Even As Media Get Caught Telling Massive Lies To Meddle In Our Elections, Nothing Happens

The scale of retribution would rock our nation had any one of these lies been fomented from the right. But because the legacy news media manufactured the lies to assist their swamp allies, not a damn thing will happen.

They hijacked the entire 2020 election by insisting that evidence of Sleepy Joe’s pay-for-play deals with China, Russia and Ukraine were an indictment not of Sleepy Joe, but of Donald Trump. The media’s lie wasn’t just that Joe was innocent, but that the evidence against him was actually produced by Russia to help Trump.

It was all a massive lie, and they all had to eventually admit it.

Guess what happened then?

Not a damn thing.

Sleepy Joe, his incest-loving pedophile son, and probably his not-a-doctor wife, too, should all be in prison by now. They sold off American influence and there are witnesses corroborating that along with myriad receipts right from Hunter’s own laptop. We learned about this at the height of the 2020 election. The media stepped in and said it was a lie, and turned it around to weaponize it against Trump. Then, long after the election was over and the media’s defense strategy worked, they admitted they lied about it all. And that was the end of it. Nothing more about the Biden Crime Family being brought to justice. Certainly nothing more about the massive influence this media lie had on the election.

Do you think anything different will happen when it’s revealed that Communist China both manufactured COVID-19 and covered it up? How about when evidence emerges that they did it on purpose because Trump had their back against the wall, and they knew explicitly or implicitly that the American media would support the cover up until Trump was out of office?

What do you think will happen if that information comes out while Joe Biden is in office?

I’ll give you a hint: not a damn thing.

That’s what I mean when I write that they can literally get with anything they want.

I say it because it’s true.

They lie about the most massive and critical aspects of our nation’s social and political goings-on.

Those lies always end up going the same direction: helping Democrats and hurting Republicans.

When they’re caught lying, long after they’ve already gotten their desired result, they simply turn the page onto their next lie or series of lies.

They spent three years hijacking our nation and government with lies about President Trump being a Russian spy who stole the 2016 election. And when that didn’t work they just shut the entire country down, bringing it and everyone in it to its knees, and said anyone who asked questions about the origin of the virus was a racist, and anyone who questioned the political weaponization of it was a science-denier who wants to kill granny. They forced a wet blanket over our entire country that made us all afraid, unemployed, depressed, guilty, divided, angry, not to mention fatter, more prone to substance and domestic abuse, and less likely to care for the many other downstream health concerns that went almost entirely unchecked for an entire year.

They did it all to hurt Trump and anyone who says otherwise is either an idiot or a liar. 

And when they got caught doing it, did they have to pay a price? Do they even have to hang their heads briefly in shame? Hell no. They just pretend it never happened, but for the awards they’ll give each other for — yep, you guessed it — making it happen.

If the audit in Arizona or any others produce real, indisputable evidence of massive voter fraud, the media already has their lie teed up:

These results simply can’t be trusted because they were collected in secret by partisan actors with histories of promoting conspiracy theories. Like, for example, that there was massive fraud in the 2020 election.

ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, PBS and The Associated Press have already reinforced their united front around that exact retort. All they have to do now is wait for the reports to start coming in, and that’s the stock answer they’ll use to sway those reports away.

And much like they’ll start doing pretty soon with the origins of COVID-19, they’ll also persistently plant in readers’ and viewers’ minds:

Critics on both sides of the aisle say all we’re doing is looking backward for ways to hurt each other, when we should be looking forward for ways to help each other.

That, too, will inevitably be part of any framing they attach to any news they’re forced to cover with respect to massive 2020 voter fraud.

The media’s entire arsenal consists of nothing more than characterizations, framing and narrating. Because even when they’re forced to cover news that goes against their broader narrative, they simply characterize and frame it in a way that still helps them.

America elected Trump? Well then, America must be racist.

Trump won? Well then, he and Russia must have stolen the election.

There’s no evidence he stole the election? Well then, he’s certainly guilty of trying to obstruct justice in pursuit of that evidence!

There’s a rapidly-spreading virus that originated a few feet from a lab in Wuhan where the Communist Chinese military experiments with such viruses for use as potential bioweapons? Could you be anymore racist or in denial of real science?!

There’s hard evidence with breadcrumbs the size of boulders that Joe Biden sold off American influence and interests to corrupt foreign actors? Now more than ever we must remove Trump from office so that Russia will hopefully stop spreading these lies.

A few hundred unarmed Trump supporters spent a few hours doing far less than what they watched tens of thousands of Biden supporters spend years doing with impunity, and the only person who died was an unarmed woman who was shot by the police? How about, instead, “many officers were killed that day and it was the worst attack on our nation since the Civil War.” Fixed it for you.

They just circle the wagons with their shared script and, ultimately, do far more heavy lifting and public opinion shaping than the feckless jokes who run today’s Racist Democrat Party could ever dream of.

It’s time we stop hoping or expecting that the media will ever a) be held accountable themselves, or b) fairly and honestly report on the accountability due their allies for what end up being demonstrably-proven transgressions. Eric Swalwell’s entire political career had been groomed from the start by a Chinese spy he was having sex with. It started way back when the craters in Swalwell’s face were still pimples. Nothing happened to the guy. He’s out there doing performance theater over January 6th and the media are eating up every bit of it. He was groomed from his political cradle to present day by a Chinese spy who the entire time had access to his entire life and everything in it, and nobody cares. It’s not even a story. It came and went, and he’s still not only enjoying all the access and authority he’s always had, but the media still treat him like a golden boy.

You could write it in a movie script and people would tell you it’s just too bland, stupid and obvious to be believable.

Your script just has highly influential media figures lying about things that matter, and then getting caught doing it, and then — am I reading this right? — nothing happens, even after they got caught? And then it says here that they just move on and keep doing it with new lies? That’s just not believable. There’s no story there. It’s just utterly impossible-to-believe bad faith behavior that would never actually happen in real life because people aren’t that weak-minded and the media aren’t that evil.

Sadly, yes they are and yes they are.

As long as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, PBS and The Associated Press are still treated like honest news organizations instead of the America-hating Racist Democrat Party propagandists that they are, any kind of meaningful accountability or even acknowledgment of their bad behavior will just never happen. And it sucks because when you win as much as the America First movement does, and for that winning you endure the hate and mockery and lies foist on and about us, the schadenfreude becomes a not insignificant part of the pot.

It’ll come, in time, more broadly, as the media continues to see their influence wane.

But it’s painful to watch right now and if you think you’re the only one who’s mad that the media got to spend the last 6 years meddling in our elections and politics only to be caught red-handed and endure not even a hint of accountability for it, you’re not alone.

I’ve offered a plan in the past to actually harm the media in a real and lasting way. Maybe someday it’ll get adopted. In the meantime, hold the line and embrace non-violence and start getting excited because 2022 and 2024 are already shaping up to be exactly the Republican Red, Trump-led, America First bloodbaths I’ve long predicted they’d be.

Every last one of these propagandists pretending to be journalists will eventually have to spin that, and I promise it’ll be well worth the wait.

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