Corrupt U.S. News Media Is Freedom’s Greatest Threat, And It’s Not Even Close

Communist China doesn’t hold a candle to the damage done by our own legacy news media. We know China wants to hurt us. We know they’ll attack us. But nobody could’ve ever predicted how easily they’d both execute their plans to hurt us, and be absolved accountability. Yet that’s exactly what we’re all watching happen and the U.S. legacy news media, not Communist China, is the reason why.

Russia has become as much of a scapegoat for the media as they are a threat to our nation, because the media have used them so overzealously to make their dishonest cases. It’s like the boy who cried wolf now. When I hear the media say Russia is up to no good, I legitimately wonder if it’s actually our own intelligence community planting problems that can be used in myriad ways to help the media distract and misinform us. I’m not at all proud that that’s my knee jerk reaction now. It’s not good. But our media’s record of dishonesty and propagandizing is the reason why. Putin is a barely blip on my radar compared to our media, because I can never again really trust what our media says about Russia.

Or anyone / anything else, for that matter.

Iran, North Korea, even a global pandemic isn’t nearly as dangerous to the real integrity of the free world as is our own legacy news media right here in the United States of America.

I’d like to name the 9 worst actors right out of the gate: I’m talking specifically about ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, NPR, PBS and The Associated Press. These 9 outlets represent the worst and longest running offenders.They haven’t done journalism or reporting in years. They are Democrat propagandists who select, narrate and nurture “the news” based not on importance or truth, but political partisanship and weaponization of information and communication.

Simply put: there is no greater enemy to our nation’s progress and unity than our own legacy news media.

If they wanted to hold Communist China accountable for COVID-19 from the very beginning, they could have. Instead, China knew they’d get away with this in 2020 because our media would play along, and they anticipate getting away with it even after the lab leak theory has been confirmed because they know our media will help them.

Communist China could be dealt with or even cancelled entirely by now in meaningful ways that make the world a better and safer place, if our media cared more about protecting America than destroying people like Donald Trump who love it.

I don’t know if there’s been a time in our history when we’ve had a sitting president who is so clearly compromised by nefarious foreign actors. But there Sleepy Joe is. He isn’t in the White House because he’s such a great politician and people love him so much and he’s such a great campaigner. He’s in the White House because the media wanted him to be. Whether it was through massive voter fraud that the media helped ensure and then refused to talk about, or just massive fraud and election meddling more generally as our media colluded with Democrats, they got away with stealing the 2020 election. And they got away with it, in part, because people like Chief Justice John Roberts are more afraid of the media than the American people. The media are also the ones insisting that anyone who even talks about 2020 election fraud must be immediately silenced and marginalized. They’re the ones most responsible for the fraud occurring, and they’re the ones most responsible for no one being allowed to talk about or investigate it without immediately being attacked and marginalized by the media. 

Hunter Biden is walking around a free man while Sleepy Joe evades serious questions about his obvious involvement in his son’s influence peddling because large parts of our justice and intelligence systems are corrupt and won’t act.

How did such important institutions become corrupt, and why won’t they act?

The answer to both is the legacy news media.

The media not only watched our most trusted institutions become hijacked by anti-America leftists, but they helped make it happen. The media not only don’t care if entire swaths of our intelligence community and justice system are politically corrupt, they celebrate and thank and deify the people most responsible for it.

Any major issue or threat you can think of would be easily addressed if the media cared about this country and it’s citizens even a fraction as much as do those who put America First.

Instead they are 100% propagandists at this point and all they do is steer our nation in dishonest directions that divide and destroy exponentially more than they unite and heal.

From holding China accountable for COVID-19, to weeding out corruption at the highest levels of our own government.

From resisting science-denying lockdowns and school closings, to protecting our sacred First and Second Amendment rights.

From dispelling violently corrosive lies about ubiquitous racism, to telling the racially agnostic truth about intact families.

The media has become so good at and focused on propagandizing instead of reporting that any of these issues can be more quickly addressed with social pressure they drum up than anything that might happen legislatively or otherwise.

Some of you might be asking if they are this powerful then why haven’t they been able to completely destroy our country yet? I think most of you know, when you look around, it seems like they’re very close to finishing that job. They — the legacy news media — are right now lobbying Joe Manchin harder than anyone else in the Racist Democrat Party to nuke the filibuster and vote for their codification of massive voter fraud. 

And if either of those things happened, it’s over.

Instead, as I suggested right after the November election, they will get nothing done because they got their power synthetically and are trying to act on a mandate that doesn’t actually exist. The media have lowered the bar in every possible way to deceive the American people; a constant effort to help create that non-existent mandate.They are ready and willing to do anything they must in order to prevent the America First movement from again taking power. I continue to believe they will fail and that by 2022 and 2024 we will make the winnings of 2016 look small.

But as we look at the greatest threats our country faces, I think it’s very important more people wake up to the reality that no matter what the issue is, if the media wanted to address the conversation honestly and while putting our country and its people first, they could. And the reason everyone else has such a hard time doing that is because the media, more than anyone or anything else, works diligently to get in the way so that the only story being told is the one they want us to hear.

Big Tech censorship? How long do you think Jack Dorsey and the rest of the over-medicated Twitter employee base would hold up if the entire legacy news media made theirs the face of high tech fascism?

There isn’t a single issue out there that the media couldn’t help bring fast awareness and resolution to if they reported honestly and in service to our nation and its most sacred values. Instead, they do the opposite. 

We can and will effect change without the media’s help. And we certainly will never want the kind of dishonest help they’ve long given the Racist Democrat Party. It’s just exceedingly slow and painful because they’ll constantly do everything they can, no matter how dishonest or destructive, to stop us. 

Led by ABC, CBS, NBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, NPR, PBS and The Associated Press, the U.S. legacy news media is little more than a massive disinformation and propaganda machine working to weaken and divide our nation. 

They are greatest single threat to our nation’s progress and unity, and the entire free world around us, and it’s not even close. They are the producers, directors, writers and actors who influence our social and political conversations more than anyone else. That we’re only talking about lies that hurt our country, and are no longer allowed to talk about truths that help America, rests entirely on the legacy news media.


How To Isolate, Marginalize And Destroy The Corporate Legacy News Media

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