lot more carnage than is necessary.

No matter how you cut it the America First movement is still in charge and we will absolutely win this war, just like we have ever since [America’s] founding.

Hold the line.

I’d been writing it since the election, and above are just a few examples. In fact I’d guess just about every piece I’ve written has eluded to something along the lines of: we’ll win, just hold the line to 2022 and 2024 while the GOP-led state legislatures do their part and the media and Racist Democrat Party continue falling on their faces.

I knew it in my bones that the reality on the ground would, at this point in history, eclipse the one the media work so hard to create. I’d note that we’ve always been the dominant mainstream force in America (despite the media’s desire to create a different reality), and that now, because they hijacked so many powerful institutions and were using them abusively, we’re coming in hot as the counter-culture too. A massive truth-to-power kick in the teeth was imminent for the institutional left, and I believed as I do now that’s coming in historic ways.

So as the calendar carries on and their failures and challenges continue to mount, and we continue defying them by keeping President Trump at the helm along with our America First and Drain The Swamp mandates, their side is starting to wake up the reality I and a very few others have long known couldn’t be thwarted.

That’s fun.

It’ll be even more fun when more of our side starts waking up to it, too.

You’ve all been right all along. You have nothing to feel bad about as you watch the entire institutional left, and its eagerly goose-stepping base, melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West doused with water. You don’t have to be mean or even gloat. And knowing most of you, you wouldn’t anyway. They do that sort of thing, and people like me enter the fight to give them a taste of their own medicine, but the overwhelming majority of you — faithful, conservative, America-loving patriots — the overwhelming majority of you are so above the dishonest and grotesque tactics of the left that you wouldn’t return the favor even if the opportunity presented itself on a silver platter.

Which is exactly what’s about to happen.

You know what’s funny? I do all this writing and come up with plans like my big one about actually defeating the media, but it’s America — We The People — that get all the work done. People like me often like to think our words make a big difference and I’ve heard from enough people who appreciate mine that I keep sharing them. But they don’t actually make a big difference. They may make someone feel a certain way for a short time, or even influence broader perspective in the minds of a few along the way. But it’s just tiny compared to what the sheer force of goodness and faith emanating from We The People more broadly does entirely on its own, regardless of what I or anyone else writes.

Everything I’ve written about has just been observation about the massive strength you, the conservative American right, already have, in large part because you’re good and honest and charitable and faithful people who do the right things and love this country and its citizens for all the right reasons.

So nice work, congratulations, and thank you.

Your strategy is paying off.

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  1. Being faithful to friends and family, and even casual acquaintances is what separates us from them.

    God rewards the faithful and punishes the wicked.

    Be steadfast, be faithful and be charitable.

    We will prevail.


  2. Who will be counting the votes in ’22 & ’24. Unless something changes from last Nov, expect more surprise losses.


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