Legacy News Media Openly Revert To Democrat Strategist Roles

The classic joke about politicians can unfortunately now be applied to the legacy news media as well.

How do you know a member of the legacy news media is lying? Their lips are moving.

This unfortunate reality now exists because the media have effectively become Democrat politicians.

It’s as if the media know both that the end is near, and are out of patience for the idiocy their coddling has brought upon the Racist Democrat Party and its leadership. And so Jake Tapper, George Stephanopolous and all the other former Democrat strategists, advisers, spokespeople, etc, are returning to their roots and trying to show other Democrats, who aren’t in the media, how exploiting people and manipulating information is done by those truly committed to the cause. That’s why every time you see any one of these legacy news media reporters or anchors or writers “do the news,” you’d be forgiven for thinking it was an elected Democrat vehemently making his or her case.

If we want to look back at the origins of COVID-19, the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, and/or massive voter fraud in 2020, the media say: “All they’re doing is looking backwards so they can hurt people, while Democrats are looking forwards toward helping people.”

But if the shoe is on the other foot, Jake Tapper and Lester Holt would assure viewers: “While some say we should be focused on the future, others note that the bad actions of the past are doomed to repeat if we don’t fully account for them.”

All they do is spin.

They’re no different than politicians that way. For one issue on one day they go one way, and for the same issue on another day they go the other way. And the only thing that will have changed is which party benefits from whatever issue or alleged moral principles are said to be in play.

The proof is documented all over, especially in recent months, because the shifts have become so flagrant. Here’s just the most recent example I saw today:

Think about the most annoyingly useless and sensational “gotchas” the media use on politicians. The first and most droning that comes to my mind is media pretending not to understand easily-unpacked flip flops.

“Hey in that primary a few years back you said that person was the worst person in the world. Now you’re saying you support them. What kind of lying hypocrite are you!?”

I don’t think anyone who watches the media do those annoying dances believes they’re getting any actual value from it. Because everybody knows it’s just political spin and that politicians will lobby like hell for one thing or another, and then the math drastically changes and they go the entirely opposite direction because it bodes better for them, their party and the country.

That goes for everything from primary campaign knife fights, to strong feelings about the filibuster when you’re the minority party.

The media constantly wield these easy-to-explain deviations as if they’re the nail in someone’s coffin.

But the reality is, the politicians doing the flip-flopping and the other politicians crying about it are all doing the same political dance. And we all know it, and we grin and bear and let them do it, because that’s what they do. We know when they’re spinning. We know when they’re embellishing. We know when they’re trying to score cheap political points. We know when they’re trying to hold our hands and lead us toward a certain policy or position.

And we know they do it constantly.

What’s interesting that I’m sure everyone has noticed but am not sure anyone has written about yet, is that the legacy news media’s “reporting” has become entirely indistinguishable from those same cheesy, lazy, hyper-partisan tactics.

And now every time the media’s lips move, they’re either spinning or lying.

If hacked materials emerge that benefit Republicans, the new line is that the media won’t traffic in such nefariously-obtained contraband. If hacked materials emerge that benefit Democrats, the media ferociously insist that it’s a threat to the press and free speech itself if you don’t let them plaster it on every front page and screen for months if not years.

If a Republican wins an election, they get to spend the next four years insisting without evidence that the election was stolen while dragging Congress and the entire nation along for that same insanely dishonest and destructive lie. If a Democrat wins an election, they get to spend the next four years insisting without evidence that the election was absolutely free and fair and anyone who says otherwise is a terrorist who must be silenced.

If there’s even a whiff of impropriety around a Republican, then Manu Raju and the rest will chase down every member of the party demanding they disavow that person to the world and without anything close to due process. If a Democrat is caught red-handed doing a ton of things wrong, Manu and the rest will chase down every Republican to demand they repent for “seizing” and “pouncing” on “what amounts to little more than a distraction.”

If it hurts the Republicans, it’s a matter of national security, upholding the Constitution, the future of our children and saving our nation and planet.

If it hurts the Democrats, it’s a non-issue that only badly partisan political actors care about.

If we don’t make the media’s role in driving these dishonest national conversations an issue, and convince our elected leaders to embrace it with us, we (the movement, broadly) have only ourselves to blame when we keep getting rolled not by the feckless Democrats, but by the media who, while dangerously exploiting and throwing away our nation’s trust, today do all of the Democrats’ most productive work for them.

They’re indistinguishable from Democrat propagandists and their television studios and newsrooms have become nothing more than forums for Democrat strategy sessions. We need to acknowledge this threat for what it is and then act to address it.

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  1. Good news is that the American people are finally on to it, as their natural inclination to give the benefit of the doubt is completely worn away.


  2. Save for the obviously koolaid drinking lefties, the nation is waking up. President Trump did a great job of showing how the echo chamber mainstream media is nothing more than a limb of the demoncrat party.

    And most honest folks, even those who might disagree with us regarding somethings see it.


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