Too Good Not To Share: Black Father Crushes Critical Race Theory

I’ve started more than a dozen pieces in the last week and finished none of them. My brain has been mush thanks to a flu bug, not to mention, as noted so many months ago, it’s not fun just watching all the ugliness and commenting on it while we await the cavalry in 2022 and 2024.

And if you pay attention to the horrific lies and terrorism the legacy news media are busy fomenting, it can feel like that’s all we’re left with.

But even socially and politically speaking there’s still roses to smell, beauty to embrace and insight to amplify along the way.

I write today inviting you to enjoy and appreciate one fine example of all three.

Behold one of the most plainly-stated and simple retorts to critical race theory you’ll likely ever find:


I wrote something similar in a piece back in March:

When a 3-year old sees a person with different skin color they think, “That’s a person just like everyone else, but their skin is a different color.”

That’s the right answer. 

It’s so simple but for some reason, in the present day, we’ve let the Racist Democrat Party get away with selling their racism as a virtue.

The base among the Racist Democrat Party will soon try to run from the truth.

They’ll try to run from what they spent so many years insisting was the only truth, not to mention the only moral and “progressive” posturing we as individuals and a nation could take on race.

Every one of these lily-white liberals and black supremacist Democrats will say “That’s not what we meant!” but from the very beginning it’s exactly the only thing they meant.

They wanted to teach kids racism.

They wanted to teach kids that they must judge by skin color before looking at any other aspect of themselves, or others. And they assigned values to the skin color…

*White = Oppressor
*Brown = Victim

Ten years ago I was writing: I was born in 1977 and effectively raised to believe that the content of one’s character is more important than the color of their skin. So many decades later I’m being told that makes me racist, and that only by judging color first can I truly help defeat racism. 

It was as plain as day to me, and so many other Americans, from the beginning.

And now the chickens, finally, are coming home to roost.

They’ll try to run from it. They already are. They want to whitewash it like they did eugenics after the Nazis lost.

They won’t be able to, nor should they.

I won’t comment this time around on whether or not they deserve forgiveness for what they’ve done to our nation and its people. In the past I’ve said they do not. Since then I wrote that those of us who call ourselves Christians must search for a way to find that forgiveness. Today I’ll just say that’s a conversation for another day, but for now, it’s absolutely definitive that with or without forgiveness — their efforts to divide our nation by race, while claiming it’s a moral good and calling everyone else racist, must not be forgotten.

The media will try to bury it all.

The base will try to say “You’re misstating our position! That’s not what we meant! We just meant racism is bad!”


And besides we all know that already.

The academic and media communities were slinging this “all white people” and “all black people” crap for years and they all thought they were really smart and forward-thinking and progressive for doing it. They loved holding their alleged “understanding” of the issue over everyone else’s head.

Yes I know I’m white and live in the suburbs and have never actually had a black friend but I’m really nice to black people when they’re doing things for me, and I understand that America is systemically racist and that critical race theory is an important tool to fix it. That you don’t just proves you’re more part of the problem than I am.

Snobby, arrogant, flaccidly self-righteous social junk science that they were too high on and proud of to see for what it truly was.

They meant exactly what they’ve spent the last 40 years slowly crafting in academia and then dispersing socially and politically with help from the legacy news media until, finally, even corporate America and the most powerful elements of our military and intelligence communities got suckered into adopting this atrocious commitment to dividing us by race and corrupting any healthy sense of individual liberty that so many black and brown people might have otherwise found along the way.

So many people are waking up to all of it. The 2020 election was stolen if not by massive fraud (I believe it was) then still by the legacy news media that operated like terrorists given the power and trust we’ve afforded them. Can you imagine a campaign and election wherein the American people knew that Hunter’s laptop was real along with the evidence incriminating Joe, or that COVID-19 was most likely manufactured by the anti-Trump, pro-Biden Communist Chinese Party? The same Communist Chinese Party that Hunter Biden took in tens of millions of dollars from for what’s clearly nothing more than influence peddling using his father’s happy-to-be-included name?

Because during the 2020 election the media worked harder than the Racist Democrat Party to bury those stories and destroy anyone who tried to tell them. And it worked. Most Americans believed the Hunter Biden laptop was, per the media’s telling, “Russian disinformation designed to help Trump.” They took the single greatest piece of evidence incriminating the entire Biden Crime Family and spun it to be a negative for Trump. Same with the lab leak theory: it would’ve been a massively huge weapon for Trump in the campaign but instead the media worked hard to make it a liability, insisting that the mere suggestion that China manufactured COVID-19 was racist and nothing more.

Yet here we are today, months after any of it matters with respect to the presidential election, and the media now admits they’re both 100% true.

People see it. Even Democrats.

People see corporate America’s humiliating fall from grace.

They see big tech revealing themselves to be nothing but wannabe fascists who wield power now but are f**king with the wrong country and no match for the United States of America. I’m looking at you Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter. You’re populated by pathetic little racist drug addicts and your leadership clearly deserved the lifetime of ass-kickings they got throughout their virginity-rich adolescent and young adulthoods. (The only difference now is the pathetic social deadbeats are now able to buy time from, for example, the Asian sex slaves who line Nancy Pelosi’s district and everyone pretends don’t exist.)

And now that it’s all crashing down on all of them — media, academia, big tech, corporate America, Racist Democrat Party’s racist base — they’re all gonna plead ignorance and claim they and their racist, America-hating posture was really just a kind of performance art more than anything else.

They’ll be indistinguishable from the hoax hate crime perpetrators that virtually every last one of them has casually become.

Maybe it didn’t all happen the way we said, but it needed to be said anyway.

Something to that effect.

I implore our nation and the intellectually honest adults who are left in it (aka the America First movement) not to go easy on them for any of this. Not to let them weasel their way out of it. This has all been very real and while the media will want to turn the page on many of these things, they no longer own that exclusive authority. We’re fighting back now in ways we never have before, and holding them to account for the massive racism they created and promoted and profited from in every way. Socially prosecuting and accurately recording that for history needs to be something we never let go of.

Because we are the Republican Party and it’s our job, as usual, to hold the Racist Democrat Party accountable for the divisive and destructive ills they’ve foist on our nation and its people.

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  1. Two things must happen if the “Republican Party” is to be the adult in the room:

    1. The party must be purged of every self serving, spineless, backstabbing RINO. Every last one of them.
    2. The legacy media must be stripped of their ability to keep pedaling the communist demoncrats tripe and being their propaganda wing.

    We can no longer give support or comfort to any so called Republican unless they are down in the trenches fighting for us and the Republic. None. Ever. Again. They must be shunned, shamed and banned from our
    rank and file. Acts of contrition will not be acceptable.

    Liked by 1 person

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